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  1. Well there's a list that denies expectations... I'm not expecting much use of the jamming memes, but it's possible.
  2. Yeah, I remember the "purple boost is useless" type posts before release, and the "stat line sucks" comments. I was not among them, but I wasn't screaming OP either. I'd much rather see some history... I'm still not screaming nerf. I'm noting I've got some feels bad anecdotes, at best. Oh... listening to Krayts flags why this is likely a discussion...
  3. If it makes you feel better, we would all forget you created it anyway.
  4. Ew the game should be tactical not entirely list building strategies or you lose better, except the accept I’m going to lose... oh wait, that’s what I’m doing too.... GC is four days and still no list selected. I’m sure it’s fine. My expectations are swarms, Imperials and Jedi.
  5. If you're right though, adjusting just means accepting that we're going back down the hole into 1.0 land, where everything is broken and stupid all of the time. I'm desperately hoping you're wrong!
  6. Fair. I might be an oddity in that when there were a couple of exceptions (Luke/Vader/Asajj) it didn't feel too bad. Yes, they were strong, some VERY strong (Kylo seems to apply) but it didn't feel too badly. Could be an illusion I haven't been able to see through yet.
  7. I’m still not sold that the force alone is a problem. Aetherprites come with built in card combos
  8. Some people, and situational. It's bad when you have three named aethersprites with CLT (all 2+ force charges and I4 and greater), supported by something else that hits hard. It's strange, but somehow double reposition allows for a lot of bulls eye attacks... which also coincidentally becomes an auto-hit. Unless you only run aces and huge tanks (I see you Kylo/Ups) Generally, no, CLT isn't that annoying. It may not be unbalanced, but it certainly feels bad to have 'basically' multiple Soontir Fel's running around with a number of upgrades bolted on.
  9. This is what triggers me - you forgot to add "on a 50 point ship" to all that.
  10. I feel like I agree with this. It's instinctive, and not thought out to the point I can support this feeling with any kind of argument... but... yeah?
  11. There’s more tokens, but 1.0 level card combos are much more rare... There are some the do resemble however... Congrats. Back on the wagon!
  12. I’m never wrong! oh wait, sorry, I’m being informed I’m mistaken. I’m pretty good at being wrong, actually.
  13. This may fail spectacularly but... https://photos.app.goo.gl/Sg8ugcaG5VmncSru7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ug1yJVUgJzQfbDsN7
  14. Enjoy. I went up in a Harvard this summer (T-6 Texan) and a Tiger Moth a few years back. It’s a joy to go up in those vintage planes. Haven’t gone up in a B-17, but have crawled through one. Very tiny. Much preferred the Lancaster.
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