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  1. I’m actually considering get a specialized gaming table like that... need a new dining room table anyway, so why not get the dual role? We’re very early on in looking for a supplier reasonably close for shipping purposes...
  2. @Forresto Lowe’s also has hardboard, which is what I use both at the gaming store and at home to put on top of imperfect tables. It’s cheap, solid enough, and I had it cut into 38-40” squares for X-Wing mats to sit on.
  3. LagJanson

    Happy Friday

    Sabine's A-wing
  4. Good trade with @Flurpy... I think the postal services put the envelope in quarantine for a month, or maybe the letter carrier was sick and took the bag home... Anyway, the envelope arrived with the cards in top shape. Worth the wait!
  5. To be fair, these are described as “aces” packs. I for one wouldn’t be opposed to a couple more of the existing generics on the reverse sides.
  6. I’ve been flying swarms of them since autoblasters hit the scene. The points drop just means my swarms increased in numbers
  7. Despite being all in on Scyks, the ion Scyk hasn’t stuck with me. Tried them out and found them pretty lacking. Autoblasters? Check! Mix of autoblasters and tractor beams? Double check! The autoblasters are just so good at ace hunting. The crits don’t alway come, but your opponent can’t exactly make that gamble either. I think the Scyk is priced where it needs to be, finally.
  8. LagJanson

    Alt art n-1?

    @Darth Meanie Heads up!
  9. 5-8 seconds isn’t too bad... considering that Star Wars fighters were modelled after WWII fighters... a Spitfire can do a full circle in roughly 18 seconds (versions vary, as does impact of altitude) .... four turns of X-Wing to complete a 360... so 4-5 seconds would be a better rough estimate for a turn length. It's pretty abstract though.
  10. Indeed the hero we deserve, though many perhaps wanted something far greater.
  11. The former, is my guess. Eliminates the "ace dance" since the player better dang well know what they're doing before they find themselves lodged in four or five arcs. Boosting and rolling out is no longer an option unless you expected it. That's probably also true?
  12. TTS is Table Top Simulator, available on Steam. It's commercial software, but there are fan based mods for various games that are available to play.
  13. I’ve been streaming by bumbling TTS X-Wing on twitch. Kind of highlighting that even an idiot like me can get a game in with reasonable success. Plan to play some more tonight.
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