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  1. Honestly I'm fine with FFG leaving this to the fans. BruceGL's Valkyre is probably already better than what FFG would deliver. Also fan projects are less limited by preconceived notions of what the game can be be. For example FFG doesn't support campaigns, but Valkyre can.
  2. The problem is not all monsters move the same. Some do move twice (zombies for example). The example in his thread they only move once. You should read the instructions as literally as possible and not make assumptions that the description of the action is wrong. Of course you are free to play it however you like.
  3. For what it's worth, the current app does seem to work well using Wine. Keep in mind that is no guarantee that future versions will run.
  4. I'm very excited to try this out. Is this Windows only? I may try it under wine tonight on my Mac.
  5. Basically you will need to buy the second edition core set to play, but you will not need to buy the Reoccurring Nightmare second edition expansion because the first edition core sec contains all of those components. This is good place to start on the second edition because you will have greater variety of characters to choose from. Also on the plus side, since you have the full first edition, you can play the great fan made scenarios from the original. This gets to the biggest limitation of the second edition; currently there is no way to create and play fan content.
  6. This is definitely an area FFG did not invest in, but they are far from terrible. Start by trying the hot water/cold water dip trick to see if you can get them into a better pose. You may not be able fix them easily if they are glued crooked. If they are really bad, contact FFG.
  7. Many people just can't wrap their heads around it. For example if I had to solve a rubix cube to proceed in the game, I would just pack it back up in the box and stick it in the back of my closet.
  8. While I haven't really checked, my iPad Air2 holds out very well. By the end of a 2-3 hour session, I have never seen it dip below 50% (this is not necessarily starting from 100%). Basically it is good enough that I don't consider it a factor when I play. Keep in mind that the surface is a full desktop OS. You may have other programs limiting your battery performance.
  9. err404


    To help keep people honest, have the game warn you to verify the undo and display the number of undos used for that misssion. While people may casually use that do-over to avoid a bad situation, most don't want to feel judged for it. The little nagging counter is a good mental barrier to make people think twice.
  10. You miss my point. The puzzles allow the player to bring their personal expertise/skill with solving puzzles to the game in that resource trade. This make the player accountable to the results. Making it just a prompt turns it into an event that is just imposed on you.
  11. For two investigator games, I've been toying with a the following rule: Step Ability - Once per round as a free action an investigator may move 1 space prior to taking an action. Normal movement restrictions apply. You may not extinguish fires when moving to a space using this ability. The step ability does not trigger character abilities (For example Rita's). In order to use this ability, the investigator must not perform a "move" action at any point during the round. This rule works well to keep the flow of the game moving, and makes for fewer turns where a player feels unsatisfied with what they could do. This opens up a lot more opportunity to use investigator actions and basic exploration/trading. This does increase the action economy quite a bit for the players, so I have only tried it during two player games were the party is already struggling for actions.
  12. The mystery is the mission itself. The puzzles are meant to consume your resources (time, clue tokens) through utilizing the player skill as a opposed to just character stats.
  13. I fail to see how buying on steam is any more attractive than the play store or app store. No matter which way you go, you are left locked out of some devices. Just buy it on the device that is most practical for you. While there are ways to have a multi system purchase, they would make the purchase process more complex and that extra barrier would likely just result in lost sales.
  14. Julia's method is easy and quite efficient. I have never played mastermind before, but after just a few games I am now able to consistently solve an 8 color puzzle in 8 guesses.
  15. That is correct because you complete each sentence ending in a "." before moving to the next. The skill check only applies to effefts in the sentence where it is embedded. Interestingly you may see times where you would expect a ".", but a "," is used instead. This explicitly means that those effefts are a part of the same step.
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