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  1. Looks pretty good to me, except it might get confusing with all those X-wings, having to keep checking which have what upgrades. For what it's worth, I haven't found Gunnery Team or Ordinance Experts very useful. Dropping one or both from the Raider would let you upgrade the bombers to Gammas or Gamma vets, so they don't get zapped by the corvette before they shoot.
  2. "Quickdraw" — TIE/sf Fighter 29 Draw Their Fire 1 Fire-Control System 2 Targeting Synchronizer 3 Lightweight Frame 2 Special Ops Training 0 Ship Total: 37 Tomax Bren — TIE Bomber 24 Crack Shot 1 Extra Munitions 2 Homing Missiles 5 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 32 Major Rhymer — TIE Bomber 26 Snap Shot 2 Tactician 2 TIE Shuttle 0 Ship Total: 30 That's my favorite janky dual-bomber list.
  3. Does . . . baffling the stress from opportunist trigger an immediate second attack? Does this perform four 4-dice attacks in a row? Dear mother of dog.
  4. With the Impetuous title and Ordnance Tubes on the Raider, I'd dump Tibanna and quad lasers and optimize it as a missile boat. Here's my favorite loadout: Raider-class Corvette (Fore) — Raider-class Corvette (Fore) 50 Homing Missiles 5 Ship Total: 55 Raider-class Corvette (Aft) — Raider-class Corvette (Aft) 50 Weapons Engineer 3 Cluster Missiles 4 Homing Missiles 5 Ordnance Tubes 5 Impetuous 3 Ship Total: 70 The Raider activates after all small and large ships, so Sensor Team isn't necessary - the target lock is only used for its ordinance. You can shoot two salvos of homing missiles and a salvo of clusters off of a single target lock. Or engage multiple targets with the help of weapons engineer. You can add Backup Shield Gen to increase survivability, but otherwise I prefer to keep it lean. It's gonna blow up, but it can take a lot of ships down with it.
  5. Those look really nice! Here are some popular B-wing pilots: Keyan Farlander + Stay on Target + Advanced Sensors Ibtisam + Elusiveness + Sensor Jammer Nera Dantels + Deadeye + Flechette Torpedoes (x2) + Munitions Failsafe Blue Squadron Pilot + Fire Control System
  6. How on earth do you make a 300 point game last more than eight hours?! Every ship can only use ion weapons?
  7. Hey Josh, just wanted to pop in and say thank you for this! Been having a lot of fun running it solo for the last few weeks. I started with an X and a Y, upgraded the X to a B and added a Z-95 with 12XP to start like you suggested earlier in this thread - man, that sucker blew up almost every game! He kept losing his missiles, so I stopped buying them till I could upgrade him to an A-wing. Then I started a new X-wing pilot so now I've got the whole OT alphabet. The Y-wing with TLT got so far ahead of everyone else in XP that I ran a few missions without him so the rest could catch up. Thanks again!
  8. Yep, because you can consistently get Jake into range 1 each turn. Just don't use PTL during the action phase - take either an evade or TL. Then Kyle gives Jake a focus at the start of combat, Jake uses his ability to do a barrel roll, and then uses PTL to boost. Jake can even bump during activation and still get his actions. Against TLT spam, Jake doesn't need the pre-combat reposition, so you can double up focus tokens on Poe. He can spend one on the attack and keep another for defense.
  9. Kyle works great with Poe and Jake, giving Poe his needed focus in case he can't take an action, or giving Jake a chance to reposition at the start of combat. That way Jake can react to PS9 pilots without VI. Here's my list I adapted from someone else's on the forums: http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v3!s!175:18,-1,148,-1:-1:15:;47:8,135,38:3:-1:;86:18,72:7:15:U.150 Also, remember that prockets on an A-wing effectively cost 5 points because of Chardaan refit.
  10. I found Battlescribe, and it's... meh. I use it, but only because there isn't anything else. The UI is terrible - God kills a kitten every time I have to add a card to my squad, back out twice, then view my squad as a whole to read what a single card does.The web ones don't work well on a phone. The x wing builder doesn't scale well to phone screens, and the GitHub one doesn't have user accounts, so you have to bookmark your squads, which is a pain. I know I'm shouting into the void here, and this will probably never be fixed - but this is a shame. :-/ Thanks for reading my rant. Log into the github builder using Google/Facebook/Twitter and you can save squads.
  11. Do you have the new core set? Wedge would really like BB-8 - not just for Focus+TL every turn, but also to give positional options if he moves after Soontir. Drop the R2 on the rookie to keep it 99 points.
  12. The BTL title conflicts with Kavil's pilot ability - he gets to roll an extra die only when attacking outside his firing arc. I'd also drop the plasma torps, because you'll want to fire the TLT every round. And without the BTL title, he doesn't need the engine upgrade. You might find another TLT card on ebay and give it to the Thug.
  13. That might be tough without a printed arc on the card. I want an Imperial Nera Dantels, though.
  14. TLTs are wrecking everybody right now. There's not much you can do except pick one of the carriers and have your whole squad bolt to range 1 and shoot till it's dead, then move onto the next. The BHs are tough, but there's only two of them, and every turn each TLT will go *plink* *plink* and kill them surprisingly fast. I'd add Deathrain back (your build is the one I prefer too) and run him with a mini swarm. Get a bunch of cheap guns focusing fire on one TLT carrier at a time.
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