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  1. If they decide to not make a 3rd edition for Descent and not to continue supporting it physically, why not go into a different direction and make a Lord of the Rings version? They already have the rights for other LOTR games and can make it essentially how they did Star Wars. I for one would buy every product if they made a Lord of the Rings adventure/dungeon crawl game. Now, if they decide to do 3E or continue to make physical content for Descent, then I understand not wanting two fantasy games competing with each other, but if no 3E, why not give it a try?
  2. At my local games stores I see Runewars on clearance or sale as well at 25-50% off and still sits there. Someone must buy and play the game otherwise why would they keep making expansions for it?
  3. I would be interested but I'm in Michigan
  4. A Runebound LCG would really interesting but I feel like FFG might decide to just focus more on the remaining LCG's at this point. If another LCG is killed off I would put my money on something in the Runebound setting. They might even try making a digital only game as the next LCG.
  5. 10-15mm for me. The 28-32mm and up is currently the popular trend in war gaming lately but I play with 1/72 scale or 20mm for my historical war gaming and prefer the smaller scale. They are a lot cheaper too in plastic and can make a gaming table look nice with all those figures around the battlefield. 10-15mm would have made it look really epic especially for Hoth. 15mm might have been a really good scale since many stores have terrain and tables set up for Flames of War.
  6. My problem with the cards when I played X-Wing is that there were some upgrade cards that were really necessary for competitive play but were only found in one or two ships and they seemed to not be ones that most people played very much. A miniatures game should just be miniatures without cards needed.
  7. As it stands now, this is FFG 9th Star Wars related game, their 6th miniatures game, their 4th Star Wars miniatures game, and their 2nd Star Wars ground miniatures game and they decided to go with LARGER scale miniatures? There is only so much Star Wars and miniature related games I can support and its just puzzling why they chose this. Sure, they can make a 10 or 15mm game down the road but you have to wonder when the breaking point is and how much longer can this be sustainable.
  8. I understand, but I just feel they might have missed the ball here with their choice. 10mm or something similar would have been nice right now. The game is called Legion and should conjure images of massive battles in the Star Wars universe but instead it feels more like Platoon in Star Wars, akin to Bolt Action from Warlord Games. I'm already invested in Imperial Assault and Legion just doesn't feel too different. Maybe I'll get into the 10mm version of the game when it comes out...
  9. I've been a big fan of FFG products for years now playing Star Wars LCG, X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Descent, Runewars, Game of Thrones LCG, Lord of the Rings LCG, Battlelore, etc. and was initially very excited about a "proper" Star Wars miniatures game to compliment the squad and RPG ish Imperial Assault but not anymore. I wasn't happy about the new scale but many weren't either but there's more problems with it. The miniatures just don't seem to have that "wow factor" that is found in other FFG games. That miniature or card that makes you want to buy the game. I just haven't really seen it yet. There isn't a cool mechanic that I'm interested to try out or a tactic that I could use on an opponent. I've visited the Legion page many times and reading the updates but the game just seems rather formulaic and uninspiring so far. Polished but sterile. I know I'm not the only one to feel this way and I honestly do want a truly AWESOME Star Wars miniatures game to play on a tabletop, but sadly this just isn't it for me unless something changes down the line.
  10. Just checked Miniature Market and they have 20+ core sets in stock. http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffggt01.html
  11. Is it me or does the GOT 2.0 page say "In Development". Well that was fast on to 3.0 now?
  12. Possibly in the future though
  13. Just went ahead and bought a copy on ebay. I got tired of waiting. I will still buy two more from my local retailer though
  14. Get an Ebay account (if you don't already have one) and don't look back my friend. TC would be an acceptable option but I think I heard they might not do it. Even if they do, their prices might be a bit high compared to what you could get from Ebay.
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