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  1. Did the dates for the Toronto system open get posted? I can't find anything other than it is supposed to be in February
  2. CerberusUC

    Darth Maul

    Well there is a cloak token, so...
  3. Why would you take Vessery over literally any other defender pilot if there are no other ships to proc his ability?
  4. The only point that is unrealistic about this is someone using Soontir Fel
  5. He does have ghost levels of health... 10 health base, each evade dice is typically equal to about 2 health (before mods) so +4 puts him at 14, so just below the ghost. And the extra evade dice he will usually have adds an additional +2 to our theoretical equation, and I would say target lock stripping is arguably worth something as well.
  6. Honestly, if Dash can take Gunner (Luke to give force tokens for mods and always accurate arcs), crew (Casian to give him extra arc dodging ability), EPT (Trickshot, and there is no way he doesn't have an ept), and the outrider title (black one title, old kanan crew, and blackout's ability all rolled into one; plus the wording on tactical scrambler implies that ships obstruct attacks now, meaning that the title would trigger even more often), then I honestly think that he should be costed near 200 points fully loaded out. You are looking at 4 attack dice (probably 5 with obstructions), that can strip target locks, stress, and ion by flying through obstacles that have no effect on him, and remove your defensive benefits from the obstacles. Oh and with Casian and Luke gunner combo you can very likely dodge any and all arc-locked ships while still having shots on them. And to top it all off you no longer have a donut hole for ships to escape your wrath and you still have your action and likely a force tokens to mod your dice. If you can take any other ships alongside him with all those upgrades then he will be broken as all ****. So yeah, Dash should be the first competitive 1 ship list in my opinion.
  7. The cards in the second example are scaled up, they are smaller in person (about 1/3 the size of pilot cards). The 2.0 upgrades are the same size as pilot cards and do not use about 1/3 of the space. Therefore the cards take up at least double the space even if you are taking the time to overlap them all.
  8. I'm personally just looking forward to how much extra space everyone will need at tournaments to set up their lists. Increasing the size of upgrade cards and putting tokens on half of them sure will make the game of finding space for it all more interesting!
  9. Ryad - X7, stealth device, expertise (39) Marek Stelle - X7, stealth device, expertise (40) Countdown - adaptive ailerons, Tie mk.2 engines (21)
  10. I've run intensity/comms relay/sensor jammer Kylo a few times now. I find that the damage output is a bit more impressive on him when you can mitigate all damage with needing to spend all your actions arc dodging
  11. I personally run it with hawethorn, moment of inspiration, Raven tabards, and mastercrafted weapons, for 5 dice attacks with damage surges and double rerolls. I have not yet hit the 30 damage maximum in one attack yet, but I've come close (maybe 27?). Couple it with dispatch runner and and plan your initial engagement well and anything you point it at will die in 1-2 rounds at most. The only problem is it is costs about 100 points. I could be wrong, but I think this build has the statistically highest damage output in the game.
  12. I'm currently working on a multiplayer scenario for this. At the moment, the dragon sits on a gold hoard (terrain piece) in the center. Players get objective points for killing and/or damaging the dragon (similarly to the dianoga in imperial assault skirmish), as well as stealing the treasure. The dragon will breath fire (ranged attack) on all units within range unless engaged, and will melee attack the unit with the most trays in contact with him. Units in contact with the treasure hoard can perform an action to collect treasure. The dragon has to be super strong (I'm thinking 4-5 armor and 10 hp), attacks with 2 white and a red die for melee, double red for ranged, brutal 2, and probably the same panic giving ability as the spined thresher. I'm also not too attached to the dragon part though. I think i would prefer a rogue demon and a pit of souls, or something along those lines, but to each their own.
  13. Calgary Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1290470044371152?tsid=0.24896447635493946&source=result
  14. I think this is the best way to sum up my feelings on the topic. They could also release card boxes for cross compatibility to double down on their profits if they didn't want to give out cards with both games. This is definitely a lost sale from me. But here's hoping that someone local is ok with converted IA minis and has an extra set of maneuver tools!
  15. Hey guys, So I don't know if I am just missing something that FFG has already released, but how would deployment, objectives, and terrain be chosen during a tournament? When only the core set was released, everyone would have the same pool of all these to randomly draw from; but, now that new cards and terrain are available through the hero packs, not everyone will have access to the same ones. I would propose that each player selects 3 deployment, objective, and terrain cards to be added with their lists. Then before each match, the players shuffle their cards together and 3 deployment and objective cards are drawn from the shared pool. Then player 1 picks either the deployment or objective, and player 2 picks the other (as stated in the core rules). Then the shared pool of terrain cards is drawn from to fill out the board. What do you guys think of this method? Does anyone else have a solution they have tried? Thanks!
  16. I don't have a copy of the game yet, but I was hoping to work on some tiny decals to use on my spearmen's shields when I do. Is there any chance I could ask someone for the dimensions of their shields so I can get a head start? Thanks!
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