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    A Thing I Did (For My D&D-Adjacent Group)

    I was wondering if maybe he came up with an alternate system, I've seen pain recently pop up as a metric for wounds that compromises continued capability in combat, and fatigue as a metric for mental effort. If he is using it the way another system I've seen use them it'd be pretty cool. So much Pain or Fatigue can lead to set back dice to physical or mental tasks. Its a concept I've really grown found of in Modiphius' systems. Makes combat more dangerous, and deadly which is something I personally enjoy as a player and GM because it discourages MurderHoboism.
  2. RottenCosmos

    A Thing I Did (For My D&D-Adjacent Group)

    This is awesome, my players have had a rough time facing the transition between the two systems but more specifically the layout of their character sheets. Thank you for sharing this. PAIN and FATIGUE; how does this work in place of WOUNDS and STRAIN?
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    So what setting interests you?