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  1. Have the Titles from CoS been added? I have all the Schools, items, and Techniques but no Titles.
  2. I'm lost but is there Mentor Creation Tools yet?
  3. Sure but does the price of the attachment still the same. I mean if I have to buy the item then when I then want to make it into the Hilt Masking kit then pay to mod it into the attachment, why is the price the same as the item when I buy it as an attachment. Though now I think I should just wait on my GM's rulling for this.
  4. For the Hilt-Masking Kit it say pricing varies based on item used to create kit, Does that count when I already have the Item I want to create the Kit with, and does the Kit's initial item's properties still work? I have a doctor who would like to hide his lightsaber in his Physician's Pack can I still use it as Physician's Pack?
  5. Not sure this has been addressed yet and sorry if it has but the devs but the M-300 Hunting Blaster should have Stun Setting not Stun Damage. Devs clarified this as a typo over on the Order 66 podcast Q&A for Savage spirits. Questions and answers here:
  6. So this is probably a minor issue for some, but I need the High Contrast setting for Win 10, for my eyes. This setting really screws up the Generator, even when I am printing out the sheet.
  7. Hello I am missing the force abilities from the FaD beta, is that in a separate download, or will they be added when FaD is Full Release?
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