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  1. In addition to everything else people have mentioned (especially the ice caves and desert pyramids) I would like another city themed expansion to supplement the Nerekhall tiles.
  2. Visited the QV today and saw that none of the above mentioned assets have been added yet. Hope you plan to have it updated soon.
  3. Pretty cool how you made the shadow dragon look like a giant salamander.
  4. Very, very nicely done with Valyndra, especially the leathery effect on the wings.
  5. It's been a while since you've posted anything to this thread. Just letting you know that there's at least one person who would like to see what you've been working on.
  6. I've come to the same conclusion about the mage classes. It seems that they've boxed themselves in creatively by my making all magic attacks come from magic weapons, and by making magic weapons the functional equivalent of bows. In most dungeon crawler systems, the differences in mage classes manifest by what spells they have access to, but Descent doesn't have a spell casting system (the greatest weakness in the game, in my opinion). FFG tries to simulate spell casting through the class skills, but since magic weapons are the basis of the mage's offensive capabilities (except for familiars) developers are limited to trying to invent unique ways for mage skills to interact with magic weapons in order to distinguish the classes from each other. Many of their solutions have been more convoluted than elegant.
  7. I add my +1 to the suggestion that this app needs randomly generated stand alone dungeons.
  8. Next to the others, she looks very much like an civilized half-ogre. I've seen the Ogre Minis and Arvel looks nothing like them. Not even half of one.
  9. And I'm saying that that the I've already addressed this point previously in the thread. Sufficient to say, Arvel is an absolute monster of an elf, and it's completely out of place in terms of size, fingers, heads to toes, compared to other miniatures. Unless you want to argue that Arvel has suddenly developed an acute case of gigantism. All I'm saying is that the differences between Arvel and Jain, in all aspects of their scale and appearance (taking liberties for the stylized nature of the models) are consistent with my real word observations of the differences between very tall and very short women. Since FFG has not, to my knowledge, released artwork demonstrating the size comparisons between characters in universe, I cannot say for certain whether Arvel's miniature accurately represents how tall she should be compared to other characters or not. I can say for certain that her height is not so much greater than the other female figures as to be absurd or inconceivable. Just to let you know where I'm coming from, on my father's side of the family I have 42 female cousins and 38 male cousins. Two are still in their teenage years, the rest are adults. I am 5'10" tall, and most of my female cousins are between 2 to 6 inches shorter than I am. However, one of my aunts had 8 daughters, six of whom are range in height between 6'4" and 6'8". While they look proportional while standing next to each other, when compared to any other woman in the family they seem massive - they're broad shouldered, their hands are quite large, their arms and legs, while in proportion to the rest of their bodies, seem thick and heavy compared to my more petite cousins. I have no doubt that if someone accurately sculpted miniatures of my extended family, the universal opinion of anyone who didn't know us would be that those six women were sculpted in a different scale from everyone else in the family. It's very possible that Arvel's height is supposed to be closer to some of the shorter female figures in the Descent range. I don't know. I don't think you know either. But even if these more recent miniatures do represent size creep (which, again, is quite possible) it is not so drastic as to utterly fail to comport with real world anatomical variance.
  10. On a side note, I really like the drawbridge tile used to demonstrate the Shield Mage skill card. That's definitely going to be my go-to transition piece for moving from exterior to interior tile sets on custom maps from now on.
  11. Real life isn't to scale. Haven't you ever seen the difference in proportionality when a 4'10" woman stands next to a 6'2" woman? It's totally consistent with the height difference between Jain and Arvel.
  12. I had to take a look at Titania's character card to remind me who she was. After taking a look at her artwork all I can say is, good luck with those tattoos, man.
  13. So, it's been a little while since you revealed Nanok and Ispher. What minis are you working on right now?
  14. Nanok's facial expression looks more deadly than his axes do. That is one gleeful death smile. You know, nothing has kept me from painting my Descent minis more than molding defects on the characters faces. I'm sure at least some of your figures have that problem. In such cases, what do you do to fix characters' faces before you paint them?
  15. Top three heroes I'd like to see you paint are: 1. Vyrah the Falconer 2. Zyla 3. Ispher
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