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    Droogy17 got a reaction from Soakman in Dead of Night To expensive!!!   
    I personally think it's quite reasonable for an expansion that will increase the playability of the core game
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    Droogy17 got a reaction from admat in Asajj PartyBossk   
    I find Bossk works really well with Calculation, Mangler, Rec Spec and Dengar 
    I then build the rest around that
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    Droogy17 reacted to Seastan in What are good combos?   
    Here's what I'll say in regards to combos being hard to depend on: With this deck (http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/2304/turn-1-anborn-sword-thain-wingfoot-1.0) I got out Leadership Anborn ally, Sword Thain, and Wingfoot on turn one over twenty times in a row.
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    Droogy17 reacted to Eldritch Mike in Show Us Your Set-Up   
    If you Google 'sota toys cthulhu' you'll come across it. They were made back in 2006 and aren't produced anymore, which makes them rare (and expensive). I got mine from ebay still in its box, but second hand, at a pretty hefty cost of 65 pounds. There were a few others available, but that one was by far the cheapest.
    It's actually poseable too - the wings, arms, hands and tentacles move, though sota did also make a proper Cthulhu statue, which looks incredible and is really expensive. Too much so for me anyway, but it's still worth a look just to drool over it.
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    Droogy17 reacted to Waldorf28 in The Lowest of the Low - Wave 8   
    You're probably a better pilot than me then. I usually need it to adjust my joust.
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    Droogy17 got a reaction from Waldorf28 in The Ion Sleeps Tonight   
    I've decided to give this a shot myself. I was looking at a Bossk, Y-wing Stresshog build but i will try this first
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