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  1. I personally think it's quite reasonable for an expansion that will increase the playability of the core game
  2. My heart says big box but my bank account is asking for a small box
  3. The promo was Ashcan Pete. On BGG they have an image of it to print along with his assets / skills
  4. My favourite Dash build is: Outrider Push the Limit Mangler Cannon Kanan Jarrus Engine Upgrade For 55 points This makes him very maneurable and he shakes off the stress caused by PTL every round
  5. I find Bossk works really well with Calculation, Mangler, Rec Spec and Dengar I then build the rest around that
  6. Is there a link to all the rules for the expansion packs. I would rather look them up on my kindle fire than search through 25+ folded rule sheets when I want to read the story building up to the quest I'm about to play
  7. Thanks for the responses they will definitely help. I had forgotten about Nenya. Tomorrow I will build my first deck that hasn't been taken from RingsDB or here
  8. Sneak attack and Gandalf work well together and so does Galadriel and Unexpected Courage. Can anyone recommend other good combos. I'm looking at deck building (rather than copying other people's) and need a couple of starting points. I have everything up to and including the ring-maker cycle and I have the sagas up to and including Treason of Saruman
  9. That's a shame as I really like the Boromir card
  10. I believe the same one is available for the Fellowship event in November
  11. i believe it was ruled that you can't do that anymore. I heard that too
  12. Experimental Interface is a modification which means I will lose the Engine Upgrade. I like the ability to boost and barrel roll Dengar. It makes him an arc dodger which really helps. If he is played right then Gonk won't be used too often. Start slow with 1 straight for a couple of rounds to load up shields on Gonk and pick them off later when required
  13. I have been running these two together and built them like this: Dengar 33 PTL 3 Gonk 2 Unhinged Astromech 1 Title 12 Engine Upgrade 4 Bossk 35 VI 1 Boba Fett 1 K4 3 4-Lom 1 Engine Upgrade 4 So far I have won 7 out of 8 games with these two
  14. We had a situation yesterday where Dengar landed on an asteroid and the enemy ship was in arc. Obviously Dengar couldn't attack but once the enemy attacked him is it possible for Dengar to retaliate?
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