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  1. The Arrestor Cruiser

    Im afraid it is.
  2. Thanks heaps for posting! Game 1 1hr.02 min: when the VSD shoots at Profufundity, did Ash's APTs not go off at all?
  3. Have Chimaera, do I need Vanilla ISD?

    If you want to play double isd then the isd1/2 is good. I really think the main drawcards for this pack now are the ship variants themselves both of which are still very capable of roles the new ones cant. Apart from that, if you can get a cheap admiral vader and avenger title somewhere i dont think the upgrades are critical.
  4. Corellian Conflict - Without the Snowballing?

    Our local experience was definitely a snowball. I think if there is a mix of skill levels some sort of agreement for the best players to keep their fleet a bit 'friendly' and not go straight to their full lethal mode is important. Otherwise even if the teams are 'balanced' the newer players are still going to have a bad time.
  5. Nav officers with Arquittens?

    I run two with jejjerod. Start at speed 2. Bank nav token turn 1. Then nail every other dial to CF. Works fine for what they are. Damage is incredibly swingy but they are good supporting fire for the isd and cheap enough that if they get run down by demo or admo you are still in the fight.
  6. A proposal to help the Victory Class SD

    I think in wave 7 all medium ships are just going to be fat targets. Easy to farm points off. Interdictor may be the exception.
  7. Um, fast sales...

    My store took my preorder and still managed to stuff it up
  8. Um, fast sales...

    Not that we are bitter or anything....
  9. FFG Worlds - Armada Coverage!

    They dont have internet in hotels there?
  10. With Worlds now on the radar I just want to raise this. FFG please provide more Armada coverage this year! As much as possible! Can we please get a couple of "top 4" games each day? And as many of the finals as possible? Even if you have to enlist some of the awesome players from the fan base to commentate? That is all....
  11. Time for the rebel 'Needa'

    Yeah being able to spend any token as if it was a redirect would be a bit over the top i think. A simple swap out mechanic like needa would still make it good.
  12. I think both w6 kits are a bit out.... the hammerhead is a bit oversized too.
  13. Taking the Fish Farm to a Regionals - AAR Article

    Strong second player options are vital. Anything that breaks up the dominance of last first demo/avenger/whatever is healthy. Remember the certainty that clonisher was unbeatable? Anyway wasnt it this time last week we were all sure the gallant yavaris ace holes were the blight on the game?
  14. Strategic Advisor: A Poll

    What are the / some examples of 'you' not referring to the ship its equipped on?
  15. Good little mobile turret.