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  1. So without knowing what you have available and completely redoing the list Does your mate only play 3 ships as well? Vsds can be awfully outmanouvred if they are out activated. Disposable caps on a vsd1 are a bit of a waste - they cant use them. You could drop them to upgrade the external racks to assault conc missiles. Or you could use the points to put leading shots on the vic2 so its shots are a lot more reliable Grint and hardened bulkheads dont usually see a lot of use but if you like them thats fine. The obvious swap is grint for strategic advisor.
  2. Stop quoting him hes on my ignore list
  3. Admiral Nelson.... is that you? What dod you do to your hair?
  4. So they want him to work the way he currently does. Seems fair.
  5. No edit to mavaldo?
  6. Thanks all, good advice. Sounds like making sure both sides have ally tokens available is pretty important!
  7. We are kicking off RITR tomorrow. Oir playthrough of corellian conflict was a bit of a downer when the experienced players maxed out their fleets which meant the newer/more casual guys just got steamrolled unless we artificially always matched the experienced guys up. Even then the campaign was very one sided after 3 turns or so. As one of the more experienced players, my goal this time around is to try to support the more casual guys through to getting a proper result, and hopefully build the local group a bit more... That all said, any tips for a fun RitR run through? Is anything (large ships? Too many squadrons?) Overpowered? Or no fun to play against?
  8. Questions 1) are you still collecting data? 2) is 70% or so of the detail acceptable?
  9. He is saying, if its only the crits that matter because everything else will be blocked by cover or dodge, 5 squaddies + rt97 or t21 gives you 9 dice. An aim with scopes gives you another 4 (so 13). Spend another aim and its potentially 17, disregarding keeping the surges and crits you have rolled along the way. Ceiling being the ideal 9 crits which you wouldn't expect to happen. Edit wouldnt expect to happen
  10. I was wary of the clone wars stuff too but having it come to legion has been really positive. Im looking forward to the armada version. In legion, the empire and rebels have distinct playstyles but the faction identity is really emphasised with the clone wars factions ie clone trooper token sharing, fire supporting etc. Im guessing there will be something similar for clone wars era. Recycling droid squadrons and maybe some sort of ship AI for example.
  11. I ran this title for my first try with the onager. I think there are two benefits to this card. 1) allows a turn 1 shot at ignition long with the particle cannon, as long as you have hondo or tarkin? 2) allows you a second go to reposition the aim point in case, since the end of the onagers turn, the target has changed position. Is this right? Any other benefits of cataclysm? Im thinking next to give rachell a go with romodi, and park behind a big fat asteroid field all game...
  12. He seems pretty good from my first gane with him but a bit situational. I think he is like a lot of things in this game - good as long as you can set the game up to go the way that suits you. Bit early to be asking for nerfs though.
  13. What is the order of operations here? Say i take 2 damage. Can i brace to 1, then e.s.t to zero?
  14. How come legion gets regular updates on everything?
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