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  1. Its a point of discussion not a complaint. The effect of the FAQ is great across the game. I just havent seen many people talking through this aspect of the change much. Maybe there is a benefit for rebs for example keeping a corvette in the backline if you are running a lot of squads.
  2. Last game my Imperials (Sloan ISD1, Demo, 2 floaters, squad ball) faced off against a Sato MC75, Salvation, 2 floaters squad ball. (he was experimenting to see if salvation had a role again yet...) Apart from the absolute BS that demo and Imperial squads are still. The main point was in the last turn, my ISD was dead (trapped by the Sato MC75), but demo had killed salvation without any major issues. Last turn demo flew in and did the remaining 5 damage required to kill the MC75 with an admittedly BS roll (Redirect was already burned, Red acc to lock the brace, red double, Hit crit with APT, hit). This of course meaning the rebel fleet was tabled. But as my opponent pointed out, demo BS rolls aside, if the MC75 had survived and shot back at demo, demo would have died and I would have been tabled instead. So a 400 point swing either way. Both sides at this point still had a fairly reasonable squad presence - if anything my squads were in trouble because Ciena and mithel were dead at this point and with my ISD dead I was running out of things to activate them with. But the danger of getting tabled (and the opportunity to get the tabling by finishing off the MC75) hadn't occurred to me at that point. Sure - no one ever goes into battle planning on having their big ship get killed, but I wonder how significant an aspect of the post FAQ meta building for and/or playing for the wipe out by killing all the non floater ships will be. Certainly it seems a point of advantage a no squad or minimal squad fleet may have if played aggressively as first player, especially compared to the oft mooted ISD/Quasar/flot/squad ball type setup. Certainly also seems to be a threat to token farming fleets if the other side just goes pure combat and the red objective.
  3. I liked the vsd one. I think they have some better options now with wave 7 and the great FAQ. Theoretically with the vsds you can either out activate or out squadron the big ships. Heavy ions, ordnance pods etc give them some more options too... But they are still too many points to have die. And with their speed and lack of defences they will die i think.
  4. That flamer shot on the stormys was so satisfying...
  5. Just been watching a few of the excellent video batreps going around... Would some rules for buildings etc getting blown up add to the game? Obviously there would be some challenges. But we already have basic universal rules for terrain. Could use of blast or impact weapons blow up buildings doing damage to occupants and turning them into ruins? Could blast or spray weapons set fire to forests making them dangerous to infantry?
  6. Yeah but not so useless
  7. Purely gameplay wise i think after the floater nerf rebels need a light carrier. Pretty much same as the quasar - a mobile box with sqn 4 and some upgrade slots.
  8. Ha - I skimmed the title and thought we were talking about the new "Heavy Light Tie Fighter"
  9. Ive really enjoyed all the stuff you guys have been doing so far! Really looking forward to this.
  10. Darth Vader Boarding Team

    As jabba and wraith said he seems to go well on a kuat. Ive been running a double kuat where darth is on one and pryce/bt/avenger is the other one. I think the logic with darth vs bt avenger is you kill the boarding troopers so avenger cant work in most cases.
  11. Using X-Wings

    Imperial aces eat them alive.
  12. The AT-ST Decision

    Thats how i played mine in its first outing. Cheap (by comparison) to the fully loaded version and its guns have plenty or range which means most of the time it can aim shoot and it doesnt have to overcommit and risk grenade and saber attacks.
  13. I think vsds will be great again