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  1. Ophion

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    The good thing I guess I can say is Ive never felt Ive encountered it. What really helps - is that after each move (or similar), check ranges, check arcs and agree with your opponent where everything is at. "Ok so my ISDs just moved - you CR90s got me double arc at long, your Mc30s still at medium side arc only. Yep. yep.". Etc. Saves all sorts of pain once the game keeps going and things get bumped etc.
  2. Keep in mind the sales figures are mostly driven by releases. We would happily buy up more product and get our game up the list if there were more released!
  3. Ophion

    The Fallacy of Strategic Advisor (SAd)

    Clearly the only reasonable response is to run two star destroyers.
  4. Ophion

    Han Solo and Rebel Commandoes

    Its not like t47 has any opening in this sort of match up either... Atrts seem finished. Maybe the atst might have some options if the enemy has nothing but relying on crits to bring it down? Bring on the turret wave!
  5. Ophion

    Han Solo and Rebel Commandoes

  6. Ophion

    Han Solo and Rebel Commandoes

    It feels like sniper war to me at present. They are nasty. It helps if you have more than one piece of terrain on your side of the board that actually blocks los. If they have a chance to aim and fire they were reliably taking 2 troopers off. Alternatively if they dodge they seem to be able to surbive the leia bombard. Im wondering what an imperial 3 sniper plus dlt gunline would be like.
  7. Ophion

    Can i use the proton bomb like a normal gun?

    Nice. Thank you
  8. Ophion

    Is Tagge secretly better than Motti?

    Would he have to cost more though? Say he worked every round for 25 points. Would you take him over motti, sloan or jerry? For tagge to be good you still have to live long enough under fire that getting back your tokens makes a difference. Get your redirect back after all your shields are gone? No point your demo getting its brace back when its down to 2 or 3 hull and surrounded.
  9. Ophion

    Can i use the proton bomb like a normal gun?

    Ok... So its card looks just like a normal weapon to me, with the addition of the action icon to place the token. So what stops it being a normal weapon?
  10. Ie range 1, red white white and just add its dice to the lasgun attack pool? Instead of spending an action to place token.
  11. Ophion

    Is Tagge secretly better than Motti?

    Ive been running a double ecm isd list recently. Generally agree with Broba. To get tagge to work properly you need him to be in combat turn 2. If it works you burn out your brace but do crippling damage in return. But this is problem if it leads you to getting swamped by bombers in turn 2. Where i did have success is when i ran a tua ecm cymoon plus an ecm isd2. Then you have the long range fore to get some good damage in t2. But overall too specialised and not worth it.
  12. The correct answer is there is no point because natural crits ignore everything so your speeder dies just as quickly as a naked rebel trooper standing in the open shouting 'all storm troopers are bastards!!'
  13. Ophion

    Can we get a Barrel Roll action please?

    Thatll learn ya....
  14. Ophion

    Tagge and SSD

    Cool! Where is that featured?
  15. Ophion

    Ordnance Pods vs. External Racks

    I think the eracks. An ord cruiser wont have gunnery teams so it would rather shoot a ship with its main guns if at all possible. And it only has single dice flak anyway. This means against marek jendon or a big rebel squad ball you are going to need three turns min of firing both your arc and the pods at them - you wont survive being bombed for that long. Wheras the eracks can push its damage output to insane levels. An apt erack cruiser popped my mostly undamaged kuat like a rotten watermelon the other day. The ord pods are nice. Said kuat with gunnery teams and quad lasers and ord pods shredded any fighters that came near it but that was a very antisquad build and i didnt face any serious fighters. Really the answer will come down to if you think you will face a lot of squads and if the pods woukd help that scenario. Lately, in my 'meta' its been lots of big ships and minimal squads.