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  1. Hard to implement a new model when we already have the home one expansion pack. I think an expansion similar to chimera would work well. Call it the home one - battle of endor expansion to reprrsent the same ship at a later point in time (ie fully militarised). That way you can use the existing titles. Alternate paint scheme, 2 new mc80 home one style variants. Push up to 12 hull and 5 shields. First variant a fleet command version with multiple slots. Second absolutely overloaded with guns - 8 dice broadside, gunnery team slot, multi ion cannons (they seem to be an mc80 thing). All appropriately pointed of course!
  2. Its a glaring problem at present. With the comparative failure of jyn and pathfinders compared to death troopers rebels sometimes appear to really have only the cheese above to rely on. Having said that, Nick Freemans list at adepticon was pretty effective. But generally rebels have a lot less good options. Hopefully sabine will help, although bossk just seems to double down the dominance imps currently have
  3. Current system is fine. The rules and the violation arent complicated. Ffg responded appropriately. Everything else is just the community struggling to interpret what happened.
  4. Of course its unplayable. In a world where death troopers are arguably not wotth taking over snipers and bossk, this thing is way out of contention. Its actually bad for the game. Empire has a good range of competitive builds now but rebels are still stuck on z6, luke and snipers. Legion is an activation game and this thing costs as much as 3 or 4 of them but is unlikely to kill one. To be worthy of the model some combination of or all of the following is required - minus 50 poimts - crits no longer ignore cover and dodge - surge to hit - blast - ability to equip generators off the dish turret - blast
  5. Yep. The required whining and negativity has kicked in as scheduled.
  6. Should strike teams have followed the detachment rules? So you have to buy the squad first then you get the option to buy the strike team.
  7. If only they could do a shoretrooper manned eweb
  8. My sniper management approach is to try to get limited vis and beyond that just hope they miss. But i lose a lot of games.
  9. Im happy with the rules so far. No tua frees up points and design space for a lot more interesting play. Tua AP stapled to every ssd would have been boring as all ****
  10. For the rest of us mortals.... last thursday in april?
  11. I wonder if some of the upgrade cards are erratas or rebalances of existing ones?
  12. What other upgrades would you consider? I think duck and cover is great as always, especially if you want to push up and use them at close range. Hunter would make enemy commanders really regret their life choices even at range 4. I dont think the any of the comms upgrades stand out for them just yet. Concussion grenades maybe an option if you dont want to muck around with reconfigure Gear - recon intel and enviro gear. Any others?
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