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  1. Ophion

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    Hmmm. From my experience - nothing much. Theres a few things i think are crazy strong (marek jendon) but the actual results dont suggest so. Considering what i hear on pretty much every pod cast, i cant believe noone has mention riekan yavaris aceholes yet. Its never really seemed strong here is Australia but everywhere else it seems to be maintaining dominance.
  2. Ophion

    Chances for Cassian and K2SO

    Cassian and k2so? Chirrut and baze? Would be good. Just a bit harder to imagine the imperial equivalent. Rebels is potentially a more balanced source to keep the factions symetrical.
  3. Some retailers sites say january 19 which seems a little soon. Wave 7 was feb this year i think? Just wondering what rate of savings i should unrealistically aspire to...
  4. Ophion

    Regionals Win with Screed

    Grrat report thanls for the effory! Your squads are brutal and obviously did good work. Shocking to read how quick those isds went down!
  5. Ophion


    Imperials are spoilt for choice of really solid, cheap commanders. Piett fills a good spot amoungst them.
  6. Ophion

    Renegade Fleet Command new episode thread

    Just listened to your nationals episode great work!
  7. Ophion

    Holy ****, we got an article

    Stores didnt apply in time? Thats the usual problem in our patt of the world
  8. Ophion

    jyn and new troops

    So.... how are pathfinders different to commandos? I though commandos were introd with the 'spies, saboteurs, assassins ' line.
  9. We had 11 players this weekend and one guy brought double t47s. Very refreshing to see and play against and made me wish i had something better than lukes gun to shoot at them. Against the trooper sniper spams the dead pile was very impressive but i think he still went down on objectives.
  10. Ophion

    Unfilled Rebel/Imperial Niches

  11. Ophion

    Unfilled Rebel/Imperial Niches

    Roles that i can see missing (assign your favourite EU gunk as needed): Rebs - black dice flak boat - quasar style medium carrier - trashy medium combat ship - betterer medium combat ship with ions - grav well ship - chimera style expansion for the home one to give it fleet command option, maybe even a 'battle of endor' variant where it gets upgraded for bear. Imps - super trashy light combat ship - modernised medium warship - 'bulk cruiser' trashy medium ship Not sure what else. Maybe a pelta equivalent if thats your idea of fun. By 'trashy' i mean cheap, good hull and firepower (red and black) but crappy defence tokens and upgrade slots. Speed 2 max. Your local bulk cruisers.
  12. Ophion

    The Mandalorian

    Too restrictive to make it sabine. Her back story is pretty much already explained in rebs. They will want a cleaner slate.
  13. To be fair, a liberty that has had to brace three times in a round is probably going to explode soon anyway!
  14. Game is great as is i think. The various nerfs have made it a lot better. I think we are at a very fine balance between squads being too good vs squads basically being ignorable. If squads become ignorable then max activations all ships becomes basically the only thing to run. The only changes i would advocate are some diversity improvements - ie reducing cost of some of the seldom taken upgrades and admirals (tarkin especially).