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  1. Ophion

    official drop of DT

    What other upgrades would you consider? I think duck and cover is great as always, especially if you want to push up and use them at close range. Hunter would make enemy commanders really regret their life choices even at range 4. I dont think the any of the comms upgrades stand out for them just yet. Concussion grenades maybe an option if you dont want to muck around with reconfigure Gear - recon intel and enviro gear. Any others?
  2. Ophion

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I really liked it. Just focusing on whether it reveals any 'new' info is disrespectful to Nathan i think. Hes the world champ, if you consider yourself a fan of the game its worth valuing everything thats said.
  3. Or does the unit leader have to achieve contact using the movement template?
  4. Ophion

    Is a compulsory move a standard move?

    So does a compulsory move trigger standby?
  5. Ophion

    Kashyyyk Commandos!

    I love them but i use them as a close range shooting unit - bowcaster and concussion grenades. I add the trainings if at all possible as well. Too many force pull shenanigans and tgey have no pierce in melee so i usually dont do that
  6. Well it is maybe at the margins. March would be better than april which would be better than june etc. But thats not really whats going to matter. What is important is that PRE SSD release, we get some sort of decent commitment from ffg about ongoing support. At the minimum, we need solid info on organised play up to worlds going forward. Of much more value would be a proper new wave announcement. Again - PRIOR to SSD release. Otherwise a high proportion of the market is going to be trying to value a $300 investment (australian equivalent) against a very uncertain return in terms of future support and ability to play. Worst case scenario this means SSD sales underperform and the case for supporting the game in ffg land deteriorates further.
  7. Ophion

    The SSD?

    I think they really have to announce another wave before the ssd gets released. Otherwise so many people will hold off buying it because of the fear that 'this is it' that it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.
  8. Thanks for doing the analysis, its a good read. On the time limit/rounds complete issue, I think if you want to try a tournament with chess clocks or whatever as an experiment then go ahead, but my feeling is this would make for an overall worse experience. I never like moves to make playing the game harder or more strict. Deliberately slow playing is of course disgraceful. But if everyone insists on playing ten or eleven activation lists and also needs time to think its going to take a massive effort to achieve 2hrs. Maybe as a playing group we will get better as time goes on.
  9. Ophion

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    Really we need legion odds or impact X to tell us whether the close range config is worth spending a reconfigure on over the standard two whites with surge. Maybe you just add frag grenades and get on with life.
  10. Asmo i think for your interpretation to be correct the command card would have to say 'once per activation'. As is, you spend the aim token, resolve its effects including transfer via the command card. Got a second (or more) aim token? Feel free to repeat the whole process as many times as you have aim tokens.
  11. Ophion

    interdictor INSANITY!!!

    Standard (Imperial Navy) [396pts] Interdictor Suppression Refit [167pts]: Disposable Capacitors, G-8 Experimental Projector, Heavy Ion Emplacements, Projection Experts, Targeting Scrambler, •Captain Brunson, •Grand Moff Tarkin, •Interdictor Interdictor Suppression Refit [114pts]: Disposable Capacitors, High-Capacity Ion Turbines, Projection Experts, Targeting Scrambler, •Grav Shift Reroute [ Interdictor Suppression Refit [115pts]: Disposable Capacitors, G7-X Grav Well Projector, Heavy Ion Emplacements, Projection Experts, Targeting Scrambler ++ Total: [396pts]
  12. On another issue - how did coordinated fire turn out as a command card? Was it as fearsome as the discussion/theory was suggesting?
  13. Good discussion. I think the neb is overlooked these days having been written off in wave 1. I ran one a while back and it did a lot more work than i expected. Its easy to dual arc with and 5 dice at medium range is not terrible. The escort version double blue flak is pretty fearsome also.
  14. 6 battle cards included. 3 each (the green fluff card which is usually the conditon, objective and deployment) for acts 1 and 2. If this thing hasnt got any usability in standard play i think it will be a dead duck.