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  1. Is it at all possible for two people to come up with the same list independently? Still watching the game btw. Up to 32 min. Hmmmm.
  2. Been hanging out for some more podcast action!!
  3. Ophion

    Happy Friday,,,,,, thanks Steam Sale.....

    Not quite on topic but a reboot of the original xwing and tiefighter games would be great. With better computers nowadays they could even scale it up so you could command the star destroyers etc in such a game...
  4. Ophion

    Stupid ATST

    All terrain scrub turkey! Does anyone get good value out of this thing? Even with 2 close range volleys with weiss, the grenade launcher and the mini gun as well as the main gun its total damage was one storm trooper... It concentrates all your firepower in one bit of the board where it is easy to either ignore or kill if your opponent can be bothered... Its armour doesnt really mean anything when most units (especially jetbikes) will get a natural crit or two and another out of impact. I really feel it needs some interpretation of offensive surge, more suppression generation or a free pivot (swivelling the turret)? Its just a massive points investment compared to its impact on the game...
  5. Ophion

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Stop it
  6. Ophion

    Why would I ever choose Most Wanted?

    If you are first against a double strategic list and you dont have strategic of your own the red is almost certainly the best choice for you.
  7. Ahhh.... too much negativity for me. The game as is is really great i love all my games. Faq nerfs completely reinvigorated it for me. Im sure there is more on the way. Of course im keen to see it.
  8. I like them with jejjerod, dual turbos and cluster bombs of all things. My meta is pretty squad heavy but last time i ran two of them with an isd2 and 2 gozantis and a couple of ties. Worked really well. Just remember their damage is very swingy so they are there to add continuous supporting damage while the isd does the killing. Dont rely on them as the main hitters.
  9. Ophion

    Charge Into Battle Announcement

    Its just going to feel.... wrong? to have all my old guys with their current bases and any new ones with these.
  10. Lets play games ="We are staffed by game experts with a deep personal and professional commitment to building gaming communities across Australia." Only we don't bother ordering a whole years worth of OP....
  11. They buggered up the wave 7 release too. (Oh wait is that supposed to be out? Hang on i will make some calls....) I think the game here is suceeding in spite of the official support (and with you parramatta guys making up a lot of the missing difference)
  12. Ophion

    AT-RT is not a good platform

    Ive founfld when they manage to shoot a few times atrts with the rotaries are awesome. The surge is really powerful. Its just the imperials are learning that 3 bikes is just a massive mobile firepower concentration. And in an objective based game there are plenty of opportunities for them to shred key units. I probably need more practice.
  13. Ophion

    Rebel Fleet Troopers, are they awful?

    Played one game with them and they seemed fine. Relying on whites is always interesting but the shotgun and surge to hit are good.
  14. Ophion

    AT-RT is not a good platform

    So how do rebels compete considering bikes dlts and the atst? The t47 seems to be pretty much written off. Im struggling.