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  1. Hey gang, My teammate and I made a deck and decided to post it up on Star Wars Destiny: DB. There's an explanation of how it works two posts down in the comments. Give it a read if you're so inclined, test it out, let us know what you think. Thanks in advance. https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/30240/generalvalue20-1.0 Edit: It's General Grievious and 3x Sentinel Messengers, if you're curious. Sounds goofy, but much better than you might initially think. Good times.
  2. That was my assumption, I just didn't see it in the 2.0 rule book anywhere. Do you have a citation you can link to? Much appreciated.
  3. Cool, cool. Thanks for the info. What's the rules reference guide? I'm not familiar with that document. Is it separate from the 2.0 rule book and when can we expect to see it? Thanks for the updates.
  4. What's up with the Juke card? ...just for clarity, the term "evading" is definitely like a weird anomaly on the Juke card that's not a game state a ship can be in as defined by the 2.0 rule book thus far, right? I mean...it's just short hand for having an evade token but like...from a technicality standpoint, it means nothing. A new player could either interpret "evading" to mean having taken the evade action OR currently having an evade token, right? The only reason I assume the latter is because that's how the old Juke worked. This is kind of a screw up, in terms of applying game rules to cards.
  5. Easy way to spot the (ex)Catholics in a Star Wars crowd. Same boat. Good times.
  6. I can't just be a snarky, rude, smart *** instead? Ugh, fine. I guess I personally would hand out "veteran" stickers based on a combination of how long someone has been playing the game, their skill level, and their amount of tournament level experience. I'm not sure length of time owning the game is enough to measure it. If someone bought a core set + a Falcon 3 years ago, dusts the game off twice a year and has like 7 games under there belt total, plays insanely casual and doesn't really know any of the ships...I'm not sure they get Vet status, know what I mean?
  7. So they have the tools to balance the game exquisitely, and I couldn't be happier. The real question is, will they take this responsibility as seriously as we want them to, or will they only put out raging dumpster fires like original JM5Ks? I hope they don't squander this.
  8. Very excited for things like the G-1A Mist Hunter to be worth their point cost. Same for Quadjumpers and Firesprays. Maaaan...excitement.
  9. I actually haven't played X-Wing in like 14 months. I really enjoyed my local scene and the game in general but like...had real life junk and this game takes a long time to play and I was starting to burn out a smidge. Heard about 2.0 and after reading the details came sprinting back. I'm a major game design enthusiast. Study it as a hobby. Everything FFG is doing here looks right to me. I'm excited. VERY excited. Can't wait to give them money.
  10. Can you expand on that? If FFG gets all these cards wrong on the first pass and they all need adjustments, they can use the app and website to adjust upgrade slots and point costs for any ship they want, thus keeping the game healthy and balanced and keeping all your favorite ships useful. That's a major feature of the reboot, so I'm not really seeing how that would be "for nothing". If every single point cost is wrong and stuff is slightly imbalanced for 6 weeks while the players raise **** about the meta and then they fix most of it before November, I certainly wouldn't consider that a wasted reboot.
  11. I ran Kenkirk + Ysanne + PtL for awhile. It was fun ,but I really do not recommend it for competitive. That boost after everyone else moves seems pretty spicy, but being limited to green moves with that ship and being forced to take the super wide turns means you can only utilize 4 out of your 14 possible maneuvers. It simply isn't worth it. Trust me on this, you can fly better with a full dial than with a dial consisting of 4 maneuvers and no hard turns. Oh, and if you have this stuff equipped but decide not take advantage of this combo on a given turn ('cause it wrecks your dial) it means you PtL in the activation phase and then can't use Ysanne, or it means you use Ysanne and thus aren't utilizing your 3pt PtL. So...with this setup, not only do you pay for the upgrades, but then you sacrifice one of yours tools as an additional opportunity cost making the entire strategy greatly over costed. You pay for the dial, you pay for Ysanne and you pay for PtL, but even though you paid for all 3, you only get to use two. That's a bad point investment. My two cents. You do you. Good times.
  12. veteran noun "a person who has had long experience in a particular field." ...and then in this case you can replace "a particular field" with "X-wing". Good times.
  13. That could create other problems. Now you have contradictory information (printed cost vs updated online cost). You're more likely to have people trying to play with invalid lists because they're getting their info from outdated cards. If only the correct information is available via the interwebs, then you do have to go through the trouble of accessing it, but at least it won't actively conflict with all the materials you have in front of you. Personally, I would find it a bit annoying to have cards with inaccurate point costs and upgrade slots printed on them that haven't been accurate for ages. Feels cleaner this way. Maybe that's just me though.
  14. I think the best we can currently hope for is to pre-order core sets that come with the promo damage deck (so you get two damage decks in total) and then splitting the cost with a buddy so that you each get one deck. Now if only I knew what retailers were going to be able to get and provide those bonus damage decks...
  15. Yeah, same. I love the conversion kits. I love everything I've heard about 2.0. I do not love the mandatory core sets. In the end I'll bite the bullet because it's a small admission fee for the overhaul of the whole game, but it's definitely annoying. So tired of getting this stupid X-Wing and 2x TIE Fighters shoved at me. I don't want more of those, thank you!! ?
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