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  1. Kits will cost retailers $40 so I would expect that cost to be passed on to the players.
  2. Hey, Not sure how far you are from Barnegat NJ but Trotta's Hobbies has a pretty solid IA community! We have Imperial Assault Regionals on January 7th, 2017 if you're interested! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009957736202 -Sean
  3. Not to take this too far off topic but can you overkill the dianoga for extra points?
  4. Hey guys, Has anyone seen a decent tournament tray for IA yet? Looking to get one pretty soon. Also interested in a nice dice tray since some of the stores I've been playing at are a little tight on space. -Sean
  5. The wording on this card says [special Action] Choose a space within 3 spaces and roll 1 red die. Each Figure on or adjacent to the chosen space suffers [damage] equal to the [damage] results. Does this mean that the figure using this card can choose a space on the other side of a closed door or through a wall? Im having trouble finding a rule that says otherwise. -S
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