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  1. I've played six games now ranging from the basic "Learn to Play" to the 180 point fleet and the twin core set 300 point fleet game. What I have noticed in all these games is that squadrons tend to have really one function and that is to engage enemy squadrons. In Armada squadron to squadron combat is heavy hitting but the fundamental flaw in the squadron mechanic is the move OR fight option making squadrons vs. ships a non-issue. Couple that with the limited six rounds and the winning condition (excluding objective cards) being the destruction of all enemy ships. Squadrons just don't have the fire power to take down ships in the limited rounds it takes to complete a game nor can they use any upgrades to enhance their capabilities. With the eminent arrival of wave one I have begun to see 300 point lists that have seven corvettes with General Dodonna at just under 300 points. With no points wasted on squads it would be next to impossible for a twin Victory SD or triple Gladiator build to survive such overwhelming odds. At speed three or four squadrons cannot catch corvettes and shoot at them too unless the player tried to anticipate the path of one of the CR90s but that would really only get a single shot before the ship was out of range again. I really enjoy this game and feel it will entertain me as much as X-Wing before it but the squadron mechanic needs work before these little star fighters see tournament action. I suggest amending the rules to allow unengaged squadrons to move AND shoot or to make 100 of the fleet points a mandatory expense towards squads to maintain balance between builds.
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