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  1. McTavish


    The card image in the app is accurate, so it's just the app text.
  2. McTavish

    Your opinions on Force, and counters to it

    I'm liking it a lot so far too. I am a bit concerned with them spamming it everywhere once the Clone Wars factions get spun up.
  3. McTavish

    Your opinions on Force, and counters to it

    A ysalamir crew card
  4. McTavish

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    It's a Really big clock. Maybe they meant "Around the Mayan calendar"
  5. McTavish

    Do away with cards?

    FFG really needs to add a tinfoil hat reaction
  6. McTavish

    Upgrade Bar Reference Cards - First Take

    I don't think you should worry about this. First, it would be a maintenance nightmare because you would have to update everything if a new upgrade comes out. Second, it really should reflect the chassis only, if someone is adding an upgrade/mod/title/... they presumably know what they are adding and why.
  7. McTavish

    Do away with cards?

    I'm just chuckling that Darth Meanie want's to play nice
  8. McTavish

    Upgrade Bar Reference Cards - First Take

    It seems to me that you could expand the maneuver template to be 6 complete sections: turn, bank, straight (including stop and reverse), K, Talon, Sloop. A lot of stuff would be 'greyed out' but it would be the same everywhere. Some corner cases, like the JumpMaster, can be denoted by a non-standard difficulty color, i.e. yellow. I would do the same for the upgrade bar. Have all upgrade icons colored with: grey = not available, yellow = available to specific pilots, white = always available. If all of the zones are highly standardized it makes it really easy to do a 'quick search' by splaying the cards and just looking down the column/row for the icon you are looking for. add primary arc icon. Also keep in mind that this is a summary, you do not need to represent 100% of every little nuance. Keep it as simple as possible. fwiw, I like the art and the landscape layout.
  9. McTavish

    2.0 rules questions that have come up

    Ya, It makes complete sense once you know about it. The confusing part is that there is nothing to suggest that distinction anywhere in the main body of the rules. The concept is introduced in the FAQ on the very last page.
  10. McTavish

    2.0 rules questions that have come up

    Man, that is convoluted. Everything in the 'Arc' section and similar sections is inclusive. I was about to resist your claim until I saw that wee little bit on the last page. Sheesh. They should really just add a couple lines to 'Arc' or 'Attack' or something calling it out specifically. I can see that starting a lot of arguments in game shops.
  11. McTavish

    2.0 rules questions that have come up

    "Bullseye arc: This arc is found inside the Front arc. If something is in a ship’s Bullseye arc it is also in its Front arc." how is that a no? did I miss something?
  12. McTavish

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    In the "Missed Opportunities" thread DarthHenryAllen suggested generic ship tokens (no printed name/initiative). That is a brilliant idea and would have solved almost all of the issues discussed here. 3 dials + 3 tokens == 3 flyable ships in any combination of pilots. It would also save a fair bit of cardboard (for FFG to ship and for us to store). They would only need to be single sided which would save a few pennies in production.
  13. McTavish

    Printing lists....

    I am too but I still like fully printed lists so I don't have to fish about for the cards as well as a cleaner and less distrupting game space.
  14. McTavish

    Very bad on iPad

    oh, but the 2x zoom thing is awesome. Scale everything to 25% of the size but don't actually change any of the layout so it just creates a massive unused border around a punier version of the same thing.
  15. McTavish

    Printing lists....

    "Share list" -> "Create PDF" -> open created pdf elsewhere -> print Horribly annoying, time consuming and inefficient, but it does exist. I'm at least somewhat grateful that it wasn't: show list -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> print screen -> scroll -> photoshop -> print