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  1. Deck Managing App

    I have run into this, the issue for me was the length of the list that needed to be changed. All I needed to do was to save the list halfway through (so the delta list was smaller) and it worked ok. I do like cardgamedb more technically. However, they have been horrible for updates. I gave up on them after EaW because the cards are not entered completely (no die info). Without the die info all of their pretty stats are useless. They also do not distinguish cards (re)printed in multiple sets. That isn't a big deal for deck building but makes the site useless for collection management.
  2. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    How does endless ranks conflict with starting in play? The character starts in play, gets defeated and then gets returned to play. It's the same character from the start. Landing craft adds new characters that did not start in play and did not count toward the character point limits. So, yes, I completely agree these are not the same things. I'm not following your argument about the Golden Rule. First: "Discarding a character would remove it from play without defeating it, so it's not possible." Now: "So the Golden Rule applies, and you complete the effect." Those seem to be conflicting statements to me. I think that it's too ambiguous right now what the scope of the interactions are.
  3. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    Then there was this I would not be surprised if you could discard the Battle Droids because you can get more too. It would also be neat if the rule was updated/added that "If a character card would be discarded it is exhausted instead" That would be very thematic in this case and useful without just nuking characters.
  4. My feeling is that Disney is trying to reboot the franchise with the current young generation. The last couple movies seem to have been far more about reproducing the iconic scenes from the original trilogy (now 30% bigger). They have now hit most of the scenes. Some of them twice. I'm hoping that future movies start concentrating more on plot and story telling and start expanding the universe again.
  5. Hard mode (Mission 2 Spoilers!)

    ****. That's awesome. It looks like you have a lot of fun painting your minis. I'll trade you for my unpainted ones. My service to you
  6. No, I got one after the second mission
  7. SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Can you click on the white tokens? It should pop-up a dialog that ask you to confirm it's been destroyed. When you confirm it'll give you a blurb about some aspect of attack modifiers. In my quick test run Kish left on his own after the third one was destroyed. (this was after completing his action by clicking his icon where the arrow shows in your pic)
  8. SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    It looks like it's waiting for you to attack and destroy each of the neutral token remotes.
  9. Floor tiles in future updates maybe? ?

    My guess would be that the next content release will have another core-only (for tiles) campaign and several side missions that will utilize tiles from Twin Shadows. That would allow them to easily exclude side missions if you don't have the bits for them without having to design alternate story missions. Each release would probably slide it forward a notch or two.
  10. Scenario: Stormtrooper's activation, single figure Finn is 12 spaces away behind two turns, 9 spaces to get to LoS. Trooper is 10 spaces way with LoS in the opposite direction as Finn. Instruction: -*> Move 2 to attack <<Finn>> --> Move 2 reposition 4 --> Move 6 reposition 4 By the Letter of the Law (as I understand it) #1 would trigger but targeting the trooper (no LoS to Finn). The Stormy would advance two toward the trooper, roll for a crappy but technically valid chance of hitting the trooper, then move two more toward the trooper. Same scenario except with the trooper 11 spaces way: #1 is skipped. Stormy moves two toward the trooper, then moves 5 more to get 4 spaces away from the trooper and ends his activation w/o ever taking a shot. I've been playing by more of a Spirit of the Law where if the attack is not viable I'll skip to a move for the first action, then go back to the attack if the move makes it viable. So in the scenario I would still go after the trooper because Finn is unobtainable on this turn. I would then Move 2 toward the trooper, then move 2 again and fire as the second action (with better hit odds and the same end movement). If both Finn and the trooper are unobtainable I would move 8 toward Finn as he was the primary target. The other scenario I have run into is if an Imperial Officer and Royal Guard get paired up a long way away from the action they'll just sit down and play patty-cake because they like being next to each other so much. I have at least been leap-frogging them toward the rebels but it slow to say the least. So, Have I miss interpreted something? I'm I over thinking things? What are your thoughts in general?
  11. By that argument the game is already dead then since you can track things physically with a pad of grid paper, some bottle caps and a bag of M&Ms. But, enough. We disagree. The end. Have a nice day.
  12. Why does everyone default to this argument? Tokens are not what makes this a playable game. Dice are important but are, and will always be, trivial to proxy. Now the cards, this is the catch. There are hundreds of cards in the game and the text on those cards is absolutely a requirement to play the game. There is no way to get around not having that text and the app does not, should not, and will not supply that information.
  13. What I want is to really not know or be able to influence what the imp forces do. It would remove any ambiguity in the instruction or any bias (conscious or unconscious) in interpretation or tie breaking. It would also make the game significantly faster and may add an element of surprise as you wouldn't know the elements of the decision tree. I do not want a video game. I want it how it is now with the instructions boiled down to 'go there, attack that guy'. and an undo button...
  14. This is the assumption I disagree with. The app doesn't need to know every little thing you do. It just needs to know where you are at the end of the turn and what tokens you have. It is just a matter of design to get that info in a simple and effective way.