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  1. I doubt it was any type of after thought. More like the Luke and Darth Vader "Expansions" included in the Imperial Assault Core box. In that case it was more of an advertisement of what content a blister expansion contains. In this case I think it may be a similar advert for what a future single ship or wave conversion pack may hold.
  2. McTavish

    These forums will be unbearable in 2.0

    until someone scripts themselves 2million votes and invalidates any results.
  3. McTavish

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    Probably a dumb question but I've not seen the answer yet: With Veteran Turret Gunner, if the mobile arc is facing forward can you shoot the same ship twice?
  4. McTavish

    What's the point of jamming beam in 2.0?

    Just playing around in my head (since there is plenty of room in there)... For strictly thematic purposes, It would be fun if: Double sided Jam tokens, red/orange Jamming: Immediate effect: Assign a Red Jam token to the target ship. The jammed ship loses all target locks. On-going effect: A jammed ship can not assign, be assigned or use tokens from other ships. A jammed ship can not perform Target Lock or Coordinate actions. On-going effect: A jammed ship may remove a Jam token after performing a red maneuver. End of round/Cleanup: Remove all Orange Jam tokens; Turn all Red Jam tokens to their Orange side. Jamming is about blocking electronic signals to/from a ship. A lot of token passing can thematically be attributed to comms chatter ("Look out Blue 3, you have one on your tail" -> gain an evade token,....) or ship-to-ship communications to relay targeting info. Jamming a ship would be more about preventing that ship from gaining or providing support. The token flip will make it a little sticky so it can impact the 'next' action too but won't be able stick around forever.
  5. McTavish

    Will the App be working for GenCon?

    I wonder if they will hand out beta access codes or something to everyone. The 1% get to play with their toys, FFG gets a month of good testing before final release.
  6. McTavish

    What's the point of jamming beam in 2.0?

    Thematically that is so wrong. It is really a 'Distract' action. range 1-2, on hit flash massive disco lighting, blare Lady Gaga and Distract target pilot.
  7. McTavish

    X Wing preview

    It's the same wording they have always used. It is only poor in the context of this forums general ire regarding generics. Also, I believe all of these contents are included in the conversion kit. (remember the separate baggie of stuff they skipped at the beginning of the 'unboxing').
  8. McTavish

    6 months in now...

    I'm hoping that any delay is them working with the x-wing app to nail down good inventory management, squad building and other such features.
  9. McTavish

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    0. Undo button!!! 7a. Support for multiple copies of a product 9. Online collection and save game support (syncing between devices)
  10. McTavish

    Imperial Swarm got some love for the V2

    TIEs can attack twice before vaporizing?
  11. McTavish

    Ship conversion survey

    In one of the videos I thought I heard the comment that they would have individual ship conversion kits in the future. It was vague and off-handed and may also be in reference to the FO/Res conversions in wave 2. But it gives me hope that there will be no-model products (or at least non-duplicate models) in the future that will fill some/most of the gaps.
  12. Is it really "Officially defunct" or is it just placeholder text to keep them from getting bug reports on wacko deployments until they get around to fixing them?
  13. McTavish

    Ship conversion survey

    I'm pretty sure the kit design meeting went something like "Ok, We'll do a kit for each faction. We'll do,... ah... two sets for each ship." "Maybe we should add an extra set for a couple ships in each kit""That sounds good. When will the donuts get here?" edit: I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing. Their goal should be to boot strap 2.0 and they can add more granular options in the future. I think the kits are a pretty good value as they are and the desire or need to convert specific ships will likely change greatly when the new meta emerges.
  14. McTavish

    My major complaint with 2.0

    In a beer and pretzels game, would you really be distraught if someone changed a list and it came out to 101 points? Could you just as easily house rule a fixed list of upgrade costs and call it a night? Sure you would have to look it up on a list but it wouldn't to overly complex.