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  1. I say nay. Never understood the fascination with a EotE career based on this guy . When you want to create an army, you clone a SOLDIER. When you want a team to attack or defend a village, you contract with mercenaries i.e. HIRED GUNS. When you want to run down some low-life who skipped bail leaving his family and friends on the hook for the bond... THEN you hire a bounty hunter. That's what they do.
  2. I agree. I was underwhelmed with the Modder's talent tree in comparison to the Rigger's. I understand the need to diversify the talents to more than vehicles, but... To me, it seemed a real stretch to have originally included Rigger and the Beast Rider in the Ace book (other than the need to have the same number of specializations per career). Rigger should have been here and/or in the Engineer's book. Ace Rigger???! Reallly? And Beast Rider seemed much better suited to the Explorer book where some Outer Rim character made due with whatever ride he/she could find or afford. Kind of a poor man's Driver Specialization.
  3. I like the thought of equating the Sith with the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Arc. The players can act as agents of the Sith hierarchy working for the long-term purposes of the Sith (like rebels working for the Rebels) and take missions for the Sith agenda.
  4. The only way that two backpacks would work is if it's not so much a weight thing but a volume thing. A brawn 5 character would be able to fit some straps to a 500 pound Refrigerator and haul it around no problem, but that same character would have some extreme difficulty hauling around 500 pounds of loose marbles. Everywhere he went, he would be losing his marbles.
  5. Even success comes with its own problems. Isn't every lowlife protagonist character in film always looking for that one big score? Even if they score big, they usually end up bored, lose it all or in trouble again. It's baked into their character. They can't help but wind up back in trouble and looking for just one more big score. As for motivation to take the job, look no further than Ocean's 13. They take a job out of obligation to Ruben (loyalty) and to get even with Willy Bank (revenge). Those motivations ends up more important than the money (they sink much of their own). I haven't run the adventure yet, but I am looking for a more interesting motivation than a simple monetary payout to breathe life into the campaign.
  6. How about the RX-series pilot droid? [example: RX-24] Other pilot droid series include: FA-4 pilot droids, OOM pilot battle droid (CloneWars), FEG-series pilot droid (Legacy), and GD16-series pilot droid. Or for an opponent, take a vulture droid (or tri-) and give it a heuristic processor and then model it on "SCAR" from Battlestar Galactica. Or, honestly... don't get hung up on lore, canon, EU, blah, blah, blah. Just reskin a droid, make whatever tweaks you want and then make up a designation. Done.
  7. "Why does it look so. . . disco?" "Oi! Listen, in the year 5000 this was cutting edge!" Your droid smoked? No wonder it didn't last past the year 5065 recall.
  8. If you are looking for a "pet-like" droid, the K-9 Hunting Droid in the Enter the Unknown sourcebook sounds like it fits the bill.
  9. It would be like a crew from a modern day 5-person fishing boat like the Minnow (Gilligan's Island anyone?) finding a dilapidated/derelict WWII battle cruiser (crew requirements in the hundreds or more) beached up on some remote island in the pacific. And then setting out to restore it to working condition. Ridiculously overwhelming in the amount of work, material and $$$ that would be required for such a tiny crew. That kind of work is the purview of governments and large corporations with lots of resources.
  10. I'm looking forward to slotting this in as part of a mixed-party KOTOR campaign, subbing the Jedi/Sith conflict for the CW and a damaged Republic (and still dangerous Sith Empire) for the Empire. Figure to do break it up the timeline a bit to weave it into a larger story line and a little editing to smooth out some issues. Probably use the Sith similarly to the Nazis in an Indiana Jones story line.
  11. GM Chris, for one. Played one in a TOR campaign back during the SAGA RPG days. My brother, for another; he's playing one in my campaign right now... That's a rather negative comment, criticizing anyone who doesn't share your apparent distaste for ewoks. Who in their right mind would play a gungan? Or a drall? Or an aqualesh? Or a Wookiee? Or a human? Answer; whoever wants to. Someone played an Ewok (named Nub Nub) in my SAGA campaign and brought hilarity to the campaign. For example, he took control of a speeder bike but couldn't control it properly while holding on to only the handles. The bike took off with him crazily clinging from the handlebars. "Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Worth every diminutive ounce.
  12. As a follow up, if you have multiple force points available, can you combine them to increase the healing provided by one instance of Heal? Example. If you have intellect 3 and roll one Force die and get two force points, can you commit the two force points into one instance of heal of 6 wound points (leaving the recipient w/4 more stimpak/heal instances for the day)? Or do each of them count as a separate 3 point healing (leaving the recipient a max of 3 more stimpak/heal instances for that day)?
  13. What I would do is start the player with a 10 point Obligation of "Dutybound"; the Jedi had been given a lightsaber by the order and they are obligated to learn how to wield it responsibly. It is a symbol of office, a lethal weapon, and an object of political weight. The Jedi Padawan needs to learn how to use the lightsaber, and how NOT to use the lightsaber. I'd have that Obligation remain in-place until something monumental occurs in the Jedi's career that shows they have the wisdom to use their lightsaber responsibly, and can only be bought off completely when they pass their trials. (Oh, and in case I wasn't clear; the basic Lightsaber is the reward for taking the Obligation, they don't get additional credits or XP or anything else like that...) I like that approach, but if you are going Old Republic, there is nothing that says that they need to start in the rigid Jedi Order structure or as a powerful Jedi Knight. They could start with just a training lightsaber and some distant guidance from a non-Jedi Order tradition mentor/master and adventures (see FaD's current adventures) to gain the weapon. My personal preference is developing the "starting resources" as part of the first sessions instead of as a grant at the beginning of the campaign. In a mixed group maybe one of the characters starts the campaign learning that he/she inherits an uncle's clunky old starship that is locked up until something, something (adventure #1,#2) and during the adventure(s), there are clues that lead the Force user to the acquisition of a lightsaber crystal and a training holo, etc. ...
  14. If you can pick up both, some of us discussed how to run them all as parts of a cohesive story line in the Beginners Game forum. It could be worth taking a look. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/186606-tips-linking-lessons-from-the-past-hidden-depths-and-the-beginners-game/
  15. Cave Trolls. They were HUGE! And they didn't like it when the dice rolls didn't go their way.
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