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  1. Hey there! After a long abscence, we started playing AH again, and I accidentally managed to get EH at 40% off MSRP. After reading through the rules I couldn't help comparing it to AH at every step and seeing how much they simplified some mechanics. Do you guys have any tips on how to best enjoy EH for what it is, instead of comparing it to the big brother at every step? Game otherwise seems good, nice quality materials and cards, nice board, etc. Thanks!
  2. Thanks!Redrawing any mythos cards with an expansion symbol would also include the ones that actually do something on the vanilla board, right? I guess that's not an issue, as they tend to be more difficult with the gate bursts and double doom tokens Also, are miskatonic horror "double gate" mythos cards tend to be more difficult then the vanilla ones? On a sidenote, what do you usually do if, for instance, you play without dark pharaoh, but you draw an Arkham encounter card that refers to patrol markers. Do you redraw? Do whatever doesn't require DP.and ignore the rest? I'm asking because you said encounter cards are generally fine to keep shuffled in Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! We have recently tried to get back to AH with my friends and GF, and been having some issues. We own all the expansions, and keep all the cards and monster tokens shuffled together to make setup easier. However, we noticed that this way, we have almost no control over the difficulty of the game. It sometimes gets extremely frustrating, when we are playing the base game only, and draw a monster from the cup, which we have absolutely no means of defeating, and the game is essentially over in turn 2. I thought about separating cards, or simply redrawing any card that has a symbol of an expansion not in play, but many expansions (Kingsport, Innsmouth) also add basic Arkham encounter cards that reference no expansion specific game mechanism, and separating them would take a lot of variety away from the game. Granted, these encounters also seem to add a lot of difficulty. What have you guys found to be the best way to maintain variety in the game, while still having some control over difficulty? I'm also somewhat afraid of exponentially increasing setup and teardown time by keeping cards separate. What do you always keep shuffled together (weapons, spells, unique items, etc.) and what is essential to keep separate? (mythos cards, other world, etc.). Note that I'm not worried about dilution and sleepy boards, as we rarely play more than one expansion at a time. Thanks!
  4. Well, I played it like this: Choosing to gain the trophy, but cannot be delayed. Thematically, it's weird, but following the rules word by word, it seems to be allowed. Another option would be, that he simply can't choose that option, as it would cause him to be delayed, which he can't. It definitely seems to be a controversial encounter.
  5. Hey! Sorry for spamming the board with questions, but I haven't found an answer to this particular question: Mark's ability says that he can't be delayed. This would mean, that if a gate opens on him during the mythos phase, he is not delayed, therefore he can immediately move to the second area of the other world in the next movement phase. Am I playing right? Obviously, if he gets sucked through in the Arkham encounter phase, he still has to spend two turns there. Also: There is an other world encounter card, with the wounded beast, which allows you to wait until the creature dies, and get out without the fight, at the price of being delayed. Am I correct in assuming, that in this situation, he can get out without fighting AND being delayed? He chooses the option to wait, but the delay can't apply, so nothing happens. Thanks
  6. Hey everyone! A few days back (and probably maing some mistakes with the rules) my GF and I managed to score a victory against Cthugha. Nonetheless, we encountered several situations in which it is not entirely clear how to apply the rules, therefore I'm counting on your help: 1; Moving gates: How moving gates from Lurker move is pretty clear, but there is one thing that keeps bugging us: Gates can only be sealed on unstable locations, that much is clear. However, there are no arrows pointing to unstable locations on the board, which would mean that once a moving gate moves away from the location it opened on, noone will be able to seal it, no matter what they do. (It still can be closed ofc). Is that correct, or am I overlooking something? 2; Related to the above question, if the gate moves away from an unstable location that still contains a monster that emerged from the gate, and a new gate opens on the same location, what happens to the monsters? Investigators get sucked through when a gate opens on them. Do monsters behave similarly, and get returned to the cup, or do they ignore the gate entirely, and a second monster spawns? 3; Do moving gates replace street locations where they move, similarly to normal gates replacing locations for the purposes of mythos cards? So for instance, does an investigator ending their movement on a street location containing a gate have to roll a luck check if Funnel Clouds is in effect? I would say no, as the location has been replaced by the gate, and it does not count as a street location. 4; Is there anyone else who sometimes home rules that the new investigator can be chosen by the player after having one devoured? It opens up some interesting strategic opportunities IMO, apart from making the game somewhat easier ofc. Similarly, does anyone else play with a home rule that allows players to redraw a single randomly drawn possession (spell, unique, whatever) to counter being stuck with a completely useless character for half the game? Thanks
  7. Yeah, I came up with a fairly similar solution in the end. I removed the insert from the Miskatonic box, and placed every single deck that is necessary for every game, regardless of what expansions are being used in it. (Arkham encounters, other worlds, mythos, items, spells, relationship cards, stories, etc.) then poured the tokens (stamina, etc.) into the Arkham base game insert, so they can be drawn directly from the box. The rest of the cards, I placed in the box of whatever expansion they came from. This has the advantage of fixing setup time. Previously it took me about 40 minutes to open everything and set the game up. Now, if my GF is helping, setup can be done in about 15 minute tops, not counting choosing the investigators, and drawing starting gear.
  8. Thanks! Another question: Can the pact cards be exhausted (lose x stamina, gain x power) only once per game, or do thex refresh at the next upkeep phase?
  9. Hey! We are about to give my new goodies a try (Base game+IH+Pharaoh+Lurker with herald - will be brutal) and we are wondering...Has anyone ever tried mixing Lurker and Original gates for bigger variety? (In a separate bag of course, to prevent the different backsides from killing the surprise) It seems to me that having insanely hard to close devouring gates, as well as standard gates in the mix would be more enjoyable than using only the Replacement gates, but I may be wrong.
  10. Thanks! Yeah, I bought MH because the shop where I usually order from requested only 2 copies from the supplier, and One was already pre-ordered by another guy, so I did not want to risk having to wait months for another shipment if anyone takes it. I knew I would buy the rest soon anyway, which I did lol. I did not even have the opportunity to use MH without the snall ones before I bought them too
  11. Thanks! And absolutely! Nothing puts you in a better mood for AH (read:borderline insanity) than reading some arcane volumes on curried two-place functions, and second order modal logic, with some hardcore syntax thrown in for good measure, lol. If I end up squatting in a corner, clutching some weird polyhedral object, don't be surprised. Can't wait to try the new goodies out
  12. Today I visited the capital, because I had to partake in an entrance exam for a university MA in theoretical linguistics. After getting the maximum number of points by answering two questions about autosegmental phonology on the one hand, and about the mathematical modelling of incomplete linguistic expressions on the other, I got so elated that I immediately went to my favorite board game shop, and brought a copy of Lurker, Pharaoh, and King in yellow home. I'm so glad to finally have all the goodies at my disposal. The Lurker gates look awesome, and so does the yellow sign mechanic!
  13. Hey! My copy of Miskatonic Horror arrived today, and although I still have to purchase Lurker, KiY and CotDP, I find myself in need of a practical storage solution. Currently, I have everything scattered across the boxes (ofc, location decks are in their respective boxes, but it does not help if every box has to be opened either way). I have seen numerous solutions on BGG, but all of those require either handywork, which I'm not comfortable with, or are expensive as hell. Can anyone give me some advice on a (preferebly) cheap storage solution that can hold every single card and token from all the expansions? It does not have to be fancy, or thematically tied (suitcases, folders, etc).Thanks!
  14. Thanks! Now I have all board expansions (I care about these most) and black goat The added location cards from Miskatonic would not hurt, but for now, I'm really looking forward to trying what the new boards bring to the game
  15. Necroing the thread I ordered Kingsport (last one in the webshop) and while I was in the capital earlier this week, I managed to find a used copy of Innsmouth for significantly less than a new copy would cost (if it was available to begin with). Moreover, it is of pristine quality, I reckon it was only used for one or two games. The previous owner was also kind enough to leave a home-printed monster sheet in the box, to make separating them easier (I won't though). I have not tried them yet, but will probably play a solo game with one of the new boards tomorrow, and proceed from there
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