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  1. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    This arguing about this is crazy to me. You believe what you believe he will believe what he'll believe and I will believe what I'll believe. We all understand the other's pov. However I would put money down that no one will be changing their mind until we hear it from the horses mouth. Unfortunately there is a chance it won't be in the rrg and we won't get an FAQ for 6 months
  2. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    I've noticed a few things like that. There is one point that heavily implies only leaders can make melee attacks
  3. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    After reading this I am 99% positive that with grenades any mini can use it but the keyword does not stack for each.
  4. We don't know. Mainly because we don't know if modding will be tourny legal
  5. Rules this week potentially

    Ffg where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing
  6. Well hello there...

    False... The x wing forums hahaha!
  7. Store demos

    I'm in the US and the same boat as you
  8. Dice Tower Playthrough

    Man you know when Sorastro is calling you out you've messed up!
  9. Dice Tower Playthrough

    Two things it's called replayability And If you remove defensive dice then one of two things are likely to happen. People rage because you can get easy damage against someone like Vader unless he has some magic I can't be hurt token Or You have even more stat checking (something they are attempting to decrease) because now to avoid that scenario of Vader being helpless you need him to have a defensive value that protects him against things. I'll take the dice. It leads to more interesting situations. Also it's a pretty clear line of you're either good at defending or not so I'm not expecting it to be that dicey when it comes to defense. Just my ten cents my two cents are free.
  10. Official Base Sizes

    Yeah not sure we're 27mm came from they look 25 to me
  11. Firing from elevation

    I kind of remember the same thing
  12. Impact Grenades

    Except you don't roll dice one at a time. You roll your entire pool
  13. Impact Grenades

    Exactly combining two weapons. You aren't combining 5 weapons with impact your only using one weapon with impact that applies to the whole squad
  14. Beasts of War unboxing

    They stated at Gencon that the rrg would be a living document online
  15. Beasts of War unboxing

    Silly question but did anyone one go to the rules URL in the BoLS video?