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  1. Tirion

    Imps should get those 224th Armored Division

    Woah religious shade thrown!
  2. Tirion

    New vehicles!

    Woah hadn't looked at the prices tags... Yikes. This may be where I stop buying both sides, though the Wookies are where I stopped buying one of everyone
  3. Tirion

    New vehicles!

    Stop makin up mythical animals!
  4. Tirion

    New vehicles!

    If it doesn't work with compulsory then why would it say lower speed?
  5. Tirion

    New vehicles!

    I actually really like the atrt suggestion
  6. Tirion

    New vehicles!

    Tow cable *cough cough"
  7. Tirion

    New vehicles!

    Ion *cough cough*
  8. Tirion

    Contain: A second class defense token

    You got it in the 2 seconds before I fixed the autocorrect lol
  9. Tirion

    Contain: A second class defense token

    Contain with dco is amazing
  10. Tirion

    spanish sight has something odd on order page

    Ah this again! Their financial quarters may not, but retail quarters are universal.
  11. Tirion

    'Plain Format' rules?

    Exactly but ffg dies not have a history of doing what makes sense
  12. Tirion

    'Plain Format' rules?

    Think about who we're talking about.... it's not that odd.
  13. Tirion

    Officers dropping the 25th

    Ummmm no..... Companies can set their own financial years, but retail quarters are universal.
  14. Tirion

    January Release?

    Looks like you guys are paying for your mysterious stock of premium bases lol
  15. Tirion

    Where are premium bases?

    This has been a common question for years.....