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  1. Clone wars oos had little to do with covid and most to do with an inability to properly forecast product
  2. The new naming convention makes more sense. Dc15 is the original and the dc15a is what came after.
  3. O let me go out to my phase 2 helmet tree and grab some
  4. O i know it was more of a joke than anything, as finding p2s is basically impossible anyways
  5. Man I guess I'll get started on that 41st Corp now......
  6. It's episode 1 maul so Darth maul. All of this splitting hairs about him not being cis is silly to me. The trade federation faction in EP 1 was basically the birth of the cis. Saying he didn't work for them doesn't make a ton of sense to me
  7. Gar had even less options with the overlap of p1 and p2 clones
  8. Anything physical. For many of us the hobby and having physical armies as well as physical terrain is a very large part of the experience. Without it to me you are just playing a video game.
  9. I understand that for some TTS had become "the game" that makes me sad but I don't fault anyone for it. For me it's like fast food vs a home cooked meal. Yeah they are both food but one just isn't as wholesome. It lacks to many aspects of what makes the game what it is.
  10. For me a large party of it is board knowledge. These are fantastic boards and the creators should be praised. But playing on the same boards leads to planning and strategy that is virtually never an option, and never to this level of detail, in a normal setting. This has massive repercussions for the way games play out.
  11. As is my duty as the president of the jyn and Pathfinders fan club, I must point out that Pathfinders are in fact competitive.
  12. Jyn was always competitive. Group think just couldn't figure it out..... Yeah I said it.
  13. Ummm jyn and Pathfinders....
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