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  1. For reals though no other ffg minis game had generated this much discussion, content creation, and actual work from the community before it's release. I think it will pass Armada easily in it's first 18-24 months based on that and the smarter release schedule Davies had talked about. But sorry I'm not up to dras standards.
  2. Not when you account for acc, which you have a high high chance of rolling
  3. Remove mk it is to spendy for maybe 50% (made up number) effectiveness over x17.
  4. Time to get that enhanced driver license
  5. Yeah all can say is play moar betterz! Lol
  6. Armada core set was fine
  7. This is the exact opposite of everyone I have ever known
  8. With incomplete cards and rules... Weird
  9. Which further strengthens my opinion the silliness of making "rules as we know them" docs and "playing" legion. We don't know all of the unchanged ones not to mention the ones that will change. And if I had a dollar for every building I saw that had a doorway to small in train people have made I would have a few dollars.
  10. Did people think it would be significantly before Christmas? They said Q4 they have consistently I feel been hitting the end of quarters of the first week of the next. So therefore the end Dec should be what you were planning on