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  1. this is an expensive, but correct move by ffg. I applaud them
  2. those points jobs are probably the best we've seen out of ffg
  3. you increase you chances of getting through cover by 100%.
  4. I'm not debating at all that it is a stronger keyword
  5. deployment deployment deployment
  6. I'm sure it's been said but.... ion. you can shut that thing down for a fraction of the cost
  7. where are you getting 7.5 damage shouldn't it be 6.5?
  8. this is why i laugh when people max out lists when games drop. similar to what people will do with the clones core set. you get all this stuff early then you end up with boxes of plastic collecting dust. I watched it in Armada real bad, and to a lesser extent here with this game. though I will give ffg credit it is way less likely to over buy on this game vs Armada. I have only ever had 3 rebel troopers units and gotten along just fine. though in the crazy one that likes full rebel commando squads
  9. the bigger issue is what it someone is unaware of the issue and shows up to an rpq or something with the incorrect base?
  10. weird they didn't show the inside in the article.
  11. that would have been a terrible terrible move by ffg as it would have put competitive cards behind a pay wall.
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