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  1. I have the Toolbox in play. I install Atman. Can I use the credits from TB for strength counters?
  2. I'm playing as Noise. I install Datasucker. Corp trashes top card of R&D. Does it go in face up or face down?
  3. Good. So I can use Legwork with Eater and still access 2 cards.
  4. So if cell portal is the only Ice in front of a server does the Runner continue to hit it over and over again?
  5. OK, so basically each trace subroutine starts the process all over again.
  6. My link strength is 1. I run into this ice. The Corp pays 1 credit to raise the trace to 5. I pay 4 credits to raise my link strength to 5. I pass the first subroutine. At this point does my link go back to 1 so we would have to start paying credits again?
  7. I'm playing as Noise. I put Medium in play. R&D trashes top card. Does it go face down or face up? Does Corp even get to look at the card first?
  8. Is it to my understanding that even if I don't (or can't) pay a credit to the dealer, I still get to draw a card on my opponent's turn?
  9. I just started to play ANR, and have 1 core set. What is the next set I should purchase? I really like Runners, and like the Criminal faction. Any good data pack series I should focus on?
  10. Thanks! As a Runner I don't like Ice.
  11. Is there any way a Runner can trash an existing piece of Ice? Rezzed or unrezzed?
  12. If I make a run on a remote server, (rezzed or unrezzed) and it has a piece of ice (rezzed or unrezzed) and I gain access and I can trash the card, after it trashes does the ice that protected it go away? Can he put a new asset or agenda in the same spot with the ice still protecting it? So can ice be there and NOT protect anything?
  13. Attached to the character?
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