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  1. It sounds about right and is one of the problems I have with the card system in Legion. The Flames of War army I built to a theme 6 years ago is still fairly balanced for casual games. The themed Grey Knight army I started building 17 years ago wins against armies that didn't even exist when I started and the rules have changed entirely in that period. My Armada fleet hasn't needed new models since the MC30 came out. On the other hand my rebels feel handicapped, even in casual games, without investing in new models which don't fit my idea of a rebel army at all. The other games have their own balance issues, especially in competitive games, but my old units can hold their own against the new in a casual environment without me having to buy new models or break a theme. I'm sure it will work out once the system stabilises. Til then I'll keep plugging away with commandos and T47s.
  2. I've used a pair of commando squads as main line units since they were released. As you say, they fulfil my notion of how rebel troopers should work and tend to get the jobs I need doing right, while the corps hold the 'safe' areas. Actual rebel troopers have all the competence of the national guard in First Blood.
  3. Katarn


    I'm considering buying a second T-47. I've had a few games without using one and my force has been much more efficient but much less fun. Life is too short to spam snipers, tauntauns and Z6s. I agree with pretty much everything Derrault wrote. I've had some success using Solo with them. Sorry About The Mess combined with an HQ uplink is useful and a Reckless Diversion can keep AT weapons from hitting your speeder for a turn.
  4. That is a little contradictory but I think I see what you mean about the rebels being more radically specialised than the Empire. It is a little counterintuitive in a galaxy of scout/snow/sand/shore/death troopers but they all share a general hardiness. Except the scouts. The Alliance's main strength does appear to be their characters, which is a shame because I have little interest in using them, especially out of theme.
  5. Now I want to watch Samurai Jack again...
  6. I find myself getting tired of seeing the argument that rebels have a different play style and should use cover and play to objectives. The Empire players can and will do exactly the same thing: Stormtroopers move as fast as rebel troopers and benefit just as much from cover. It's not like Imperial players aren't going to try to score objective points. Before I bought the game I imagined that the rebels would be fast and stealthy (or cold and stoic) but hit and run tactics seem to be the preserve of characters and folk mounted on lizards. Then again, I also imagined the airspeeder would be overpowered in a skirmish game. The foolishness of my younger days.
  7. It's strange that the only high command we see on Hoth is Leia and the general. It's only important in terms of Vader's obsession if they're the only ones there. The practicalities of making a movie got in the way I guess.
  8. I think commandos and pathfinders are specifically directly under alliance command so they get the important jobs, like most of what we see in the movies. Veterans and troopers could be part of the central command but could equally be part of sector forces.
  9. Well, I'm convinced. I definitely need a 2nd T47... Has anyone had any luck using fire support from the veteran medium blaster? The airspeeder should be able to circumvent cover in many situations and an extra 4 dice with crit 2 should help. It's getting in range 3 and LoS of the blaster that I expect to be the issue. A LoS ignoring mortar would probably work better but doesn't fit the Hoth/Alliance theme as well, though their use would be logical.
  10. I was quite surprised to see the change to Wedge. I dont know if I'd swap out a speed jockey but an extra pivot for 5 points sounds handy.
  11. True. But at the same time I don't think this thread was necessarily about resolution, it was more about understanding other people's views. We can all read the rules, but not all of us agree with them in the same way that morality and legality aren't always on the same side. Sometimes the rules don't feel right to some of us. When you say 'highest level' it makes me think of games where the background and common sense are secondary to the rules which is the opposite of the gaming culture I've grown up in. This isn't necessarily true and is a generalisation at best but threads like this remind me there are players who work with the rules as written without deviation and that is a good thing. There's a universal clarity there which is very useful and I should be mindful of this, especially with unknown opponents. No-one is right or wrong, we're just different. Inifinite diversity in infinite combinations makes for a healthy gaming community. WYSIWIG isn't required by the rules though it makes games slightly easier and immersive if an opponent can see what they're dealing with at a glance. Slightly. It's handy but very far from essential. Having painted models is probably more important, though also not required.
  12. Absolutely. I'd not force my ideas on my opponent. That wouldn't be unfair, it would just make me a terrible person to have a game with. I apply my standards, such as they are, to myself alone. The only person to admonish is myself. I build an army my way, my opponent builds it their way and we both have an enjoyable game. How tournaments run is someone else's business. I also don't tend to bother with the cards beyond rules reference. If it's on an army list and its on the model, where appropriate, I don't see a problem. Some might I suppose but they'll get over it. I find having a card for every trooper unit clutters the table.
  13. Beating rich obsessives with a limited force can be fun. Look at The Joker. Some people are playing 'historical' forces, some are playing a limited role playing game. Some find being forced to play with names characters is a positive, some a negative. Some enjoy the aesthetic of the game so painting and, to a lesser extent, WYSIWYG is quite important. Not to the point of ruining the game, but the desire is there. Some people enjoy number crunching and finding efficiency. Some enjoy discovering combos. Some find these things entirely dull. I think one of the reasons behind a lot of games' successes is that they can appeal to a divergent range of people and they can still enjoy them with one another which is why it's often easier to find a game of 40k than a game of chess. I can play an unpainted spam list of the latest wonderweapon with the combined value of my monthly rent and still have a good game. Perhaps not the best game, but there wouldn't be a lack of fun.
  14. Nigel Stillman wrote something similar in White Dwarf around the late nineties. I don't think he has the same gravitas but it made sense to me and informed my gaming for a couple of decades. That and not having the money or painting speed to add every new shiny thing to a force.
  15. I can see suppressive snipers with crit-1 being a pain in the rump. If mortars could ignore LoS it would be much worse.
  16. Pathfinders wouldn't look too out of place with a winter colour scheme.
  17. I think the harpoon is worth having for 8 points. It's not good value in terms of damage output or anything like that, but it's a 75% chance of giving out a suppression token should the opportunity arise. There are better choices, but we don't fly the T47 because it's efficient, we fly it because it's right to do so. Also, before firing it, point at a stormtrooper. "You see that guy?" "Uh-huh" "His name is Hoban. Hoban Washburne. Wash to his friends." "Huh?" "He's a leaf on the..." Roll the dice. With luck your opponent will break into tears.
  18. Leia too. And Vader. The others are comparatively low profile for most of their choked careers.
  19. The resources of The Empire are not limitless- an imperial commander should be punished for using a bounty hunter. If Boba Fett takes down Leia, you have to pay him. A lot. If Boba Fett slaughters two dozen troopers but Leia is bagged by TK429, Fett is not getting paid. Maybe some chump change to gas up Slave 1, but definitely not the big bucks. TK429 gets promoted to surf shore trooper and kicks back for a cycle which costs nothing. And while we're at it, The Emperor should always give a VP if defeated. It's silly that assassinating Sheev is worthless compared to repairing a moisture vaporator. I appreciate a glass of cool water on a hot day as much as the next sapient but I feel our priorities in The Alliance have been muddled.
  20. Oh, I don't expect it to work well. But it will work better than an airspeeder...
  21. Looks good. 'm considering the same thing but using Jan as a proxy for Han rather than Leia. Jan is an agent rather than a leader and Han's cards replicate her intelligence background a bit better I think.
  22. Not playing a named character makes me want to do it even more. I'm from the old 'special characters are crutches for weak skills' school of gaming and I prefer to have my own character's saga to build on. Not that old school works well in Legion- it was obviously designed as a charactercentric game what with the command cards and effectiveness/points value ratio. I substituted Luke Skywalker in instead of my T47 at the weekend- easy to use, effective and fewer points.
  23. Alas, I try not to use movie characters. It's a flaw. Also, I'm pretty sure Wicket doesn't ride. I can't remember the name of the vicious man eating alien that did ride a bike. You know in 8 years when we get Ewok hang-gliders they'll have low point costs and pierce on surging red dice, provoking threads with endless probability calculations taken out of context to prove the T47 is useful/terrible.
  24. You've just given me the idea of mounting 3 speeder bikes on a large base as a T47 stand-in. It's lucky I'm broke- think of the chaos I would unleash otherwise.
  25. I tend to use Han, so I'm thinking an uplink on a flamethrower AT-RT would be a good plan. I usually use the uplink on my T47 which improves it a lot when combined with Sorry about the Mess and Reckless Distraction. Not that it makes the T 47 particularly effective mind, just longer serving. The one time I tried it with a flamethrower it stomped about at close range spraying fiery death at stormtroopers with with wanton abandon until Vader took care of things personally. 'If in doubt, kill it with fire' is a valid approach to many wargames.
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