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  1. In terms of keeping the T47 alive, I've found it's very much a case of controlling distance as it's too large and high to control LoS. Luke can control LoS: he can hide behind a hut before leaping out and hacking up a target and using melee to shield himself from fire which is pretty simple. It's still easy to mess up, but any kid who has played a melee unit in 40k or similar has done the same thing so it's a common skill. The T47 on the other hand has a hard time controlling LoS: it needs to safely move around bubbles of threat from many units on the board which is hard to do while still making a relevant impact on the battle. Sometimes nigh on impossible depending on the opposition. I find it useful to think of it like the flight simulator games I used to play back in the nineties, particularly the stealth fighter ones- It's critical to stick to the edge of and weave between SAM radar ranges unless actively hunting one of those radars. In this case those radars are range 3 of squads/vehicles with impact. In terms of army lists, an HQ Uplink works well with 'sorry about the mess' and 'reckless diversion' but this is no secret.
  2. I've used a T47 in every game I've ever played and its usefulness has varied depending on the opposition. In the early days displacement and a cannon shot often was enough to send a flanking trooper unit running but what with veterans, officers and cheap commanders that's less common. I used one to block rapid reinforcements the other day which was handy and was a definite help to winning the game and that's the strength I've found in it- it allows me to improvise a solution to certain problems and my commander choice (Han) keeps it going when there is a danger of imminent flak. It's certainly not worthwhile in a straight up fight against a confident/meticulous/experienced tournament player where my trickiness will lose out to solid, standard (slightly boring) play. That said, playing it at 1600 points showed it to be very effective at dealing with enemy armour which suppresses the infantry. At 1600+ points they're very useful indeed and are effective at what they were designed for.
  3. This has been bothering me a lot as well, especially as a rebel player where avoiding attrition should be a primary aim. Maybe there should be two scoring systems that run alongside each other? I imagine something like 'Nam's "political victory" system could work alongside the objectives we already have. It doesn't have to be complex- a simple point system would dissuade more reckless gambits and make incapacitating a 'hero' actually worth something in the endgame. The second system can then be used as a tiebreaker in tournaments. Does no-one use a 'margin of victory' system as it stands?
  4. You're studying too hard: play some Fallout 😉
  5. War... war never changes. Except in cases of extreme retcon.
  6. I like that the Baywatch troopers have synergy with the heavy blaster served by snowtroopers. It suits my idea of the inefficiency of Imperial bureaucracy. Do you know why these guys are better than normal troopers? Because some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light...
  7. Worst case, it's the press indirectly calling them Tommy Cookers I suppose. I mean, 'someone' is using the phrase, even if it's not the military. I've reconsidered- 'bucket burner' is better than 'bucket boiler.' TX-225 Bucket Burner- if we get it on the holonet now it will be gospel by the time or Rey+ co.
  8. Here's one: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1945/mar/13/demobilisation-and-re-employment HC Deb 13 March 1945 vol 409 cc95-202It has been in all the newspapers that the German name for "the admirable Shermans," is the "Tommy Cooker." By that point they should have been safer but our politicians do seem to live several years, sometimes decades, in the past. I quite like the idea of bucket boilers in opposing armies. Finally my airspeeders will have something to shoot at.
  9. If the Sherman is a Tommy Cooker, does the make the Occupier a Bucket Boiler? Passengers and crew are likely to take casualties after all.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Sherman, Stuart, Grant/Lee etc. were the British designations originally so if we follow the logic of naming them after Civil War generals we should call it the Dooku. It's hard to take in a straight up fight but if you flank it, it falls apart. Just kidding. I'm going to refer to it as a 'badly designed bucket'.
  11. That's what I'd assume, but it's never shown. There are no snowtroopers on the ground, though that's probably the budget and practicality of film making over basic tactics. Though there also looks to be very little cover where the AT-ATs roam, so perhaps it's the threat of fire that keeps them in their cabins. That and AT-ATs seem to move faster than people on foot- especially in heavy armour. Anyway, my general point is that vehicles aren't impervious, even when their manual says so. Or Tarkin. Don't trust his opinion of invulnerability.
  12. True. Some did. These chaps on the ground don't.
  13. If Imperial armour is 100% impervious to non anti-tank blasters what were those numpties in the trenches on Hoth playing at? Hoping an AT-ST would slip in their mashed remains? The vision devices on even our most modern fighting vehicles are vulnerable to small arms fire and the joints on AT-STs are supposedly a weak spot in that they can jam when hit repeatedly. A 'dead' AT-ST isn't necessarily exploding, it's potentially combat ineffective and the crew have bailed. Especially with Solo pulling some distracting dance off moves to draw the fire of anyone with an impact weapon or giving it (almost) automatic initiative.
  14. Delicious but deadly. To shirts. Honestly, it's much worse than losing at Legion.
  15. Indeed. In all honesty, I get frustrated when I do careless/stupid things in games whether I win or lose but I also get frustrated when I screw up parallel parking or drop beetroot on my shirt. The comparatively epic failures of real life make game losses fairly insignificant.
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