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  1. Has one force. At the beginning of the engagement phase, you may spend one force. If you so, enemy ships may not attack you this round.
  2. Punishing one title down 2 points. Expert handling down 1 point for medium and large base ships. M-12 gets an additional missile slot. All force users up a couple points (especially Athersprites) Landing struts reduced to 0, and the ships they go on up 2 points. Passive sensors goes up. Ensnare goes up, especially for I4 and below. Skull squadron pilots, Kadd, and all Scyks down 2. Quadjumpers down 1. Moldy Crow down 2. Repulic ARCs up 2. Finn/Corva up. Drea down 1. Not 4LOM G1-A's down 1. Not Boba firesprays, not Ketsu Shadowcaster, and YV-666 down 2. Named Republic V things down 2-3. Black sun Soldiers and generic mining guild ties down 1. That would be a good start.
  3. I have been asking for an illicit upgrade that will allow for another upgrade to be taken that ignores ship size restrictions. This would allow the Kimolgila to take an R4 droid, at a cost, which would help it a bit. It would also fix the jumpmaster and the Scurrg, and it would only fix one per squad as both of those require the unique title to access an astomech.
  4. If Nym spends a charge to keep a bomb from exploding that already have a charge on it, does Nym's ability also affect the charge? It seems like player's choice to me as i think the wording for the timing window is the same for both:"when a device would detonate..." Thoughts?
  5. It is not that much of a mystery to me. Towards the end, many of the older shop started to get increases in HP (hull/shields) through interesting means...like titles and cards like integrated astromech, etc. When 2.0 came out, most of these health increases got baked right in. In some cases, ships just got straight increases in health (Tie Phantom/defender). The only ship that went down that I can think of is the Ghost. This was compounded by the significant reduction (much applauded) in red dice and passive modifiers that made those attacks more effective. So, they left some of the late 1.0 response to power creep, while significantly dialing back the power creep it was meant to counter. Not much of a mystery to me...
  6. I have moved to proton torps on 2 of the 4 K-wings. Barrage rockets do have a problem with lots of 3-agi ships, particularly 4/5/6 RZ-2 A-wings. Just my experience.
  7. Kinda thinking about 3 Scull Squadron Pilots (PS 4 Fangs) and Drea with R4, Dorsal and Seismic. Done OK with Oliver's 4 fang list, but want to shake it up a bit.
  8. When Tel Trevura's ability triggers, and he goes into reserves, then comes back, what happens to target locks on him, or condition cards like ISYTDS? Do they stay on him, or go?
  9. Info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2482459248651787/
  10. Do I HAVE to spend a shield to reload, or if I have it on say, a K-wing, can I use the reload action?
  11. I cannot find any info at all on BCP.
  12. I will admit that I undervalued the ability to ignore rocks. That said, the swarms i have had success with have only had 5 ties, PLUS one or two others (Fenn, Drea/quad, ORP/Drea or Serrisu). The issue is that online the imperial tie swarm, there is no general force multiplier ability (think Howlrunner or the one that cancels an attack). They have some neat tricks that help in tangential ways (Sevor, for example), but you need Serrisu or Drea for the general rerolls.
  13. I ran 5 of them with Fenn Rau in a Store Tournament and won. I had dismissed the ability to just ignore rocks while moving, but it is actually rather handy.
  14. I have been doing the similar, but with 3 mauraders and drea with dorsal/han/expert handling Drea, and have done ok with it. 3 naked marauder cost the same as 5 Binarye Pirates, but in think the Kihraxz are better.
  15. I can have a scummy falcon, but no escape craft...app boots it as not part of the release. Is this supposed to be the way it is?
  16. It is a lot harder for scum since the (cr)app will not allow you to add the escape craft to your squad in the "wave 1 only" mode.
  17. Never mind. Rules Reference clarifies that ships in reserve are not "removed from the game" and that winning the game requires all of your opponent's ships to be "removed from the game". I guess the rules reference trumps the rulebook?
  18. Rulebook, page 9, Winning the Game: "After this phase ends (End phase), the players check to see if somebody has won the game. If only one player had a ship remaining in the play area, that player wins." Moralo's Pilot Ability: "If you would flee, you may spend 1 charge . If you do, place yourself in reserves instead. At the start of the next Planning Phase, place youself within range 1 of the edge of the play area that you fled from." So it would seem, if Moralo is the last ship for Player A, and he uses his ability, he would just lose the game. Is this true? IF is IS true, how would it be scored if Moralo was worth 80 poi tshirts, and the "winner" had only 60 points left on the board? Moralo was not technically destroyed? Anyone figured this out yet?
  19. First of two Alaska Store Championships (Bosco's, 14 players) done yesterday. Winner (Me): 2x Crimson Squadron Pilots w/accuracy corrector, anti pursuit lasers, proximity mines, ordnance silos, and pattern analyzer; and a Warden Squadron pilot with only Sabine Wren. Runner up: Jim Johansen with Quickdraw and Backdraft, each w/FCS, advanced optics, title, adapability,lightweight frame,; and Capt. Feroph w/PTL, Insp. Recruit, lightweight frame and title. Details: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=4572
  20. We need to start a "bring back Tarn" thread.
  21. With one ship hitting the lowest AGI ship with Ion torps while the other is reloading, it does not matter much. They run out of health or run off the board. The Harpoons are there to mop up the mess and thweek is there as bait. Honestly, Fenn with Fearlessness, title, and AT might be better simply because he is shinier than thweek. The goal is to bait them into charging the ace and flanking with the M-12's so they can get behind. Once they are behind, it is over.
  22. Given the X-wing SPAM that is amongst us, I am moving towards the following: 2x Cartel Executioners (M-12's), Deadeye, ION TORPEDOES, Harpoons, Chips; plus standard 30-point Thweek - 98 points. I am going to miss the splash ion tokens in 2nd ed.
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