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  1. I have moved to proton torps on 2 of the 4 K-wings. Barrage rockets do have a problem with lots of 3-agi ships, particularly 4/5/6 RZ-2 A-wings. Just my experience.
  2. Kinda thinking about 3 Scull Squadron Pilots (PS 4 Fangs) and Drea with R4, Dorsal and Seismic. Done OK with Oliver's 4 fang list, but want to shake it up a bit.
  3. When Tel Trevura's ability triggers, and he goes into reserves, then comes back, what happens to target locks on him, or condition cards like ISYTDS? Do they stay on him, or go?
  4. Info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2482459248651787/
  5. Do I HAVE to spend a shield to reload, or if I have it on say, a K-wing, can I use the reload action?
  6. I cannot find any info at all on BCP.
  7. I will admit that I undervalued the ability to ignore rocks. That said, the swarms i have had success with have only had 5 ties, PLUS one or two others (Fenn, Drea/quad, ORP/Drea or Serrisu). The issue is that online the imperial tie swarm, there is no general force multiplier ability (think Howlrunner or the one that cancels an attack). They have some neat tricks that help in tangential ways (Sevor, for example), but you need Serrisu or Drea for the general rerolls.
  8. I ran 5 of them with Fenn Rau in a Store Tournament and won. I had dismissed the ability to just ignore rocks while moving, but it is actually rather handy.
  9. I have been doing the similar, but with 3 mauraders and drea with dorsal/han/expert handling Drea, and have done ok with it. 3 naked marauder cost the same as 5 Binarye Pirates, but in think the Kihraxz are better.
  10. I can have a scummy falcon, but no escape craft...app boots it as not part of the release. Is this supposed to be the way it is?
  11. It is a lot harder for scum since the (cr)app will not allow you to add the escape craft to your squad in the "wave 1 only" mode.
  12. Never mind. Rules Reference clarifies that ships in reserve are not "removed from the game" and that winning the game requires all of your opponent's ships to be "removed from the game". I guess the rules reference trumps the rulebook?
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