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  1. Why the heck did they bother reskining the original game if they had no intention of supporting it? I just don't get them sometimes.
  2. And why would a new edition change anything. They would simply redo the same expansions we have and then stop. If you're so content to burn your money … just give it to me
  3. The quest log doesn't work for me. I'm a new player and starting to play this game. I wish i could have use this. Any ETA on making it work?
  4. That's what I thought and I bought their last copies. Sorry Alexbobspoon, but if it makes you feel better, they didn't have call of the wild. Pat
  5. My local store carries all 1st edition boxes right now and i was wondering if it's worth it to buy them or wait for a redo like they've done with decent? What do you guyz think?
  6. Very nice of you to point me in the right direction. Thanks for the reply
  7. Hello all, I would like to know how other players handle the prayer of peace ability for the disciple in Descent RTL. How do you handle the fact that monsters that start adjacent to the disciple cant make an attack? Do you only make the monster move away from the disciple and attack another hero? Often, the actions that a monster can make doesn't involve backing away from a target be for an attack when it says attack the closest hero. Do you just cancel the monsters action? Would appreciate your views on that. Thanks Pat
  8. It won't be today though. Nothing in the App Store.
  9. If you don't mind the card in French, you might want to buy it here: http://www.imaginaire.com/indexv2.jsp?url=%2Frecherchev2%2Favance2.jsp&champs=tous&langue=fr&like=commence&ordre=in1_desc_f&ordreDescAsc=ASC&ordre_prix=prix_PI&ordre_date=date_PI&mot_cle=Descent&cat1=#headerThirdLine It s my local flgs in Quebec Canada. Pat
  10. When you think you've read all rules 3 times, theres always one you missed. This game is so full of litle rules like that. It's that or i'm getting too old. Thanks so much Pat
  11. Hi all, I was wondering. When a nemeses from the campaign pool is put in the enemy deck and then spawns on the battlefield while the nemeses from the quest is already there, do both their nemeses power get activated on a skull roll from the black die? Thanks for any response on that. I haven't seen anything in the rules that specifies that. Pat
  12. Ho my, I missed that one in the rules i guess. Thank you very much for the pointer. I appreciate it. Pat
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