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  1. Hi everyone, I really love the politics and all the discourse in the sequel trilogy and want to play a force sensitive politician as a social character in our new party. What builds would you suggest?
  2. Hi everyone, I read the few lines about "Experiencing the Force" a few minutes ago and found the ideas about "Pragmatic power" quite entertaining. in fact, the idea of a force user, that really, really believes that Jedi and Sith are a little bit lobotomized believing in all this spiritual crap instead of just kicking ass on an advanced level is so entertaining, that i plan to realize it. But it is even possible to ignore the duality of the force away and simply enjoy the ride? What do you think?
  3. Hello everyone, I played some sort of force sensitive adventurer / explorer from Botha the last few month, but after buying an english copy of "Force and Desitiny" I would like to convert my charakter with all his xp into a Sentinel/Shadow (what more fits my slightly criminal Bothan). But I really like the perks from the force senstive exile-tree. Now in the description of this specialisation it seems more like an untrained, almost intuitive force-user that is extremely afraid of being discovered, what does fit to the Sentinel/Shadow, even whey they seem quite stern and self-reliant. Would this fearful character-traits have an impact on my primary class selection? And is it even possible to use the Exile with the classes from "Force and Destiny"? Thank you for your thoughts
  4. Hello everyone, I am quite a a fan of quirky little races, and so I really hope that Jawa will be an upcoming race in the technicians scourcebook. But What about you? Do you like this little, hooded scavengers and look perhaps even forward for a whole party of Jawas that cruise Tatooine in their sandcrawlers? Or do these geeky pillagers annoy you and you hope to have never one on your ship? Utinni
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