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  1. Yes to all of this. I also wouldn't mind a "Creatures of the Galaxy" type compendium as well. I know there are a few in Allies but a collection of many beasties from around the galaxy would be a nice addition. Maybe a book bringing all crafting stuff together? *edit here* Actually forget a crafting book. How about a book that covers all the extra stuff? So Crafting, Base building (Desperate Allies), Homestead stuff (Far Horizons) etc. My FLGS says it's flagged for beginning of July so fingers crossed.
  2. Ah... Is there a way to delete topic by any chance ?
  3. So with Disney finally finishing The Clone Wars and with FFG releasing a Clone Wars themed source book for their Star Wars TTRPG it seems that the cease and desist order on the prequels that Disney had in place has been lifted. Now I know Legion is a better setting for Clone Wars style grand battles but IA isn't meant for that anyway. It's for small covert ops, a small group with a big task and I think that the Clone Wars could definitely fit this model. Clones and Battle Droids, Republic Commandos and Separatist Infiltrators and enough Jedi and Sith to keep us painting for years to come. They could throw in all the different types of Clones and Droids, all the species from both sides involved in the war and even bring in some outsiders like the Night Sisters and people like Cad Bane. Anyone else excited by this prospect? Or will it just be a Legion setting? LeighPouse
  4. Does anyone have a background template I could maybe apply to these? or point me in the direction of one?
  5. Hi all, so some of you may remember my Crafting Schematics I posted some time ago (here). Well I have now upgraded them (unfortunately not in style) to be form fillable for the printer conscious of you who might like to use them. The Schematics Armour - https://www.dropbox.com/s/2x9dkw6j29lkqco/Schematics - Armour Fillable.pdf?dl=0 Brawl & Melee - https://www.dropbox.com/s/khlyl3c2mtwarek/Schematics - Melee Fillable.pdf?dl=0 Ranged - https://www.dropbox.com/s/63iis08vjz1c5vd/Schematics - Ranged Fillable.pdf?dl=0 Gadget - https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xe0vmnapylzp48/Schematics - Gadget Fillable.pdf?dl=0 Cybernetic - https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3y8ltlxo39si7c/Schematics - Cybernetic Fillable.pdf?dl=0 (the next bit is just a copy/paste of the original post as it only explains the cards and the research system attached) So a few basic things to cover about the cards. All the basic information is pretty self explanitory The empty box in the top right is to show whether or not you are allowed to create the item The Current box under the Difficulty heading is simply to write in what the current difficulty to create the item is (The base difficulty can be lowered ala the "Schematic" feature) The Modifiers box in the bottom left is a place to write in all modifiers to the roll that will always apply (B for Boost, -D for amount of difficulty automatically downgraded, A for Advantage etc you get the idea) The Research boxes in the bottom right are for a Research system I made up that I will go into more detail with below Research So first things first I have to state the obvious, the names on the cards and found in the books are Categories of Armour/Weapon/Whatever not the name of what you produce, so I think it's safe to assume that your Technician is going to be already aware of them so it is safe to hand over the cards whether they can create the item or not (this is why the top right box exists). So the way Research works (at least to me) is thus: Take an existing Item, for example Plasteel Armour, and apply the appropriate Category, in this case I would say "Light Armour" You take the "Base Difficulty" to craft the item and roll it against either an appropriate Knowledge skill or Mechanics skill (This would be GM's discretion) If you fail the roll then the Armour is destroyed and you learn nothing If you pass the roll then you take the number of un-cancelled success' and tick/cross/fill in a number of the Research boxes up to that number (to a maximum of 4) Once you reach 4 boxes ticked/whatever you have become familiar enough with that template that you may now tick/whatever the top right box and are able to craft the item 3 Advantages or a Triumph on the dismantling roll can be used to tick/whatever the shaded blue box and apply a bonus Boost dice to any future attempts to create the item (you have become intricately familiar with this category for example) This last step could also be used to accommodate the "Research Records" Workshop Upgrade At the GM's discretion you could also do research on the Holonet applying the appropriate knowledge skill to help fill in the Research boxes So yeh, all of that, plus now form fillable. Hopefully I will revisit the design of these soon and they can look better. Enjoy Technicians of the Galaxy, LeighPouse P.S. Would also like to add that I made these while tired so they may not be perfect, please let me know if you find any bugs like multiple entries being filled at once so I can rectify it, thanks :).
  6. Hi all, I've been spending a lot of time filling in the Talent information on Oggdude's CharGen (great tool btw) and Just as I finish and begin to print the Trees off I noticed something. Either I am being blind or stupid but there doesn't seem to be a way to distinguish between ranked and normal talents, is this the case or am I just being stupid? Thanks, LeighPouse
  7. That is really sad news, thanks for letting me know.
  8. Hi all, does anyone have the Special Modifications Skill trees done in the style of Beggingforxp.com ? My technician is getting anxious and they haven't updated for a while it seems.
  9. Edited, thank you, there was an erroneous space
  10. Hi all back again with another set of sheets for people to use made by my very talented friend and player in my group. Ever had more weapons or sets of armor than your character sheets can account for? Well maybe I can help . These are Armor & Weapon Cards (never would've guessed from the title would you?) and they work like this. Armor Cards: Soak Melee & Ranged Defense Encumbrance Hard Points Tick boxes for tracking the condition 6 slots for filling in Attachment/Modification information Weapon Cards: Damage Critical Rating Encumbrance Hard Points Tick boxes for tracking the condition 6 slots for filling in Attachment/Modification information All the cards also have a thematic background in keeping with other material I have uploaded to this site. Here they are: - http://imgur.com/a/Wv5Dr I hope you enjoy these and maybe even get some use out of them. Thanks for reading, LeighPouse
  11. Oh wow haha, never noticed that in nearly two years.
  12. Hi all, a while back I posted the sheets that me and my group use. They are designed by one of my players and I thought they were worthy of sharing. http://imgur.com/a/Xyq4Y In the above album you will find the previous four sheets I shared. 1. Character Sheet - Colour coded Characteristics and skills so you have easier visual representation of what is linked. A Characteristic box for Force Rating. Spaces for Duty, Obligation & Morality so you can use it across any line. 2. Inventory Sheet - Spaces for Backpack & Belt Items (Stuff you take with you), we typically use the rest of the space for stuff in storage (ie, base or ship). 3. Armour, Weapons & Cybernetics - Pretty self explanatory, we do now use small Bridge sized cards for storing Armour and Weapons on and they will be coming soon(ish). 4. NPC/Companion Sheet - Again pretty self explanatory, we use these for NPC or Companion characters as they are typically simpler than player characters. The latest entry to the collection is our Session Sheets. This sheet is really useful, we use damage and strain tokens from Imperial Assault to track damage and strain in their respective zones. You can track your conflict per session and place any commited force dice in their own section (top right). The bottom is for marking if you have any banked Boost or Setback dice for your next roll (with 6 players and a lot of talking it can be hard to remember by the time it gets round to you actually rolling). Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these or even get some use out of them. LeighPouse
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