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  1. I'm in the middle of something similar myself. I've even done a test print and am going to print the final product as soon as a commissioned poster is done for the cover. I'll make sure to share it when it's all done, please share yours also!
  2. So my housemate (one of my regular players) came downstairs with a surprise for me to gawk at today. https://imgur.com/a/E1FcXKp She has crafted one of her characters out of modeling clay and I was dumbfounded. This is Janunga, a Togruta Engineer along with her trusty wrench and boiler suit. This was her first attempt at sculpting with clay btw. I am always shocked by her talent and am stupidly grateful to be the GM for such a talented artist. I'll make sure to share the completed/painted thing with you guys when it's done!
  3. I almost did this exact thing. Am only missing a couple and nearly grabbed Nexus of Power for £50, luckily I resisted.
  4. Got an email confirming my pre-order is on the way earlier today. Should be here tomorrow (UK).
  5. *added stuff about the website now being in English up top* It seems all we are waiting for now is an official announcement!
  6. *added a few links etc to the top to cover some of the stuff mentioned here and elsewhere*
  7. Saw this being shared around but hadn't seen it here yet. It seems that the RPG lines are going to continue and we can expect some sort of announcement soon! Here is the twitch link if you want to check out the chat for yourself. I feel like a weight has been lifted haha. *edit* Thought I'd add these up top for visibility. Facebook Reddit Someone on Reddit posted: "Attended the GAMA Asmodee Keynote an hour ago. The FFG branded role playing games will be transitioning to a new European company over the course of this year. The company is called Edge Entertainment. Old books will still be printed, and new ones will be made. New books will still work with existing ones, so it's not a new edition." https://www.enworld.org/threads/ffg-roleplaying-games-arent-going-away-after-all.670882/ EDGE Studio Website People were worried that EDGE Studio's website didn't have an English page/section but it now appears that it has been updated and it does indeed feature the Star Wars, Genesis and Five Rings properties on there. https://edge-studio.net/
  8. "Here's the Old Republic!!!" under breath "Just not as old as you maybe would've liked" cough Joking aside, looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  9. So I've just started a new campaign with a group of friends and we've gotten to the point where they've gotten a ship and they went and named it the "Amaranth Fandango". So I was wondering what other groups of players have named their ships as they tend to be either ridiculous or awesome, sometime both. So what ships have you or your players set sail in?
  10. I still can't believe we never got a deck of ships ala the Adversary decks. Would've loved to have those to hand out to my players.
  11. No mention of an attachment/modification section in the article. I really hope this is just an oversight and they are in fact included.
  12. Came here to say this. I hope it's got all the attachments/mods etc, otherwise I don't see the need for me to buy this as I'll still be jumping between books to get all the information anyway
  13. While I love the book, as it's really useful for both players and GMs to just scour through for items. The one thing that has kind of annoyed me is that while the Poisoners Ring is listed under the Medicines and Drugs section of the book, none of the Poisons are listed here. In fact it says to look them up in "any of the core rulebooks". While this isn't the biggest issue, I did buy the book to have all the equipment in one place after all and this is annoying.
  14. Off the top of my head I know that Malachor is now back in some fashion. In Rebels it is the site of an ancient battle between Jedi and Sith and a super-weapon was set off to end the conflict. In Legends it is the location of the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars where Revan sets off the "Mass Shadow Generator" (a super-weapon) to end the war. I'm sure there are other examples but that's all I could think of off the top of my head sorry.
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys! Hopefully they'll go down well with my players! I didn't even really think of this . I've got the datapad background in a lighter variation so I'll look at that. Thanks again!
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