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  1. Hi everyone, just checking to see if there is any rules for an against Biv Bodhrik using a pistol. I can't think of or find any that would prevent it. But it kind of seems here attaching a Vibrobayonet to a Pistol. Thoughts?
  2. Hello everyone, I know this has been asked in another thread but I want to ask it again because I know there is going to be an argument about it with my group. I am playing Technological Superiority and I now have 4 XP I am looking at getting. Superior Augments or Adaptive Weapons.. I am thinking Superior Augments. Anyways... the Rebels have Murne Rin now when she has a person attack does she get to use either the Superior Augments or the Adaptive Weapons that I picked up? I personally think No as it is equipped to me and not the player he is having attack. But I am sure they will argue that it is a passive Global ability so it does apply as compared to a Global ability like Show of Force that needs to be activated. thoughts? can anyone point to a rule or something in the FAQ either way because this will really adjust how I will spend my XP.
  3. HI everyone, I am looking for intelligence does anyone know of a brick and motor store that sells imperial assault in or around Yuma Arizona?
  4. I am looking at the Hired guns regular as a possibility in my next campaign. I usually take the Nexu at the 4 threat range, but I started to look at these guys and I think they will be worth it. Comparatively speaking.. there damage is the middle of the road compared to the Nexu which is awesome. But you get 2 attacks instead of 1 for the group and when they die they get to shoot again which is cool. Plus if the group does not die they are only 2 threat to bring back in so it seems like you can have this endless wave of them. I am also playing technological superiority so if I equip them with say Arc blasters then it would for the rebels to deal with them or have to worry about getting stunned all the time. So reaching out to the community has anyone used them before? did you think they were worth the cost or is the Nexu a better way to go?
  5. Just a quick question. So in return to echo base there are the tunnels which basically means there is a opening in the wall. Now it is only 1 space, does that mean the Wampa's need to turn side ways to go through the tunnel? What about a Nexu that is 4 spaces that does that mean that he can't fit through the tunnel?
  6. But question you need a bit of line of sight right? I mean what if there is a big wall and one is on one side and one is on the other? You can't count through the wall can you? you need to count around it?
  7. I just want to confirm that I am reading the mission right. It says the Threat Level is equal to the round. So say according to the other rules the threat starts at 4. Then the round after the Imperial Player gets, 5 threat then 6 etc. Is this kind of a soft turn counter as there is not a set round limit... but if the Rebels take too long they will get overwhelmed by the threat? Also there are some characters in the closed groups that only get deployed on certain conditions. Now if they do not get deployed based on that condition can you then deployment. I ask because I want to use some of the closed groups.... so it would suck if they get completely locked from me.
  8. Has there been any chatter that I have missed with the release date for the next wave? People are asking for Christmas lists and we'll I want to put that on there.
  9. Not sure how to phrase this question. But on the side missions as the Empire player you get typically double the threat and get an optional deployment. The question with the optional deployment can you move figures that are set in the MAP? Here is the dilemma I would like to deploy a Nexu but around the 1 deployment point I have there is stormtrooper blocking me from deploying on the deployment point. So then I would have to push the Nexu out really far from the actual deployment point. hope that makes sense.
  10. For panic in the streets the citizen tokens... can they occupy the same space as an imperial figure? If not then the imperial could use his figures to block the movement of the citizens.... I know you can stand on computer consoles and crates... but this seems to be a person even though it is a token so I am thinking no.... but not sure.
  11. Enhanced Armor says to use it when you deploy a group. Can you use it on a group at the start of the mission with a starting deployment? or can it only be used when you deploy a group later? what if it is a side mission and it is an optional deployment? http://cards.boardwars.eu/index.php?album=Expansion-Boxes/Return-to-Hoth/Agenda%20Decks/Defensive%20Tacticsℑ=Enhanced+Armor.jpg
  12. The Enhanced Armor card says to used it when you deploy a group. Can you use that with one of the starting groups of a mission that are already deployed? or it is only usable when you deploy a group later in the mission? what if it is a side mission and it is an optional deployment?
  13. Yes I understand that but arc blasters also give blast so if I group up my characters then with the blast he can stun several guys at once by taking over 1.... particularly at the start of the mission.
  14. is that in the rules somewhere that you can reference me to please.
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