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  1. All FFG become MtG. It's just a matter of time. Our locals have all figured it out, and interest in all their games is waning except Destiny.
  2. Where does Ben play? I am coming to Austin next week, and I want to play Ben. I will likely get clobbered, but I'll certainly learn something.
  3. I think I've made my point. Sorry, Lyreus if you were not out of line. I don't have any more energy to go back and look myself anymore. Sheesh.
  4. When you call them children, what do you expect will happen? Seriously?
  5. Nonsense like that doesn't help. If you don't like arguments, stay off the web. If you think someone said something offensive then quote it, criticize it, and do it without attacking anyone. If you try to attack without getting involved, you aren't helping anything except the trolls.The nonsense that doesn't help is the three of you arguing the same points over and over again, just wording everthing a little differently. You have hijacked a thread that is supposed to be about the new campaign and turned it into a petty argument, which also spilled over into another thread. Like someone mentioned on the other post, take it to private messages and get back on topic.I'm moving on. The discussion certainly did get off topic. Instead of whinging about it, and continuing the problem, why not be constructive and point out where people have actually said something to cause the problem. It seemed to me someone was expressing unhappiness with how long it's been for these new products to come out and how it is hurting the game. Slightly off topic, but not trolling IMO. Then, there was an over reaction (to what may be an over reaction in the first place but it's all good until someone gets insulting). Seems to me the fault lies with the complaint on the original complaint that also got insulting. Seems also that you and others want to blame everyone involved, but THAT NEVER WORKS. If a dog steals a steak off the table it doesn't do to yell at all the dogs. You either go after the culprit or get used to losing steaks. If you come after me, you better have a good case because otherwise I'm coming back at you every time so you or others don't make it a habit. If you don't want to read any posts from me then don't provoke me. If you want me to respect your feelings then be respectful of the feelings of others here. This whole thing started because one side is frustrated, sad, and thinks the game hasn't been getting the attention from FFG it deserves. There were responses to that I thought were terrible so I jumped in. I'm not going to take trash from you about it just because I was there. It's not your forum, McWorrel. Edit: A you Lyreus, weren't you the real provocateur?
  6. Nonsense like that doesn't help. If you don't like arguments, stay off the web. If you think someone said something offensive then quote it, criticize it, and do it without attacking anyone. If you try to attack without getting involved, you aren't helping anything except the trolls.
  7. Snipa, You have a habit of jumping to bad conclusions and stating them without even processing the assumptions or checking validity. Everything in my post was easily defensible. You should have left one post sooner, if not more.
  8. I don't understand how you got bored with wave 2 months ago. It can only be a fickle group. I have maybe 100 wave 2 games in and the only reason I am put off right now is becuase my mind is on wave 3 & 4. I have learned so many things from Wave 2 that I can't wait to try my hand at the next store championship later this year as well as regionals! So if your group has gotten bored I think that is less fault with the game and more fault with the gamers but that is just a personal opinion. Get fresh blood in there. It always helps I think. And now we switch back to the ought to's. I spend much too much time supporting another system. But here's the thing, it's the attractiveness of the game over all that both attracts gamers and motivates alpha gamers to coordinate and build community. There are still ASL communities alive and well. There are even Star Fleet groups and Amarillo is STILL selling new stuff. Those systems are what you would call dead. Any decent game can be kept alive with enough effort, but most players will move on to something else. Odds are FFG will keep putting enough effort to keep Armada from shrinking too much, and maybe even growing it, but that doesn't mean organized play will remain healthy. When the popularity among serious gamers wanes, the days will be numbered for FFG and Disney to keep it going. I'd be less reactionary to those pointing out problems and more attentive to their perceptions. I've been on your side of this argument and I now regret I didn't use the little influence I have to steer things back in order for what used to be my obsession.
  9. Lyreus, If my point is so terrible, why are you so quick to go ad hominem? The data is crud because it's old and has no metric or trends. Show me that sales for last quarter were higher than the previous two and you have something. It was a big deal last year? Wow. How are downloads of Gangam Style going? It's a great hit if you look at a single quarter of 2013, but not so much now. My point on Flotillas is based on the last wave having left the locals bored months ago. It's not quantifiable. Haven't seen a single Armada game outside of the regular X-Wing night where it's gone from two plus to zero or one. I used to also see or play in several a week outside of Star Wars night. My LGS, where the owner is a big fan of the game, did not even have the last tourney or maybe even the one before that. The new wave looks great, but I can tell you that there will be less buyers of it than the last because there is not enough play to gain players. OTOH, the campaign might be a big deal. But not if they keep taking so long between releases! That's the point. It's not hate, or whinging, or anything other than an experienced observer of the industry telling you his opinion. Get over it.
  10. I don't know what data you are getting that says that the Flotillas should of been out months ago. Makes no sense to me. We sadly don't get a dozen players. For a game like Armada, with size constraints and such, 8 usually the most in Portland, I think I did 10 once. It is a new game that is not cheap to get into, however, I won't let that be a factor for me to represent the ge. Someone has to do it and I love the game enough to be that person. You miss the point. I don't care when Flotillas were supposed to be out. I'm pointing out that it doesn't matter why they are coming out so long after the last release. It was too long. I can't tell you if they are better off keeping folks in the dark or not as to when the next release will be, but I can tell you the game is gathering dust due to lack of a fresh release. If we get a campaign going that will help a lot. Otherwise, another wait until August will kill organized play in my area.
  11. Only I did no such thing. I pointed out that if they repeat what's been happening it will stop growing and that companies are known to then kill the whole project or that they whither anyway. Also, if that's the whole of the data available there is nothing positive to be drawn from that. That's before the famine isn't it? So you are using crud data and making threats of social ostracism based not really on the data but on your preference to strike out at anyone who questions, no matter how slightly, the assuredness of your cheese remaining in the same place. Odds are you will be fine unless you use this sort of thinking in your personal finances because there really is no guarantee Uncle Sugar will ever send you checks.
  12. No, it's not just clutter. I'm not by any means an important member of the Armada community, I'm just a regular member. But I'm a reasonably important member of the overall gaming community with about as long a history as you will find with a mind that hasn't really started to get lost. Game companies flip switches based on single points of failure all the time. I've got a great collection of Crimson Skies models I'll sell you which were selling gangbusters right until they weren't and already announced releases didn't materialize. I know names of game companies most of you weren't alive to have known. How about a good game of Stomp? If you want a healthy gamer community at the scale FFG desires then negative trends are really bad. If I could see the actual sales data I'd be happy to give you a good prognostication. You said sales are good, please link to your data. Otherwise, realize that people are managing their time and money on these boards. They are celebrating and venting on these boards. All are welcome to ignore anything on these boards. These boards will very likely tell someone who knows what to look for about the future of the game. Here is something you need to know about really popular games and I'm not sure how well the manufacturers really get it: Games are usually dead BEFORE sales have peaked. When sales are falling, it's usually too late.
  13. I suspect if your local meta is healthy and you reasonably expect a dozen players at a tourney then you think all is well. OTOH, if you are seeing reduced play in your area or your tourneys are in the half dozen player or less category then it's not being irrational to worry if your models might end up being for show. Perceptions matter and arguing that someone else perception is wrong because it's negative and not in line with the "facts" is pretty hard to do without being rude and wrong. It sounds like Hero is looking at a trend and maybe being unable to see the curves bend the other way in the future, but I can tell you I really want to see the campaign get played and if it doesn't I'm going to hope to sell my figs before the game gets anymore obscure locally. I say this as a person who has sold only a couple game systems in almost four decades of gaming. The flotillas needed to be out months ago, and I don't care about anything but results. If the releases disappear for this long again, the game is virtually done (which means it won't disappear just whither). You guys in the happy metas are not enough to support the game's production when the rest of the world stops caring. So argue factoids and attitudes and ought to do's all you want. Hero isn't pulling a chicken little. Posting his opinion on this thread is not going to cause the game to fail. FFG should be concerned with what he is saying and try to do better by the Armada community even if they are victims of bad luck and wanted the flotillas out in April. You should mostly reconsider how you approach responses to posts from guys who see problems where you don't. As for thinking the game companies are going to do the work to build communities without guys taking on unpaid jobs of doing it themselves that's just not going to happen. It should happen, but it really just won't. The model for that just hasn't been invented.
  14. There are several excellent reasons for posting scores during an event. Pardon me if this error was noted earlier. 1. Transparency (cuz there have been fixes and complaints of fixes in gaming tournaments) 2. Accuracy (you get to crowd source the double checking and give the guy you just robbed a chance to get it fixed) 3. Equality (the top players often know anyway) Etc. I've got no real opinion on ID, but I have many on the best practices for events. Please keep scores public after each round.
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