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  1. So all three games are out. I was most interested in Force and Destiny in the beginning and now that its out I might give this RPG a try. But I was curious. What is next for the Star Wars RPG? Are they going to continue to expand upon it? Explore other Legends Eras? Tie in with the new films? What is coming down the pipe?
  2. ah, so the lawyers don't know the difference between a pdf and a video game. This sucks, I would have preferred to pay for it so I don't have to carry so many books. Thanks anyway though. I guess I could always scan it for personal use, that would just take forever.
  3. I see a lot of FFG's other games are availible for purchase on Drive Thru RPG but I don't see an pdf/ebook version. Is there any place out there that can sell this as a pdf? I'd kind of like to eliminate clutter.
  4. Are the game systems compatible? I was considering playing but I would prefer to play in the old republic era rather than the rebellion era. I haven't bought the other two games because I wanted to wait to play a game centered around the force.
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