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  1. @a1bert so if I am reading you right there was a mix up on how this was done? And if he could have done it like he said what about the point about deploying as close to a deployment point as possible would that not make it so he could not have done it?
  2. @a1bert You seem to know lots about this game so just going to ask you directly. On this mission can I cover up the E-XD droid token with an imperial unit so they have to shoot the unit first. Like say I use Nexu and put it over top can I do that or is the token supposed to be like another figure?
  3. @Trevize84 I am wondering how you did some of this? Not sure if you did this part of the extended Lothal Campaign or size mission or as a side mission later. You said you took 2 regular Nexu's... I was checking mine and the box came with 1 Reg Nexu and an elite Nexu so did you barrow one? And you said you deployed them over the E-XD. Moving the E-XD if I read it right? But I don't see how you can do that? I believe you can deploy over top of the E-XD with the Nexu?(looking for a ruling on that right now) covering it so they have to shoot the Nexu first... but the E-XD is already there so the Nexu would have to be deployed to a different space not covering the E-XD? Even thinking of the rules you have to deploy as close to a deployment point as possible. So looking at the Map you would have to deploy 1 Nexu right below the Trando that is there... then counting the tiles by the rules I would think that you would have to deploy the other Nexu just to the right of the Trando at the top. Sorry for asking these questions but I am playing the game tonight and I want to win so looking for help to get there.
  4. okay thank you and thank you for pointing out the rule change... I did not see that when I was going through the rules.
  5. Hello everyone, I am sure this has been covered already but I have not been on the forums for awhile as life as been busy and well hate to say it but not much as been going on with the game. I was able to get in a couple of games over the holiday break and talking with some people it seemed like we had the same thought's/ conclusions to the game and I am bringing those to this forum in hopes that FFG will see it and take it to heart. 1. Please don't break the game. Armada has always been a great game of pretty good balance where 1 thing is not the defacto winner and there are lots of commanders, ships, and lists that work and can win. This is not always the case AKA Rieenkan but FFG has been good about adjusting the rules to balance it back out without having to restart the game like what happened with X-Wing. And to be honest I know the community wants it but the SSD has me a bit worried. That it is either going to be over powered and that you are just going to have SSD vs SSD because they are so over powered. OR be a flop not worth the points to put on the board and then not worthy of the name SSD. I think it is going to be very hard to get that ship in the middle ground to keep the game balanced but I am optimistic. 2. Can we get more releases please? I realize that FFG only has so many resources and Legion took a bunch of that this year but the fact that basically nothing got released this year made it pretty stagnant. I think there are lots of smaller easier options that can be brought out that the development time is short and resources are small to do. For example the campaign was good. I personally did not play the campaign but the upgrade cards for the different squadrons in my opinion made it worth every Penny. And there are still lots of options that could be done with that for more unique squadron idea's, They could also come out with more title cards for the ships. OR even better come out with some new ship variants as with some of the ships you only ever see 1 of the variants. I only ever see the Assault Frigate B, CR 90 A, since D Caps I never see the Vic 1, the Assault Pelta. I think with lots of these ships you would make some tweaks come out with another variant that is viable. Like the Vic I you could reduce the number of dice that is rolled from the front arc by say 2 black dice but then make it speed 3 to make it easier to use those black dice. etc etc. 3. Keep up the good work. I love armada I have enjoyed every tournament I have gone to and basically every game that I have played. Even though the game this past year has not had much going on I still find it fun to sit down and theory craft a fleet I will want to play. So please keep this game great.
  6. Hello everyone, I am doing the Extended Lothal Campaign and we are about to do the Pirate's ploy next. If I remember reading right the Hero's have to take a member of Phoenix Squadron. Now each one has a different cost and typically in the game when the hero's decide to take a hero with them the Imperial Player gets threat equal to the cost and then an optional deployment. Since the Hero's are forced to do that on this mission do I still get the increase in threat depending on who they take and the optional deployment?
  7. Ha I think that is said for almost any group MHD-19 really makes a group harder to kill with all his regen.
  8. I have not played the Jabba Relam one and I am taking a look at the Hutt Mercenaries now. I got a question on that now. the first card wanted dead the way that I read that means at the start of the mission each hero get a bounty token. And the only way that bounty token gets removed is if they get wounded, am I correct in that?
  9. Hello everyone, I am about to start a Tyrants of Lothal Campaign and I usually like to use the Empire set that comes with the box. But looking at the Overwhelming Oppression I am kind of thinking a big no and wondering what I am missing as far as the strategy in using this card set. One of the advantages of the Empire is you hide what is coming out, but with this you play with all your Deployment Cards face up getting rid of a big advantage. Then it seems that this Set is big on giving power tokens. But you put the power tokens on the cards in your hand and not on what is in the field. This seems to give even more of an advantage away in again showing what is coming up, it also makes it so you do not want to reinforce which can be a big advantage so you can save up your threat to deploy the cards in your hand that have the power tokens. . I can see how you can then stack power tokens on cards that are event deployments making them even more powerful but again it lets the Rebels know what is coming which again seems to get rid of a big advantage. Can somebody help me with how a strategy might be to use this card set?
  10. I took a look at the first mission and it is different then the campaign. So this is a different campaign? can anyone tell me how many missions it is? is it 11 like the box or is it 4 like the other app campaign?
  11. crap thank you TallGiraffe, guess I lost the game and the rule.
  12. Hello Star Wars Armada community. I need your help to settle an argument. When Flotilla's first came out. When there was a collision with another ship the flotilla, and the other ship both got a damage card correct? It was later that the rule was change that only the flotilla would get the damage card unless they were both flotillas. I have friend saying that it was always that way and I remember the rule being added I think at the same time they took the nerf bat to them about commanders etc. Can somebody help me win... I mean settle this argument?
  13. So I have played against the MDH-19 droid as the imperial now basically in every campaign since Hoth. Why? because he is such a good support player in the healing that he brings, doing interactions so the other players can focus on wiping out the empire troops or whatever they need to do etc. In all the campaigns that I have played against him I am typically on the loosing side of almost every mission, and he NEEDS to be nerfed. Okay complaining over. But I do think there needs to be a nerf with him in 1 apsect. His Bacta Radiator. The way the card is written makes it too powerful as it effects him as well. Which makes no sense, he is a droid and medical cards do not work with him but the bacta radiator does? Bacta works on organics not droids. He basically gets to use his ability every round for free once he gets that. I realize that there is some other aspects that balance this out a bit. And this is more of a rant as I have been loosing. But I still feel that card should be errtra to be "all other friendly figures" or "all other heros" or if they can add the medical title to the card so that it does not apply to himself.
  14. Bah sorry was blind thank you.
  15. @a1bert And @Uninvited Guest I looked at the Heart of the Empire rule book and I do not see a listing of which tiles are interior there can you point me to a page? I also check the faq on the website and I do not see the interior tiles listed there either.
  16. So how do I know if the title is an interior or exterior title? I am about to do "Into a Corner" and they seem to be exterior as the names of the areas appear to be exterior spaces.
  17. Hi Everyone, I am not sure of the ruling on this but can the AT-DP only be added to a mission where it is listed in the groups. It is only 9 threat that is not that bad to add at the higher missions with threat is 4-5 as an open group just not sure if that is allowed or not.
  18. I am sure this has already gone around the forums but I just saw the last few episodes of Star Wars Rebels and I saw a dreadnought in the second last one. Hope this means that they are coming to armada soon! next announcement Rebels and Imperial.
  19. So I am starting Heart of the Empire in a couple of weeks and reading through the first part of the book leaves me with a question. I do not see anything about the side mission setup deck or how many of the Empire agenda decks to pick like I have found in some of the other expansions. Does this mean I follow the same procedure as the original campaign? Even though there seems to be less side missions? Also has anyone ever just left out the Green side mission cards ? I have played several campaigns and I have found nobody ever picks them because the boon typically does not outweight the bane of the Empire player getting all the extra threat.
  20. Ah okay that makes sense I thought they were changing deployment costs or something.
  21. I am with the chorus of people that would like to see the Dreadnought for both sides http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dreadnaught-class_heavy_cruiser Neb B 2 http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nebulon-B2_frigate And Assault Frigate MK I http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Assault_Frigate_Mark_I Those are some of my favs I would like to see.
  22. I just got Heart of the Empire for Christmas and I do not understand the section under Figure Cost on page 4. Each Figure in Imperial Assault has a figure cost that may be references by abilities and game effects. A figure cost is one of two values. - If a deployment group has the starting group size of 1, that figure's figure cost is equal to the group's deployment cost. - If a deployment group has a starting group size of 2 or more, each figure in the group has a figure cost equal to the groups reinforcement cost. I have no clue what they are taking about here so any help in understanding would be appreciated.
  23. So I have only played the Corellian Conflict once before. The first time around we noticed that basically the Skilled Spacers was never used as people are usually pretty good about picking their objectives. Second we found that for Defense Ion Canon was basically ALWAYS picked I think most people have talked about how powerful that one is. My new group made a couple of changes that I thought was interesting to make the campaign in my opinion more effective. 1. They changed it where Skilled Spacers does the job of the Spynet... AKA allows you to move a Ship (which in my opinion made sense). 2. You can use a Spynet token to remove a one of the objectives when you are attacking a base... so if you have one you can remove the Ion Canon objective. Again I thought this made sense as the Spynet disables the Ion Canon type of thing. 3. You can use a Spynet token to Counter a Spynet token. which again makes sense as one sypnet counters the other. This has made the game play very interesting... where if both teams have spynet then is it like do we want to attack a base what if they do... etc etc.. has also made attacking a base possible. I like the idea so I figured I would pass it along.
  24. sorry a1bert... been awhile since I have been on the forum and I should have gone looking for that thread.
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