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  1. Say you have Paris-Brussels-Le Havre on the 1st-2nd-3rd trail spaces, respectively. Hunters are upon you. It's Drac turn, at night. Movement: the trail shifts, so now you have: (empty)-Paris-Brussels-Le Havre on the 1st-2nd-3rd-4th spaces respectively. Drac wants to play Misdirect: according to the rules, you must: 1) clear a hideout space (not your current location, nor Castle Dracula, nor with a power card or associated with Hide) 2) put Misdirect in that space (so you replace the cleared hideout with Misdirect) 3) place a card (location or power) on the first space of the trail as normal So for example, a possible play of Misdirect: - clear Le Havre on the 4th space - put Misdirect on the 4th space (replacing Le Havre) - place a location that is connected with Paris (your actual location) on the 1st trail space: you can play Le Havre itself (bluff!), or Nantes or whatever else is adjacent; - note that you could also play Wolf Form and place Milan (2 roads from Paris), or Amsterdam (again 2 roads from Paris) or whatever else is up to 2 roads away from Paris; or you could play Hide and stay in Paris! I'm quite fresh to the system, but personally I find that using Wolf Form from a sea zone* is a quite powerful way to trick the hunters. Look at the Mediterranean Sea: you could have reached more than 10 cities with just one move * Remember that While Dracula’s current location is a sea zone, he may use “Wolf Form” to move to either an adjacent port or a city one road away from an adjacent port
  2. Definitely Just look at Region #7 (Rules Reference, pg.12): Baltic (that's north, Germany, Poland, Sweden...), instead of Balkans (that's way south, Croatia, Romania, Greece...)!!!
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