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  1. Yeah I was finally gonna pull the trigger but it seems liked prices have really shot up. It quoted me like 20 bucks per map (unless i was screwing something up)
  2. It was great to finally get a game against you @ryanjamal and as much as I want to blame my abysmal game on that third pint and the fact we were on the stream I can't. When a great player (lucky card draw aside) can capitalize on every mistake their opponent makes....well that's what makes them a great player. Looking forward to seeing you in Manhattan.
  3. If ya got the spare point sure. Don't forget about Shrapnel which worst case scenario is one damage extra on the target. So technically two surge abilities.
  4. Ok help me out here. I don't really care one way or the other but where is it stated that Drokkatta is female. Nothing I've seen uses pronouns for the wookie. BTW nice, I'm Drokkatta in our campaign and have been wrecking face.
  5. Other melee brawlers (eGammorean for example) so you can use her whip to force Parting Blow plays is quite fun.
  6. I ran this a couple times the other day and really liked it. Didn't miss the smuggler or 7th activation as much as I thought I would. Hits hard and has a bit of synergy with smuggler and leader traits. Han eRangers Drokkatta Hera Gideon C3P0
  7. Not sure on the second question regarding mini campaigns but yes they've done away with time period restrictions.
  8. TC on BT is the probably the best decision....Headhunter on Chop is probably the jankiest decision.
  9. Ugg I'm running an SC tomorrow and if we get an odd number I'll jump in so no one has a bye....this post has encouraged me to create too many janky lists just in case I get to play.
  10. I think the droid army sounds fun. 12 points left for Iggy too if ya wanted. I've been meaning to try the 4 nexu Beast Tamer list I've been tinkering around with.
  11. eRangers eWeeqs eNexu Vinto Gideon eJawa C3P0 Temp Alliance Black Market. The nexu was nice for nabbing crates and being a nuisance, leaving the snipers free to reposition and fire.
  12. We had a casual Q3 kit tourney today and went with the new maps. Brought an eNexu and it was really solid on Nal Hutta, especially the crate claiming mission.
  13. I won a tourney match today from that zone. Lots of little sniper spots and corners. Need to play more games on it but it doesn't feel as bad as I initially thought.
  14. Hey i dropped X-Wing for Destiny. Imperial Assault is too good and i finally caught up on painting all my figs...except for that extra Jawa i picked up last weekend 'doh ?
  15. Yeah I missed ya at the MBG one as I was in a play that weekend.
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