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  1. This is great stuff. A lot of agenda cards are real stinkers.
  2. If you want to extend the campaign, why not integrate it with a mission oriented X-Wing campaign? I've been mulling this very thing over myself lately. I was thinking that it would be neat if the wins in IA gave you cool stuff in X-wing (new ships, pilot abilities, upgrades etc) and the wins in X-wing gave you cool stuff in IA. The optional missions from the X-Wing boxes sets could give you some inspiration for story driven missions. What's cool about this idea is that it allows both sides to level up in both games without exceeding the limits inherently bound into them. But how cool would it be to have your rebels steal an experimental empire ship in IA and then fly it in X-wing? You could even allow an Ally like Luke, Chewie, or Han appear in both IA and X-wing. You could even give them different ships to keep it fresh! As a bonus, X-wing is fairly easy to regulate via the points system. The imperial player could adjust the points allotted per side as necessary to keep the missions competitive.
  3. Well sort of, but not in the way that you mean. X-wing 1.0 was in its death throes because of SEVERE imbalance issues. FFG would release a new ship or upgrade that would just WRECK the game environment (Jumpmasters, Phantoms, TIE Defenders, etc). And some new ships were dead on arrival because they couldn't compete with the broken ones. FFG would offer a "fix" in the form of new cards that were designed to nerf certain overpowered builds, but these fixes created their own problems. A lot of the older ships couldn't compete against the ships that had fixes, or were never good to begin with. Some ships were only playable because they had ONE pilot with a good ability. The games namesake, the X-wing, was a terribly obsolete ship after the first few expansions and never really achieved much success outside of Biggs who had a ridiculously powerful ability. 2.0 sensibly introduced an app that could readjust ship/pilot costs to adjust for power fluctuations and new expansions, as well as pulling overpowered cards from official play. It also updated all of the old ships to be on par with the new ships. It breathed new life into a game that was beginning to die. And I Am.now excited about X-wing in a way that I haven't been in years. That's a beautiful thing. So yes, by fixing the game with a 2nd edition, FFG has ensured the survival of the game and a continued revenue stream. It was a smart decision that worked for both the company AND the fans. It was a not a naked cash grab of the sort popularized by GW where everything gets more expensive but nothing is ever fixed.
  4. I've been down this road before. Games Workshop killed Mordheim but it's still playable with any miniatures that float your boat. And it's still one of the greatest skirmish games ever created. While it may not be *thriving* there are definitely people that still play. Compared to Mordheim, Imperial Assault is in FAR better health. The existing products will still probably be available for years to come. Likewise it's possible that FFG will decide to drop a new expansion at some point. Just because there are no CURRENT plans to do so, it doesn't mean that it won't happen. Especially if the existing stuff is still selling. Likewise there is always the possibility of a 2.0 release. And in between, the fans will keep playing and coming up with homebrewed stuff to keep playing the game they love. In fact, the game may enter an even better place if the community works on the more broken elements of the game and smooths out the rough spots. Likewise, fans can keep cranking out new scenarios, maps, characters, and equipment. Doom and gloom? Not my style.
  5. Sorry for the threadomancy, but the AT-ST is still in a bad place so I thought I'd chime in. Perhaps Awkward should be replaced with a different keyword (Mobile Firebase?) that adds 1 block to adjacent figures. This allows imperial figures to use it for cover (much like modern infantry hide behind tanks), but it also makes it slightly harder for the AT-ST to attack adjacent rebels (instead of impossible). Its thematic but still provides a nice little boost. Maybe throw in Assault on top of that and it might be worth it's points.
  6. Slipjoint


    I'm still waiting for some generic Rebel pilots for the ARC-170. The named ones are cool, but it always feels incomplete when you see a ship that ONLY has named pilots.
  7. You're trying to argue that the existence of ONE viable pilot renders the need to fix a ship irrelevant, but your example of the TIE Advanced undermines your point. The TIE Advanced not only got a fix, it a bunch of new pilots... despite Darth Vader being the only good pilot in the original release. Likewise, the TIE Defender and Starviper got upgrades, despite Vessery and Guri being decent pilots. And while these pilots are STILL among the best and most popular pilots of those ships (because their pilot abilities are VERY good), but the new pilots and upgrades give you some fun alternatives and expand what these "elite" ships are supposed to do. Like the TIE Advanced, TIE Defender, and Starviper, the E-wing is supposed to be an elite ship. But it's not. It doesn't do anything particularly well except run up your squadron cost. Corran is badass in spite of his ship, not because of it... he's a good pilot in a crappy ship. His pilot ability is powerful enough to make up for the E-wing's weaknesses. but those weaknesses are still there in spades. Now I know people say that you can't make the E-wing better without making Corran overpowered (much in the same way that people say that the X-wing can't be fixed without making Biggs overpowered). This is, of course, ridiculous. you're just not being creative enough. The easy answer is a double sided title card. Lets call it E-wing MkI, and E-wing MkII E-wing MkI (0pts): When you reveal a 3-bank, you may treat this as a red S-loop instead. E-wing MkII (-2 pts): When you reveal a 3-bank, you may treat this as a red S-loop instead. Add Boost to your action bar. Errata: Add "Must take the E-wing MkI title" to Corran's pilot card. The title effects are relatively unimportant for this example (these can be tweaked till they feel right). The important thing is that Corran is locked into the weaker title and cannot take the stronger title. All other pilots can take the better title instead. This would also work for any X-wing fix that wanted to avoid making Biggs overpowered. Alternatively, you can simply add an anti-synergy effect to the Title. For example you could have something like this: Prototype Interface (0 pts): add Boost to your action bar. If you have an astromech, equipped, you may take a free Focus action whenever you boost or Barrel Roll. If, at any point, your ship acquires a Weapons Disabled token, flip your astromech card face down for the reminder of the game. I'm not saying that this is the exact fix the E-wing needs, it's just an example of how to create a fix that doesn't reward an overpowered pilot. The level of anti-synergy can be scaled up or down to find the sweet spot, depending on how badly you want to punish Corran for using his pilot ability.
  8. Expert Handling is a horribly designed card. Barrel Roll is nice, but getting stress along with it is stupid. Likewise, the ships that already have native barrel roll will be unlikely to want to spend 2 pts just to throw target locks off. If I were doing it I would split it like this: Expert Handling: 2pts EPT: Add Barrel-Roll to your action Bar. If you are a large ship, add a stress token any time you take a barrel roll action. Electronic Countermeasures: 0pts Mod: You may remove a Red Target Lock when you Boost or Barrel Roll And while we're at it, lets fix Engine Upgrade! Engine Upgrade: Small Ship- 2pts Large Ship- 4pts Add Boost to your action bar. Because small ships greatly overpay for boost, while large ships should still pay at least 4 pts for it.
  9. My Title would be something like this: Title: Incom T-65 A) Rebel Alliance X-wing only B) You may equip an additional title OR modification C) Your upgrade Bar gains the Barrel Roll icon D) If you are not stressed, you may treat a 3-turn as a Tallon roll. This counts as a red maneuver. Cost: 0pts Reasons: A: Rebel Alliance (as opposed to Resistance) makes it possible to distinguish between the X-wing and T-70 X-wing, and does so with minimal verbiage to cram it more easily on a card. B: The X-wing needs it's Integrated Astromech, but would also like to have an additional mod sometimes (Guidance Chips, etc). But this also allows you to take a 2nd title if necessary to sweeten the ship up further (I'd like to see a title that adds EPTs to all PS3 or higher pilots that don't have them, for example). C: For a long time I've been saying that all fighter craft should have at least 3 actions on their action bar. I think barrel roll makes a lot of sense for X-wings and its not ridiculously overpowered to add it in. Boost or Evade would also be acceptable, but some might object to X-wings with autothrusters or an extra-tanky Biggs, so Barrel Roll is probably the conservative option. D: The X-wing's default dial is pathetic, stiff, boring. Dial creep has made it really suffer in comparison to a lot of newer ships. Tallon Roll makes a lot of sense on the T-65 and it's in line with other add-on maneuver titles that the game has used to enhance bad dials. Tallon Roll would also make Hobbie much more useful and interesting. With Targeting Astromech he's *almost* good, but the fact that he only has a single red maneuver makes him way too predictable. Of course, other X-wing pilots would benefit from this too. This is a pretty modest and conservative title compared to a lot of the stuff newer ships are getting. But even all these goodies might not be enough to make the T-65 a tier-1 ship. Still, I think this is a good place to start to figure out where to go from here. Alternatively, I think this would be neat: S-foils: Attack Position (reversible) Rebel Alliance X-wing only Your Action bar gains the Barrel-Roll icon If you are not stressed, you may treat a 3-turn as a Tallon roll. This counts as a red maneuver. After revealing a maneuver you may flip this card. S-foils: Closed Position (reversible) Rebel Alliance X-wing only Your action bard gains the Boost icon All of your straight maneuvers are green and you may treat a 4 straight as a 5 straight After revealing a maneuver you may flip this card. Cost: 0pts
  10. I think what the T65 needs is a title that adds barrel roll (well, that and a generic pilot with an apt...). The T65 is not particularly maneuverable and is often criticised for its stiff, predictable flight. Changing the dial would be tricky, but barrel roll would give the T65 a little more unpredictability without being too powerful. I'm of the opinion that ALL small *fighter* craft need a repositioning action (boost or barrel roll) and 21st least three actions. For what it's worth, I think adding barrel to the Z95 would be fine as well. God knows it's just as stiff as the T65.
  11. Semantics. The spoiler articles are notorious for being factually inaccurate and shouldn't be taken as the gospel truth. But even if FFG does consider HotR to be a legitmate Aces set (and I could see the logic since it's an expansion for existing ships), it still doesn't do what the players expect an Aces set to do; fix broken ships. The Falcon was doing passably well on its own, already and so was the T-70. They certainly haven't been languishing in the dungeon of misbegotten X-wing expansions for years on end. HotR offers a few little tweaks to these ships but it's noteworthy that there isn't anything really amazing in there, just some "nice to have" options. HotR was put out to tie in with EpVII. It's fun but it doesn't do anything for the other rebel ships that actually have been languishing in the dungeon of misbegotten X-wing expansions for years on end. And in that respect it's a missed opportunity, and a big disappointment for the players that were hoping for some love for those more deserving ships. The fact that only a single pilot on a given ship sees play is a problem. Ship fixes help to give those other pilots a little extra chance to shine. Hence the popularity of fix-it expansions. I'm not bothered by the fact that scum is finally getting a long-overdue fix for K-fighter, Starviper, and Scyk. I think it's great! I'm irked, however, that a lot of Rebel and Imp ships are garbage with no real relief in sight.
  12. Rebels have NOT had two aces packs. They have Rebel Aces. That's it. "Heroes of the Rebellion" does add new pilots to the YT-1300 and T-70, and some compatible upgrades, but it's more of a movie expansion than a proper "Aces" box that directly improves ships that desperately need help. And again, I'm not saying that the Khiraxz and Starviper don't need some desperate love. They do. I'm happy that they're getting it. I just think that "Rebel Veterans" is LOOOOOOOONG overdue. That's gonna be really hard to rein in because it's an issue of a ship with good stats, a turret, a great dial, a good action bar, and a crap ton of upgrade slots being severely undercosted.
  13. I am not bothered by the fact that scum is getting some long-overdue love for the Starvipers, Khiraxz, or Scyk. I think that's a wonderful thing because those ships have all been poor performers out of the gate. I do have a serious problem with the JM5K being ridiculously overpowered right out of the gate, but that's a whole separate issue. My issue is that Rebels have a bunch of underperforming ships (including the namesake ship of the game!). Their fixes have been poor and slow in coming. And instead of getting quality fixes for existing ships, they keep getting a steady stream of new ships that make the old ones even more obsolete. Empire needs some love too. Firespray, and Punisher are pathetic and interceptors have just aged badly.
  14. I am not bothered by the fact that scum is getting some long-overdue love for the Starvipers, Khiraxz, or Scyk. I think that's a wonderful thing because those ships have all been poor performers out of the gate. I do have a serious problem with the JM5K being ridiculously overpowered right out of the gate, but that's a whole separate issue. My issue is that Rebels have a bunch of underperforming ships (including the namesake ship of the game!). Their fixes have been poor and slow in coming. And instead of getting quality fixes for existing ships, they keep getting a steady stream of new ships that make the old ones even more obsolete. Empire needs some love too. Firespray, and Punisher are pathetic and interceptors have just aged badly.
  15. My problem with all of the Scum love is that I feel they're getting fixes to EVERYTHING where a lot of other ships are really languishing and have been for ages. The X-wing, namesake of the game has been weak since nearly the beginning. But the fixes for it have been weaksauce. Integrated astromech was nice (though it's a pain in the *** to get enough copies), but the X-wing just doesn't have the maneuverability or action economy options to hang with other ships in its points bracket. Likewise, the Rebel Transport gave us a nice droid and some fun pilot abilities, but didn't really fix any of it's glaring problems. Likewise, the E-wing has largely been DOA. Corran Horn's ability is good enough to offset the weakness of the ship in a few specific builds, but its sad that he's the only pilot ever seen. Y-wings are reliant upon Stresshog and TLT builds, but otherwise terrible. HWK still sucks. With low survivability, a crappy action bar, arguably the worst maneuver dial in the game, and the absolute worst primary weapon in the game, it's too easy to kill for the amount of points you put into it. Bwings and Z-95s are also languishing. Sabine's TIE fighter pretty much makes the Z-95 obsolete in it's points bracket. The quality of the Empire fixes has been much better and for the Defender, TIE Bomber, TIE Fighter, and TIE Advanced, as well as a few general TIE class upgrades that work on multiple platforms. That's cool. The problem is that whatever fix the Rebels might have gotten, has been continually pushed back to make room for the new tie-in products featuring the newest rebel protagonists from the movies and TV shows. I was incredibly disappointed to see "Heroes of the Rebellion" alongside "Imperial Veterans". Rebels didn't need a new Falcon nearly as much as they needed "Rebel Veterans". I actually do think Heroes of the Rebellion is cool, but I'm beginning to lose hope of ever seeing a non-Biggs X-wing on the table ever again.
  16. Don't forget Wampa, either. Wampa + Palpatine has a pretty good chance of one-shooting Corran if she survives long enough to get a shot at him. Also, Boba Fett can pop R2-D2 and leave Corran high and dry. Corran has definitely seen better days. It's rough to see the only really competitive E-wing get so many counters aimed at it.
  17. I don't want new ships. There are already plenty. What I want is to see moribund pilots and ships reinvigorated to the point where as many as possible are viable. In my opinion, it is a travesty that there are so few pilots that are truly competitive. It would be nice to see interceptor pilots other than Soontir Fel or Carnor Jax. Or E-wing pilots other than Corran Horn.
  18. Imperials need new crew, period. The Rebels have three times as many crew as we have, when manpower was one of their greatest weaknesses and the Empires greatest strengths. Random officer "A" is not manpower, champ. I will say the problem with potent imperial crew is how economical the shuttle is and quite possibly the phantom. I think the Phantom is more of an issue than the shuttle. Even post-nerf, the Phantom is very dangerous, and a badly balanced crewman could allow it to upset the meta again in a way that other ships wouldn't be able to exploit.
  19. This build shall henceforth be known as "CrackStabber".
  20. I agree on the part of the ARC-170 being sexy, but the K-wing, ugh. To eahc their own I guess. At least The K-wing is better than the awful TIE Punisher/TIE Interdictor Skimmer. I would also agree that the K-wing is a fugly pig-dog of a ship. I think it's a cool ship, but I like it for its uniqueness and versatility rather than because it's looks... though it's growing on me with time. TIE Punisher is sort of the opposite for me... I think the model is drop dead gorgeous, but I'm not wild about it gamewise.
  21. As an A-wing fan, I really hate the fact that Gemmer Sojan and Arvel Crynyd have no native EPT slot. They see so much less play than Jake or Tycho for that very reason. I also feel the lack of an EPT on Hobbie pretty keenly. I do think that most ships could also use a mid-PS generic. I do think there's a problem with giving pilots pets across the board though. Some ships need it, some would be broken with it. Some pilots *need* the help, some are already excellent without it. As somebody else mentioned above, Wampa does NOT need access to Calculation. I honestly think most of the named TIE fighter pilots have *great* abilities as is and shouldn't be fiddled with. They are wonderful little Micro-Aces on their own and perfectly competitive. But I do think a lot of marginal pilots would benefit from an EPT slot.
  22. Each Kwing expansion comes with two TLT cards, so you'd only need two of them to max out your 100pt lists. Not four.
  23. IMOHO, a big part of the disappointment is that it's an "Elite" $20 small ship that isn't as good as the more basic $15 smmall ships (TIE Punisher has the same problem). Paying a 30% premium for mediocrity tends to leave a bad taste in player's mouths. I think people were hoping for something meta-defining from the Starviper. But Autothrusters has really been the only thing in the expansion that has made a big splash... the ship itself is largely ignored. Like a lot of other clunker ships, the Starviper has been kind of "Dead on Arrival" for high end play and could really use a fix (like the A-wing, Defender, and TIE Advance have gotten) to make it what it should have been in the first place.
  24. Giving up IA for GC is a dubious trade in my book (much as I hate the 2pt missile tax on A-wings).
  25. I actually feel that the original sin of the X-wing is an action bar that has only two actions (and perhaps a lack of green on the dial). I think that with boost, barrel roll, or evade on the action bar, Xwigs might have been *much* better. Frankly, I am of the opinion that all ships should have three actions on the bar as standard.
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