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  1. The card is already good. If it goes off once, it's as good as a shield upgrade for one less point. On a ship like the Ghost it has the potential to go off more than once, making it way way more cost effective than a shield mod. Best case scenario, if you take exactly 3 damage each shot, you will recover up to 6 shields in a game before kabooming. That potential is absolutely massive for only 3 points.
  2. It's important to remember that there is more than one way to measure range, depending on context: Measuring range for an attack is done from your firing arc to closest point on the opposing ship's base. Measuring range for an ability is done from closest point on your base to the closest point on the opposing ship's base. Now let's look at the text of the two cards: The Inquisitor - When attacking with your primary weapon at Range 2-3, treat the range of the attack as Range 1. Autothrusters - When defending, if you are beyond Range 2, or outside the attacker's firing arc, you may change 1 of your blank results to an [Evade] result. And let's look at the following rule: Pg. 5 FAQ: When a player declares a ship’s ability that requires another ship (or ships) to be at a certain range, the player trying to resolve the ability can measure range from their ship to any valid ships before resolving the abilityBased on the way the rules work for measuring range, the Inquisitor's text requires measuring using the rules for "range of attack", whereas the autothrusters require measuring for "range of ship". These are separate measurements. I argue an attack with the Inquisitor would then look like this: Inquisitor declares attack. The range of the attack is considered range 1, which attacker +1, defender no bonus. Attacker and defender roll dice. Defender decides if he can use his autothrusters ability. The use of autothruster has nothing to do with the range of the attack, which is still considered to be range 1 due to the Inquisitor (arc to base), but must instead be determined using the rules for checking range on an ability (base to base). This second measurement allows him to use autothrusters if he is "beyond range 2", even though the attack range modifier is considered range 1. tl;dr: Inquisitor gets an extra dice, defender gets no extra dice, but can use autothrusters.
  3. The Hired Guns figure pack has an interesting Skirmish Upgrade attachment: There doesn't seem to be any restriction to "small figures". Theoretically you could attach this to a Nexu (or even a Bantha Rider when it comes out!) which would drastically increase the "blast radius" when you're defeated since the figure is larger. I'm not missing something am I? Seems like a pretty cool and unique interaction. A suicidal Nexu list might be kind of fun.
  4. I've been playing Imperial Assault Skirmish with my friends for about 6 months now at least. At first it seemed like the side that got an early lead would be the one that wins. Now that we're all relatively experienced though, it definitely doesn't feel that way as often. List building is important. There are some lists that just aren't very competitive and will get mopped up easily. But when the lists are even, it can honestly go either way. Most of the losses I've experienced come down to bad positioning or not thinking through what I'm doing. Even when things are bleak, we've had some amazing comeback games where we all thought one side was going to win, but careful activation and better positioning ended up swinging it around to the other side. So to answer your question: yes, sometimes its a blowout. But often that's more do to careless positioning or a poorly designed skirmish list. If two players are playing strategically and not overcommiting their troops, you can end up with some pretty down to the wire battles.
  5. Think of it as being added to the dice rolls. Whenever Gaarkhan rolls the defense die, add +1 block. Whenever Boba rolls the defense die, add +1 block and +1 evade. Whenever a figure adjacent to a Royal Guard rolls his defense die, add +1 block, etc.
  6. Someone noticed in this thread that the preview articles had higher resolution screenshots added. In the higher resolution screenshots you can just barely read it if you zoom in. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/186258-wave-3-updates/page-2 You can see the article and screenshot here: Article Image
  7. Leaving out "another" definitely seems like an omission. I expect that should be FAQ'd and fixed. If it's not an omission, however, then I think he's right to say that a figure can use Executive Order on itself, and you're right to cite the "only one attack" during your activation rule. In regards to the card that allows you (the activating figure) to move or attack after using Execute Order, the same rules apply. If the figure uses Executive Order on itself to move, it COULD then use the card to attack. If it used Executive Order on itself to to attack, however, then you could only use that card to move, not attack, as that violates the "one attack" rule. TL:DR, The ability to use Executive Order is either a typo, or it's a useless redundancy because other rules prevent the activating figure from attacking more than once.
  8. From this thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/186124-kayne-somos-squad-command/
  9. What are everyone's thoughts on the Hired Guns? Useful and effective piece for the Scum, or useless? Hired Guns Smuggler 4 points, 2 figures 3 Health, 5 Speed, White Defense, Green Yellow Attack. Surges: Surge: +1 damage Surge: Pierce 1 Surge: +1 Accuracy Abilities: Parting Shot: when you have suffered damage equal to your health, before you are defeated, you may interrupt to perform an attack Disposable: While defending, apply - 1 evades to your defense results 3 health, 5 speed, white defense, green + yellow attack Some things I notice right off the bat: With GY attack, their minimum range is 1 and max is 5, BUT every yellow face without any range gets a surge, meaning the minimum range with surge is 2. You have a 56% chance of rolling 3 range without having to use surge. Effective range of these guys is effectively melee reach, anywhere from 1-3 range. 5 speed on a 2 cost figure is really good. Aside from Boba, the scum really really lacks mobility that can also interact. Disposable: These guys are going to die in a single hit from just about anything, except for a lucky dodge roll. Parting Shot: Seems incredible at first, until you realize that their effective range is only 1-3 spaces. Stormtroopers shooting at their optimal range should almost never trigger this. The only thing this will work against is melee, honestly. What do you guys think? Is this the piece scum needs to boost their lists or are these guys truly "disposable"?
  10. The E-Web can shoot on its own activation if it was moved by an officer or something else earlier. During your activation, you [the E-web] cannot voluntarily exit your space if you attack, and you cannot attack if you exit your space. The restriction only applies "during your activation." In this case "your" is the activation of the E-web. If an Officer tells it to move or shoot, it's still the officer's activation, so the E-web restriction does not apply.
  11. What about adding health to the Ally based on threat level? If the threat is 4, the ally gets 4 health. 3 threat, ally gets 3 health, etc? I'm not sure if I like the idea of just adding health to the ally figure, but if I was going to do it, that might be the way to balance it out.
  12. Hey guys, My buddy played this list against me the other day and I got smoked. 15 - Chewie 12 - Han 5 - Jyn 3 - Gideon 3 - R2-D2 2 - C3-P0 Basically he just finds a strategic position and clumps up Chewie, Han, Jyn, and C3P0 into a 2x2 square, preferably next to whatever the objective is. When they're grouped up, you face a hard choice. Cunning, protector, and distracting stack up rather viciously. Jyn gets +3 auto block, +2 auto surge cancel + white die Han gets +2 auto block +1 surge cancel + white die Chewie gets + 2 auto surge cancel + black/white die C3-P0 gets +1 auto block +1 surge cancel + white die + reroll Ideally he keeps C3-P0 in the corner farthest from the enemy as he is the squishiest. Assuming you can't get to 3P0, you face a hard choice. Jyn has the least health but greatest native defense. Han gets to fire back if your attack doesn't do damage. Chewie has the least native defense but he also has the most health and rolls two dice. It's low on number of attacks, but with two focuses, you're still getting 12 dice onto the board each round, assuming Jyn quick draws. 15 dice if R2 and Gideon attack too but that doesn't usually happen. The only weakness is mobility. Low figure count, low movement points, and each figure is pretty squishy when not grouped up, I could see it struggling on certain objective based maps. What do you guys think? Have any of you played with or against it yet? Is it a competitive list or just gimmicky?
  13. I could see this list being good: 15 - Chewie 8 - Wookiees 8 - Garkhaan (Or another WW) 3 - Gideon 3 - R2-D2 (Or Mak if you need range more than cards) 2 - C3-P0 1 - Balance of the Force Gideon gives you the movements when you just need to get a tad bit closer. Garkhaan gives you the extra range with his charge when you really just need to get to the enemy. I'd argue he's even better than the WW when he's focused, which he can do for himself or through the help of Gideon. Chewie keeps the Wookiee command card theme, but also gives you a big ranged threat which makes this list more difficult to kite away from.
  14. Hey guys, I've been shopping around to try to find the best Imperial Assault box insert for price and quality. I think I've finally found it. This guy has been making wooden Imperial Assault inserts on an individual basis now, but he's been getting so many requests that he needs more equipment and he's started a Kickstarter to do it on a larger scale. If you're interested in getting a better way to organize and preserve your IA peices, give it a look, and consider supporting him. The guy is doing great work and I really hope he reaches his goal. Link to the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thinkertinkermaker/thinker-tinker-maker-game-inserts-and-ccg-boxes?ref=hero_thanks Link to pictures: http://thinkertinkermaker.us/star-wars-imperial-assault-insert-gallery/
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