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  1. PC is riding a beast. PC wants to make the beast attack. Do they roll piloting or survival... and THEN roll brawl check for the beast? or only the piloting/survival roll (one roll)?
  2. Darth Poopdeck

    Aiming at specific item, like a weapon.

    2 SETBACKS! I wasn't confident about how to do that. Thank you!
  3. I think the rule for aiming at a specific item in combat is to increase the difficulty of the roll once? Anyways, what happens if someone wants to aim their blaster shot at the target's weapon and it's successful? Does it just fall out of their hands? Does that weapon receive damage? How much damage? Any specific guidance in any of the books for that situation?
  4. Are there any large flying creature transports? I wanted something for the party to fly around on that wasn't mechanical in nature. If not in the books, in expanded star war products?
  5. The Core book states, "This maneuver only works if the ship or vehicle has defense that can be reassigned, as with deflector shields." Is this usually mentioned in the ship description? Are there other types of shields that can be reassigned other than deflector shields?
  6. Darth Poopdeck

    The rules for a chase

    I thought you were wrong but you are right. At first glance, it appears that the positive dice are better... Green Dice Success symbols = 5 vs. 4 for Purple Dice Failures. Yellow Dice Success symbols = 10 vs. 9 for Red Dice Failures. Boost Dice Success symbols = 2 vs. 2 for Setback Dice Failures. The key is that you have to factor in that if the positive dice rolls no successes, that's a failed roll before you even roll the negative dice. With only 4 of the 8 sides of the green dice showing successes, that's a 50% chance of failure before rolling the purple die.
  7. Anyone know of jungle planets that appear in any of the books?
  8. Darth Poopdeck

    What Skill?: Navigating Jungle

    Survival. It just seems weird to me that we would have 2 skills for different types of navigation (Astrogation & Survival), but I completely understand, I just have to tilt my head sideways now and then until my thinking readjusts.
  9. What skill would be used for navigating a path thru a jungle, or navigating the ocean? Survival? Knowledge? Seems like Astrogation, but that's only for spaceships right?
  10. I cringe every time I hear a PC say, "I'll wait here." or basically anything that will separate them from the rest of the group of PCs. Even though, it might seem like a smart thing to do in game at the time in their minds, it means that they will sit there for an hour twiddling their thumbs while the other people play the game. Sure, as a GM I can try railroading them along with there friends, but it seems really apparent that I'm trying to do that (my fault as a GM). I'm thinking about telling them out of game before every session to try not to separate unless I hint to them that it might be beneficial to do so.
  11. I'm reading through Mask of the Pirate Queen right now. My question can be applied to most adventures, but in this particular context I'm talking about at the end of episode I, where they have a battle at "The Vault" in the Blackwind Crater. What as a GM do you do if the PCs are defeated in battle (but not killed)?
  12. Darth Poopdeck

    Restricted Items Cost

    Do you raise the prices of restricted items because they are hard to get? I'm conflicted on this, because the book already calculated that into the price listed in the books, so there would be no need to up the price right? and the rarity part is factored into the roll to find already.
  13. Darth Poopdeck

    Point Blank Talent

    I misspoke, I meant "get 2 damage in".
  14. Darth Poopdeck

    Point Blank Talent

    I don't have the full description in front of me, but in the Mask of the Pirate Queen book, it says that Point Blank, "add +1 damage to one hit of a successful Ranged [Heavy] or Ranged [Light] attack made at short or engaged range" At first I thought this meant that you add +1 damage to the roll, but I notice it states "of a Successful..." I assume this mean if you roll 4 successes and 4 failures, you fail. Where as if you roll 4 successes and 3 failures, your target gets 2 hits in? Or does it also need to go over soak before adding in the +1?
  15. I played this earlier this year and was frustrated. Maybe it was the person running the game fault (their first time running it), but I didn't know what my limits were. My background in gaming is to play a level to perfection, getting every item you can. The first time we played the first level, we knew that there was an unknown time limit, so we wanted to complete our mission as fast as possible, but at the same time we saw these boxes full of goodies that we can get. My thinking was, there are boxes we can get, so therefore we must have time to get them AND complete the mission. Nope. Also things would happen without warning, either ending a level(I forget what a level was called), or causing us to miss out of something. What I'm try to say is, it seemed like there was a lot of guessing involved in what strategy to use, no matter how good of a player you were at strategy games. It left a sour taste in my mouth and I LOVE these types of games. I'm hoping the person running the game just did it wrong, or do you see this type of opinion here a lot? If it's suppose to be that way, I guess it's very realistic, because rebels wouldn't know everything that would happen ahead of time, but... even though realistic, is that fun?