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  1. I should correct my post. I'll be adding the Interdictor in the next couple of days - the details are already posted.
  2. I've updated SWAFT to include support for the fleet building competition. At the moment this is limited to the MC80 Liberty expansion, but when details are released I will be adding support for the Imperial ship and also creating a text string output that's relatively easy to paste into competition entry form. http://nanotanks.pythonanywhere.com/
  3. For some reason I'd neglected to add that upgrade. It's in there now.
  4. This is in the works. I'll be adding an option to go back and edit a fleet after you've "submitted" it.
  5. Cheers - just fixed it. FFG's old news posts showed the wrong card picture (a beta test image I guess). I link to their images throughout SWAFT (don't want to breach their IP).
  6. Thanks for the complements. Is there anything you'd like to see added to SWAFT? Always keen to be the number 1 .
  7. I just made an update to include what's been teased from wave 3. I don't think I missed anything, but let me know if you can see anything that's not there.
  8. I can't seem to repeat this, can you give the entire fleet?
  9. You can now permanently link to fleets now, and fleets are validated when created. When you "submit" a fleet it redirects you to the link. Soon you'll be able to edit from these links.
  10. Named items now work (I.e you can on,y have one Darth). Also the Raider has been added.
  11. Thanks for that - apologies for all these errors there a result of me not doing the names fully and trying to push lit. The MC80 stats. I've resolved to be more patient and do things properly now. Plus being ill and trying to code aren't working so well.
  12. Fixed that spelling mistake, cheers. There are a few and I fix them as I find them. More significantly I've added the MC80 and enabled duplicates of the same upgrade type. Interestingly enough the rules don't prohibit multiples of the same upgrade card (unless it's a title), so that was easier than I thought As a bonus it also sorts the upgrades properly (title at the top and then in the same order as the rules book) which was a little bug I'd had on my to do list. I've still got to stop duplicates of the same named cards across types. But at the moment that just Darth with his squadron and commander option - so you'll have to remember that one yourself for the moment. I'm guessing there will be another preview next week so I'll probably fix it when I release that update.
  13. Yep, my data structure for upgrade slots doesnt let me have multiples and is going to take a bit to fix. With hindsight this was a bit shortsighted. Ain't hindsight grand? I also haven't implemented the rule that you can't have Darth Vader as a squadron and also fleet commander. I've got the data structure for that, I just need to write the validation rules.
  14. Finally spent some time on this after getting stuck with internationalisation. I haven't got other languages working yet,but I did add the Imperial star destroyer that was just teased.
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