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  1. IMO following the route of a game NOT designed for tournament play is not the way to go.
  2. This is the best idea I've seen. It encourages players to actually engage and discourages players from conceding. Will it result in a meta change? Yes, probably, but IMO the change to playstyle that the points system will encourage is only a good thing.
  3. I've been flying Krassis a lot (albeit with IG88 in Extended) and he is very good. Options between primary and Ion with a free re-roll in a 180 degree arc is pretty potent. I'd use PerCo instead of 0-0-0, but triple 0 isn't bad. Seevor is good cheap or with SS, but at 37pts does end up as a bigger target. Why the ORP? L337 naked saves a ton of points. Scum are in a weird place in HS - most of the stuff I want to fly is extended.
  4. Thanks for the write up. You're making me wonder if the 2 I ordered will be enough!
  5. Played my Ups + 3xSF list at the weekend. It was hard to get anything meaningful from Hux. TBH most any list with Silencer/SF/Ups is playable. Played a few games with 5 x Omega Experts with Adv.Op and Fanatical - awesome. So much time on target and the number of times you just get 2 hits is amazing. Reminds me of Vader - Vader always max hits. Well the SF's almost always get 2, and with 5 ships and 10 perma-arcs, they almost always get shots. No shenanigans, no tricks, just concentrate on flying well.
  6. I've been trying a few variations on Upsilon's and SF's and have refined to this:- Zeta Squadron Survivor (32) Special Forces Gunner (10) x 3 Starkiller Base Pilot (58) Biohexacrypt Codes (1) General Hux (6) Captain Phasma (5) Electronic Baffle (2) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=First Order&d=v8ZsZ200Z259XW182WWWY259XW182WWWY259XW182WWWY288X202WW180W183WWWW106&sn=Ups%2B3SF&obs= The SF is just good value on it's own, as is the Ups. Hux allows for a triple Coordinate - usually a Focus or Lock, meaning all the SF get double mods most of the time. The options here are vast:- coord a barrel before they move (linked to rotate if needed); SF's do a blue and still get an action. Or SF's move and focus, Ups moves into range and coords a Lock etc. All at I2 is key as the Ups can go 1st and coordinate, or move into range and coordinate last. Biohex goes on the SF most likely to stray the furthest away, and Baffle lets me clear stress without being forced to take a blue next turn. 30HP split 15/15, 13 attack dice, mostly double modded, coordinate, stress removal and stress causing, with a minor 2 pt bid - if that matters much at I2. Jousts very well too Will be trying it at a small Hyperspace this weekend.
  7. Like chess, x-wing can be unforgiving. Play well for most of a game - one mistake and you can/will lose. It's why many of the players that you see at the top of the cut are so risk-averse.
  8. I've tried with all missile types that fit, points-wise. In my experience you rarely get more than 2 hits, and I'd usually prefer 1 Hit plus Ion than 2 hits. You need 'something' on Kylo. As your hitter and end-game piece he really needs to try and push through 3-4 hits per shot, and the Force alone is not enough for that. The tricks you can pull with SF's specifically and PS are awesome. Block, no shot, take PS at engage, Lock/Spin turret & shoot etc. are just very good. The only downsides are getting initiative killed prior to shooting, somehow getting stressed before activation, and having no defensive mod when you are shot (if you shoot after the enemy). And the first of those applies to any lower Init ship. It also forces most small based ships to think very hard about moving as no one likes having their Ace ioned and facing Kylo + 1-2 other ships pounding on them the following turn.
  9. Kylo, Hate, AO 3 x SF, Ions & Passive Sensors Plays really well, covers most bases and Kylo is a decent end-game piece.
  10. I think you are all wrong! Disney have a tendency to lock things down tighter than a ducks arse. IMO they will be calling the shots on announcements and schedules going forward. This will likely result in what we are seeing now - no news - until much closer to an actual release. Which tbh I'm quite happy with. I hate 'news' when I have to then wait 6-9 months for the actual toys.
  11. To further your ideas, I currently use a Vet Cap with SW7s on a Raider II. Well, two of those. The Captain allows them to double up on Commands in a pinch, or do two disparate things as needed. Emergency Rhymer activation? Move a shield? Drop an additional point of Speed? Reroll that Die you added? The versatility alone is worth the 6 points. Vet. Captain cost 3 points Yup and he has 2 Raiderzz!
  12. Mauler, Inty, Dengar, Advanced. With Boosted Comms somewhere (and FC if you can spare the pts) surprisingly resilient and only 58 pts in sqds.
  13. I like the manoeuvre phase, coupled with anything which reduces variance (esp.dice - rerolls 4tw) and like others have mentioned use those tools to bring pressure at a point.
  14. See ClonTrooper5's list in the World Championship thread (oh and watch the game replays too). Should give you some ideas on how to progress. Your list as it stands does not do enough damage for glass hammers. Try adding Montferrat running shotgun to make Ozzy's Raider more survivable.
  15. Best advice I can give is to turn up expecting to lose, enjoy all your games and learn from your opponents. Don't fall into the trap of trying to overthink your list at this stage. See what worked and what didn't. Which scenarios gave you issues and which didn't. Then go away and re-build your list and choices. But don't forget rule no.1 - Have FUN
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