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  1. As somebody who repaints all his ships I would say no. Why? Because if the ships were unpainted none of my friends would play. Also I know I would have to play against unpainted, half painted and lazily painted squadrons. Which is something that always annoys me in other miniature games.
  2. Interesting idea. Question for you - can you please expand on how this approach discourages more than one attack run at a time? Thanks! In the second sentence "as long as there is no ship in front of them they add an aim token to their card." If you are running in behind another group you will not collect aim tokens until they finish their attack and turn off. Depending on how many rolls of 6 you need to hit your chances will be much lower or maybe impossible compared to a clean run. It should be added that if a ship does drop into the trench in front of you (something Imperials can only do if following a rebel ship) you lose all aim tokens.
  3. I have been thinking about running a trench run game and have a interesting idea for how the attack on the exhaust port would work. The Rebels may enter the trench at any point and may only move toward the port. Each turn (or maybe distance traveled) as they move down the trench, as long as there is no ship in front of them they add an aim token to their card. When they shoot at the port, they spend their aim tokens to roll that many D6. If they roll at lest one 6 (or maybe two) the shot goes in. Luke may reroll his dice. The Imperials may only enter the trench behind rebels, may only move towards the port and must exit as soon as they can when there are no Rebels in front of them. This removes having only one entry point to the trench that gets congested, makes the rebels want to have long runs down the trench and discourages more than one run at a time.
  4. Have two firesprays painted as Bob's and Kath's ships. Play the Kath ship as Boba and the Boba ship as Kath. It will be really irritating to people with OCD.
  5. Rear of the Royal Guard TIE
  6. These look nice. One of the best ways to make the model look more dynamic.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am new to the game and don't have Slave 1 or the Falcon yet.
  8. I have read about people using Engine Upgrade on the Tie Advanced. How is this possible when the card doesn't have the Modification symbol?
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