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  1. Why was the Mystic discarded? When first encountered the Mystic should be moved to the Village and not discarded. Of course there are other reasons cards get discarded; did this happen in your game? If so then I think your cursed friend had some tough luck
  2. Well I understand the rules as written, but I'm not seeing many instances, except for at the very beginning of the game, when there would be both another character AND facedown remnant cards in the same space
  3. So I'm not completely clear how to handle spaces with facedown remnant cards. When you land on the space, you turn up the card(s) and then choose whether you want to encounter that card or not? On the Ruins, you turn up both and you can choose one, both, or neither card?
  4. How are you selling anything at the village?
  5. I agree with Warlock. A "re-roll" (not exactly the best choice of words, IMO) is a roll just like any other. Take the case of the Drunken Revelry, and 2 (or more) players roll a 1. They each have the opportunity to pay light fight and roll again. If none chooses to, they make another roll to break the tie. This tie-breaking roll is subject to fate-spending, as with any roll that has not had a fate already used to change it. Where it gets a little hairier is when someone spent a fate to reroll his intial roll of 1, and got a 1 again, thereby initiating the tie-breaking roll. I, personally, would play that this tie-breaking roll would again be subject to fate-spending, either dark or light.
  6. yes I see this now. I must have just been too anxious to try the expansion out that I missed the part about moving the Harbinger to another space. I don't think it would have changed our game too much. We drew too many events and he was always on the move. I'm not sure how I feel about this expansion yet. 2 of the 3 people I played with didn't care for it, but I think we just were unfortunate to continue to have to draw from the Harbinger deck. I think if I were to play Talisman often (which I don't get to do), I'd use this occasionally and not every time.
  7. Sorry, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I guess he still moves when any Event is drawn? I should go back to bed
  8. So, if I interpret this correctly, you can land in the Harbinger, send him to the Dungeon, and if no one enters the Dungeon, the Harbinger won't have an effect again? That doesn't seem right
  9. Wow, my apologies. I completely misread that and played this wrong. And I'm usually a stickler for rules. Mea culpa
  10. Ok as I reread the rules, I see I made a mistake, but I don't have the character sheet in front of me. Does it saw on the card you get to teleport the Harbinger??
  11. Artaterxes, you are not quite correct. If you land on the Harbinger, you send him back to his character card; in other words, off the board completely. You then roll a die for his character card, just like the Reaper and Werewolf cards. The Harbinger will reappear on the board when the next event is drawn. You don't get to send him wherever you want
  12. Personally I think the Conjurer has the most fantastic ability of moving cards to her space. That Fountain of Wisdom way over there on the other side of the board on the same space as a dragon....well it dries up over there and is now over here! That Unicorn that was ditched when someone became a toad....mine now! And likely on their next turn they can loot that Toadified spot again. I was about to write that this would be especially powerful when forced to draw from the Harbinger deck, but since Harbinger cards are not considered Adventure cards until they are on the board, she could not use her ability in this case.
  13. I agree you have to adjust your playing style when using Harbinger. But there are so many Event cards that it's difficult to escape for long. I believe the Dungeon has the fewest Events but it's hard to survive in there early in the game. I don't think we took advantage of landing on the Harbinger and sending him off the board, but most of the time when we did, we advanced the Omen deck, and we never had an instance where we reversed the Omen order. So perhaps it was an anomaly, but I only get to play a couple times a year, sadly, so I don't get much chance to figure out the best strategy.
  14. I played with Harbinger the first time last weekend. Seems like we were drawing from the Harbinger deck more than the Adventure deck. None of us was leveling up at all, except the Ascendant Divine, who probably only got one strength and one craft. We drew no Omen deck reversing cards so we were pretty over the game a few hours in and played to hasten the Apocalypse. One of our players had the card that let him win (Apocrypha?) when everyone else lost so at least there was some closure. Overall, the Harbinger deck kicked our butts and now the player who was the Ascendant refuses to ever play Harbinger again. It was cool to play with it to see it in action but it really does seem to change the game dramatically.
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