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  1. Is there a player action window during or after an individual racing test? For example, T Boromir exhausts to make a racing test after completing stage 1b. He succeeds and the excess progress is placed on stage 2b. Enough progress is placed that stage 2b is also completed and a second racing test is triggered. Is there any window during all this that T Boromir could have readied himself? My hunch is that the answer is no, but as racing tests aren't a typical part of the game I'm unsure.
  2. A card like Steed of the North could just as easily have been a Tactics cards. I don't see why Tactics shouldn't offer at least 1 in-sphere repeatable ready that doesn't relate to attack and defense. At this point in the game's lifespan I actually find it stranger that this hasn't happened yet. I'm not asking for a universal ready like Unexpected Courage, but some way to consistently ready a hero would be great. It could be limited to warriors only and I'd still be happy to have it. I understand that there are some neutral readying options, but I was specifically talking about the lack of tactics readying.
  3. I would love some Tactics cards that offer reliable readying outside of the combat phase. At the moment, the only non-hero Tactics card that does that is Hold Your Ground, which is an event that only targets sentinel characters. Unexpected Courage, Snowmane, Wingfoot, Leather Boots, Steed of the North, Heir of Mardil, etc. provide readying for heroes that were committed to the quest. How am I supposed to ready my heroes in Mono-Tactics decks? Magic Ring? An attachment like Leather Boots that triggers when an enemy is revealed would be a great addition to the card pool.
  4. Ah, ok. Your explanation makes more sense. EDIT: removed pointless example
  5. I'm inclined to agree with you, but are we sure Ally Beorn + Thorongil + Beorn won't work? I can't figure out the nullification loop. Does the hero Beorn ability undo MotK when it comes into effect?
  6. Gwaihir is a bit difficult to play around, but it makes sense that an eagle hero wouldn't be a good fit for most decks. I'm actually glad that he's a challenging hero with high threat and a very unique stat/keyword mix. His obvious partner is Radagast, but you'll want to run a low threat third hero to fill out the board. Fortunately the new contract adds several good options, including Ioreth, Pippin, and Meneldor. Sure, your threat will probably still be pretty high, but you get to run 2 eagle heroes and an Istari hero! Speaking of the contract, a few allies really stand out to me: - Le Anborn seems like a fun third for a direct damage Argalad/Thalin deck. He allows for Unlikely Friendship and Fresh Tracks, but he might be overkill in a deck that already struggles against boss enemies. - Angbor the Fearless might be the only Valor hero we'll ever get, but he's a good one. - Arwen was always amazing, and just got even better. Your main defender now has +1 def and sentinel from turn 1. Congratulations! - Azain is definitely quest dependent, but he'll do a ton of work when he gets the chance. He's sort of a little brother to T Thorin. Sure, Thorin will typically be the better choice, but Azain is a fun alternative. - Bilbo makes pipe and Istari decks work out the gate, and for only 4 threat. There are few better deals out there. - Boromir is a great addition to a low threat deck, even though his readying butts heads with the contract. If he's getting his 3 defense, then he's a great hero for only 9 threat. - Ceorl is like a flexible mini Le Aragorn. Moving him around should allow for some fun shenanigans. - S Elfhelm is a champion in certain quests. He saved my butt in Temple of Doom. - Erestor is going into a Cirdan deck for sure. Just strain the draw deck and get the exact cards you want. Throw in some Silver Harps and go to town. - Firyal... wow. - Galdor is a great companion to S Legolas, Arwen, Erestor, etc. One of the promoted allies that just feels like an official hero. - Ghan-buri-Ghan is hampered by his discard effect, but I'll gladly slot him into a Haldan/Idraen deck. - Gimli is a higher threat all rounder, but his innate readying ensures that his stats won't be wasted. He's great in a dwarf deck, but he'll fit in most anywhere. - Gleowine is 3 threat mini-Beravor. Poor Lo Bilbo... - Glorfindel is costly at 11 threat, but he's still cheaper than Lo Glorfindel. The loss of 1 hp isn't terrible either, since that was mainly used for undefended attacks. His readying ability matches up perfectly with the contract, and he's still a great target for Light of Valinor. I'd be happy to run him in an Erestor deck. - Jubayr is getting on an Armored Destrier for sure. - Legolas is a slighty cheaper version of Core Legolas, but with a more universally useful ability. Tactics just got guaranteed turn 1 draw capability. - Meneldor is basically blank, but a 7 threat eagle hero should be a fun addition to a Radagast deck. - Pippin is possibly the best ally for this contract because he essentially offers 6 points of stats and readying for 4 threat cost. That's bonkers. I'm gonna have a hard time playing T Merry now. The biggest knock against him is that Lo Pippin is so good in the same deck type. - Robin, Rosie, Sam, Halfast, and Gaffer: hobbits/secrecy probably get the biggest boost from this contract of all the archetypes. I'm very excited for Wiglaf, but I'm a bit confused about his response. Does putting him into play for the contract trigger "After you play Wiglaf..." ? I know it normally would say "from your hand" to stop these responses, but I'm never clear on the language.
  7. Just played Temple of Doom and I cannot get over Ulchor's look. He's rocking a denim jumpsuit, one massive pauldron with leather straps, and a thin headband. He has maggoty sallow skin, greasy hair, and a goatee. It is truly one of the strangest art choices I've seen in the entire life of the game. The art of the treachery "Ulchor's Rage" really shows his ensemble in all of its glory. Is this a reference to something I'm completely missing? Is he a strange Mad Max ripoff? What is going on with Ulchor? EDIT: Oh... it's him. I retract my questions, but still think that is without a doubt the worst get-up in the game.
  8. Kahliel and the Harad allies are quite good, but you need to generate a lot of cards and resources to really get them going. Steward of Gondor is unfortunately the go to solution for resources, and if you run that on Kahliel, then Harad works wonderfully. If you'd prefer to avoid that, then Captain's Wisdom, Storm Comes, Theodred, Elrond, etc, can help pay for the 5 cost allies. Sneaking them into play with Elfstone or Send for Aid is also a good work around. Every unused Harad card in your hand becomes a potential ready, so Peace and Thought is a great way to fuel Kahliel. Harad decks tend to take a bit to set up, but once you have Jubayr and/or Firyal out, then things click into place. But I honestly don't love the archetype that much because the variations are pretty limited. Even if you solve the resource and draw problem in different ways, there are just too few Harad cards for you to do much experimentation and personalization. I'm sure others might disagree, but there is a sort of prebuilt feel to Harad-Kahliel decks.
  9. The Burglar's Turn is probably best when used with decks that would normally run less than 15 attachments, and instead focus on allies and events. Although losing certain key attachments can be a real bummer, the draw and resource advantage of the Loot Deck will often make up for that. Personally, I'm in favor of anything that makes Steward of Gondor and Unexpected Courage impossible to play. It is a bummer that of the 14 Loot cards, ~10 will be essentially auto-includes. I haven't tested these yet, but I think the contract would work very well with heroes that favor allies: S Theoden, T Imrahil, Hirgon, etc. I think I'll build a Burglar Rohan deck with S Theoden since many of the pricey artifact/item attachments can go on him. Then the main deck can have at least 30 allies. I doubt it will a very consistent deck, but it should be viable with some luck.
  10. I understand Eleanor's potential to totally save the game in certain quests, but I've struggled to make consistent use of her. What's your favorite deck/hero lineup to use her in? I imagine tactics + Gondorian shield is the best way to make sure her action isn't wasted. My top 4 are my favorite from each sphere: Sam, Lo Aragorn, Cirdan, and Mablung. I was pleased to see three of those four make it quite far in the contest. The actual final 4 are all very powerful and, more importantly, very fun. You have the two courageous mortals (Eowyn and Sam) who boast high willpower, low threat, and action advantage. Then you have two of the most canonically powerful beings in Middle Earth (Gandalf and Galadriel), who offer abilities seen no where else in the card pool, and who come with their own artifacts. I'm curious to see who will win between T Eowyn and Gandalf. I prefer Gandalf, but my money is on T Eowyn.
  11. We're reaching the end of the current run of this great game, and there are only 2 heroes yet to be revealed. If the general pattern holds, then there should be 1 Spirit and 1 Tactics hero left. Who do you hope the final 2 will be? What abilities do you hope they'll have? What deck-types and themes would benefit from a new hero? If the heroes are alternate version of existing heroes, then these are the ones I expect (and/or want) to see: Spirit Aragorn Spirit or Tactics Faramir Tactics Glorfindel Spirit or Tactics Sam If any character deserves to get a hero version in every sphere, then it's Aragorn. I'd also be thrilled if we got an ally Aragorn instead. Even though Faramir has 2 hero and 2 ally versions (not counting objective cards), I'm not a huge fan of either hero version. A third hero Faramir might be excessive, but he fits well into Spirit or Tactics. I really doubt he'll get another vsersion though. Lore Glorfindel has been around since the beginning, but people rarely play him. Spirit Glorfindel is powerful, but he's a polarizing hero that carries a bit of a stigma. I'd love to see a Tactics Glorfindel that shows him in all his Balrog-smiting glory. Also, Noldor could really use a Tactics hero other than Elladan. I'm still amazed that Merry and Pippin got 2 hero versions well before Frodo. Meanwhile, Sam still only has 1 (albeit amazing) hero version. I'd probably prefer if the next Sam was in Spirit, but I could totally see Tactics working as well, even though his Leadership version already fulfills that combative role. If the last 2 heroes are new additions to the lineup, then I'd love to see Spirit Gleowine, Tactics Wilyador, or an Easterling Tactics hero. The Blue Wizards don't really seem to be an option because of licensing, but I'd be happy to have them. So, what are your hopes and guesses for these last 2 heroes?
  12. I don't find Tactics Beregond to be that exciting either, but Bartering and Long Lake Trader make his cost reduction fun to play around with. T Beregond also makes items like Spear of the Citadel and Raven-winged Helm easier to play. I enjoy direct damage decks, and T Beregond aids those. I'm sure there are cool combos to use with S Beregond, but I've likely missed them because I haven't used him much. My love of S Dain might also contribute to my ambivalence towards S Beregond, as does S Beregond's so-so art.
  13. Lore Aragorn vs Sam is the only choice giving me trouble as they're my favorites from their respective sphere. Looks like every Leadership hero is gonna be out in the first round.
  14. Whoops, I totally forgot that Gildor was one of the guaranteed spots. I think you made the right call to do the tournament now while there is still upcoming content to anticipate. Thanks for putting this all together. I know people are itching for Spirit Aragorn, and I'm all for that. I'd actually be really pleased if the last Tactics hero is an Easterling warrior with a weapon/armor theme.
  15. High Willpower seems to be the king stat, which makes sense. It's the most essential stat, and having 1 hero that can reliably quest for 3+ is so useful. 4 with 4 wp, 5 with 3 wp, 3 with 2 wp, 2 with 1 wp, and 2 with 0 wp. The only 2 (?) heroes with 0 wp made the top 16, but that's because they're amazing defenders. Being able to defend early is a huge boon. The only dedicated attacker to make the top 16 is Haldir, unless you count Lo Aragorn or Grimbeorn. This makes sense since loading up attack power on one character is rarely as essential as it is with willpower and defense. Heroes like Haldir and Grimbeorn can use high attack power in ways that other attackers can't, and that makes them very powerful. However, there are a bunch of great attackers just outside the top 16 to counter this argument.
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