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  1. I hope this cycle includes an Easterling hero. Maybe a warrior whose ability relates to weapons and armor, and who doesn't rely on the Easterling trait. Really hope they don't go for an Easterling archtype unless they're ready to commit a ton of cards to it.
  2. My Le Galadriel is in an odd space: either she can't quest immediately and is a bit bad, or she can quest immediately but doesn't have a fun interaction with Nenya. She should have a fun active ability to make her more dynamic. I like the your idea of making her the Artifact hero. Bard can certainly lose the Noble trait. I think you're right about Le Elrond: either the extra resource or the not exhausting should go away. The not exhausting enables Vilya usage and should be the one to go. I like the idea that any future Legolas and Gimli synergy shouldn't be specific to those 2 heroes. Like Unlikely Friendship, allowing them to interact with all Silvan and Dwarf heroes seems more fun. Your Lindir idea is great, and I'd love to own that hero.
  3. Thanks for all your wonderful feedback. You've brought up some really cool ideas. Theoden is always a tough hero to build around. His Tactics version basically demands that you go mono-Tactics and his Spirit version gives you a resource discount to make up for his underwhelming stats. I think you're right that my Leadership version is under powered, but I also think his threat should remain at 12 to fit recent trends for printed hero threat. Adding Rohan allies to his sphere smoothing is a great solution, and one that I think makes 12 threat appropriate. He definitely wouldn't be a great hero, but he'd enable some fun Mount and Rohan decks. It's virtually impossible to make a card that rivals Lore Elrond, but I actually think Le Elrond comes closer than you might think. For example: a Le Elrond, Grima, and Amarthiul deck can play Ioreth first round for 0 cost and then draw a card. As long as those 4 characters survive, Elrond gets +1 resource and doesn't exhaust to quest. I actually think this Le Elrond is too good. You're right about Gleowine: a super-powered Rosie as a hero card might be too powerful. Limit once per round or a boost to one stat seems appropriate. I love the idea that Ghan-Buri-Ghan would negate travel costs like his ally version. Seems like a fine idea. That Legolas ability seems really fun, especially if it isn't limited to Silvan allies. Pop an eagle, Gandalf, or Beorn back into your hand for a hefty attack boost. But would that be too strong? In a T Imrahil deck, he'd be pretty crazy. Letting Radagast pay for any creature is a great idea, but I can't figure out what his active ability should be. I wish there were more non-eagle creatures in the card pool. Your Sam idea is great. He'd be a very powerful hero, but without innate readying, he'd be even with his Le version. I think you're right that Gimli should interact with the discard pile. What if he could return an event to your hand or deck after a successful attack or defense? Then he could recur Unlikely Friendship, Hidden Cache, Feigned Voices, etc. I think making him a hero version of Dwarven Pipe or Galadhrim Weaver would be cool. That Farmer Maggot idea is a really fun blend of T Bilbo and Fatty. Very neat idea. Yeah, you're right about T Faramir. A conditional ready is more balanced and fun.
  4. I neglected to credit the artists in my initial post. I've corrected this and edited in the names of those I could find. Most of the unattributed pictures were found on Pinterest.
  5. At this point in the game's existence, we've seen nearly every prominent character in one form or another. But there are still some heroes and allies to look forward to, be they entirely new additions to the card pool or permutations of our favorite characters. Which are you most excited for? What stats, traits, and abilities do you hope they have? To kick off the discussion, I mocked up a bunch of custom cards. For every card idea that I'm proud of, there are 3 that are overpowered, overstuffed, or blank. Please don't withhold criticism. (Art by Andrea Piparo) Frodo really deserves another non-fellowship version. While Lore would work just fine for him, Leadership seems right. The thematic inspiration for Frodo's ability is that he rises to the occasion and faces trials when others cannot (saving the sleeping hobbits from the barrow wight, carrying the One Ring, etc). Should the Quest Action just be an Action? What are some other abilities that could represent Frodo's leadership qualities? (Art by Sebastian Giacobino) This Leadership Galadriel is inspired by her ally version, and is meant to represent her as a gift-giver. Should she be able to attack and defend? Is her attachment recursion the key to a game-breaker combo? Is the global willpower boost too good? Should it only be for your heroes? Not much to say about this random guy. I just really want a Dunedain hero that interacts with signals. I'm sure there are million more interesting ways to do that. (Art by Michael Kaluta) Elfhelm is one of my favorite heroes, so I made a friend for him. (Art by Venlian) This Leadership Elrond only cares about one thing: uniting the free-peoples of Middle Earth. I want to see more of these weird one-off themes on hero cards. I know that these two abilities are insane together, especially when you add Vilya to the equation. I was waiting for Song Bilbo, but now that we have Tactics Bilbo, I'll have to settle for the next best thing: Gleowine! Our favorite skald always has a song on his lips, and his music can bolster other heroes. (Art by Piya Wannachaiwong) I can't decide on an ability for Ghan-buri-Ghan, but it should relate to locations. I imagine it should be something that complements Haldan and the location-attachment theme. (Art by Donato Giancola) I want another version of Legolas and Gimli. I'm greedy but unimaginative. What ability should I give ol' Greenleaf? (Art by Tristan Wang) Hero Radagast seems like an inevitability at this point, but I'm never sure what his stats and ability should be. Should he have the Woodman trait? Is 1 attack absurd for an Istari, or does it appropriately represent his reluctance to get involved in the war? Should he directly interact with creatures and eagles, or simply have an ability that complements the eagle theme? (Art by Matthew Stewart) I don't really have a strong idea for Spirit Sam. It seems right that he'd work better the fewer characters you control. Give him a mechanic like the Strider attachment. (Lindir by Elena Kukanova) Gamling and Lindir... I dunno. (Art by John Howe) I love Gimli so much that I just threw a bunch of random abilities on him and called it a day. Obviously a real hero card wouldn't have this hodgepodge of themes. (Art by Fabio Leone) The Last Aragorn: King Elessar! His ability could be anything, but I wanted Spiritgorn to inspire men to follow him, much like Leadership Faramir. (Art by the Brothers Hildebrant) If we get a Farmer Maggot hero, then it's only a matter of time before we get Grip, Fang, and Wolf allies. There are currently no dogs in this game. This must be corrected. (Art by Kokomiko) This Tactics Faramir is meant to represent him as a knight and defender of Osgiliath. I think the last ability might be too good, since it's essentially a much better version of Le Aragorn's ability. Would 2 resources be better, or another mechanic entirely? (Art by Magali Villeneuve and Venlian) I want another Tactics Noldor so bad. I haven't managed to make a satisfactory Tactics Glorfindel, but boosting his stats with discards seems to make the most sense. We need an eagle hero, a playable version of To the Eyrie, and Wilyador. Why not bundle them into one card? (Art by Donato Giancola) This Saruman is stolen from several other people's ideas. Resource changing is to represent "of many colors". Scrying is just the Palantir mechanic. (Merry by John Howe) No characters deserve ally versions more than Merry and Pippin. Maybe Merry should be a Spirit ally so that a Frodo and Sam deck could play them easily. This is basically just the quest version of Marty made into an ally.
  6. Grimbeorn seems really powerful, maybe bordering on over-powered. But he also seems like a bunch of fun since he'll let me use goofy and/or situational cards like Straight Shot. And Beornings are just plain cool. What heroes do you imagine you'd run with him? He'd slot well into a mono-tactics deck for sure, so the classics of T Eowyn, Hirgon, and Mablung seem like fine company. I've seen a few people mention Elfhelm because Grimbeorn greatly benefits from horses. Any other heroes that strike you as particularly good matches?
  7. Can Grimbeorn's ability combo with Straight Shot? Is there an action window there to play that event, or does the language of Grimbeorn's card ("and resolve his attack") preclude any actions? I'm always a bit muddled on these matters.
  8. I'm excited to attach Firefoot to Grimbeorn. If everything works out, then you could defend against a 2 defense weenie, take no damage, kill the weenie, and then go on to trample another enemy before it gets to attack. And since Grimbeorn has sentinel, you could defend for another player and then trample an enemy engaged with you! Beorn (and presumably Grimbeorn) kept horses, so it's also a canonically viable combo, if that sort of thing matters to you. Also, Spare Hood and Cloak was already gonna be great in Dale decks, but it just got even better with this ally.
  9. Hama loves Guthwine, that's for sure. Helm! Helm! and Ride to Ruin should be much easier to use with T Elfhelm and Guthwine. Still taxes your hand and resources quite a bit, but less so than before.
  10. I'll guess that the deluxe expansion will include the word "Wilderland". Like many of you, I suspect that the box (and/or the cycle) will focus on these key north-eastern locations: Mount Gundabad Withered Heath It would cool if the next cycle ran concurrent with the Saga, because almost anything else might feel anticlimactic after we've destroyed the Ring. If the cycle includes events from the War of the Ring, then I could imagine some of the packs being named: Battle Under the Trees (or whatever they want to call the attack on Thranduil's realm) Assault on Dol Guldur (it would be nice to take part in the destruction of the dark fortress) The River Carnen/The Redwater The Battle of Dale The Siege of Erebor Possible heroes: Thorin Stonehelm Bard II, Thranduil, new Brand (Le or S?) new Dain (T?) Grimbeorn
  11. Bilbo Baggins deserves another hero version. Lore Bilbo is certainly playable, but he was released such a long time ago and his high threat cost runs counter to the hobbit archetype. A Leadership or Spirit Bilbo would be great. I agree that Sam and Frodo should get new hero versions, preferably Leadership/Lore for Frodo and Tactics/Spirit for Sam. I'd actually prefer to get Tactics Glorfindel before Spirit Aragorn. I know Glorfy is an odd choice since he already has three iterations, but I can't stand his Spirit hero version. I'd love to have a Tactics Noldor outside of the twins. I wonder if our eagle hero might be Meneldor rather than Gwaihir. We already have a Gwaihir ally, so maybe they'll avoid that card conflict. Guthlaf or Gleowine could be added to the long list of possible Rohan heroes.
  12. I'm planning to host a 4 player session of LotR, but I'm not sure which scenario is the best fit. I typically play 2 player with another experienced player, but we'll be adding two novice players (only played 1-2 times before) to the mix. I'm considering 4 player Pelennor Fields. Battles are a good fit for larger player counts and it's a big moment in the story that every knows about. Is this scenario too complicated for newer players? What is your favorite quest for 4 players?
  13. To my mind, Test of Will has always been the king of all cards. It is cheap, flexible, and insanely useful. No other card shuts down the encounter deck so easily and effectively. And unlike Steward of Gondor, Test of Will has no thematic restrictions and doesn't generate a ludicrous pile of resources. When Steward keeps winning games for me, I notice it, and I come to resent my over-reliance on it. When Test of Will flashes in to save my bacon, I feel relieved and grateful. This is a shame, because Test of Will is simply too good. What Steward is to resource generation, Test is to encounter nullification. The game is built around the power of these two cards, and most everything else pales in comparison. I still think that self-policing is far preferable to errata, but if I had to alter Test of Will, then I think it would be best to add exhausting a character to the cost. Any character. That way it would actually feel like some ally or hero on the table is actually the one overcoming the revealed effect.
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