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  1. Interceptor isn't a meaningful classification in this game. Arc dodger is, which both the A-Wing and TIE Interceptor fit, but those two fighters have boost (very important for arc dodging) and dials far superior to that of the Scyk (love that hard 2 turn in green).
  2. Great advice, thank you. I had Vader, Rhymer, one bomber squadron, one interceptor squadron, and two fighter squadrons. Also fickle thank you! I love the idea of the VSD as a fighter launcher that can cut off escape routes for fleeing enemies. One question; how would you guys recommend taking on the Gallant Haven? My opponent was able to bring it around to any fighter engagements and ensure his squadrons wiped the floor with mine.
  3. Thanks so much everyone! We ended up playing Hyperspace Assault, which I chose over Most Wanted and Minefield (I was first player). I figured Minefield would make it very difficult for the VSD to navigate, and Most Wanted seemed like it would make it easy for my opponent to hit and run on one GSD and take it out. Next time I'll try to be second player and choose some missions with stationary objectives.
  4. I actually misunderstood Screed when I read him the first time. That seems really good! Thanks so much for the thoughts, I figured the Imperials had ways around the problems I had.
  5. Hi everyone! Just played my third game of Armada, and I was unpleasantly surprised to find that I had a bad time. I really enjoyed the two previous games, which were both with the core set (this game had all of Wave 1 available). I'm trying to figure out if I did something wrong, or if I just don't enjoy the game. -The VSD. I had two Gladiators (I and II) -and one VSDII. The VSDII was almost a non-factor because the rebel ships (1Gallant Haven, 1 Dodonna's Pride, and one Corvette with the title that lets it move through obstacles with no problem) had no trouble whatsoever staying out of its range. It got off maybe two shots all game until the very last round, when it attacked some fighters. Maybe I flew it poorly but I was having a very hard time planning ahead with its maneuvers when the Rebel ships could just blow away at high speed. Is the VSD this poor normally, or was this level of irrelevancy unusual? I had been thinking about playing two VSDs next time so that my opponent would be forced to engage them instead of going over Gladiators. -The mission and 6 round limit. By the end of the 6 rounds not a single ship was dead. I imagine that is pretty rare but is it common for most of the ships to survive the game? -Rebel stuff versus Imperial stuff. Seemed to me that the Rebel titles and maybe commanders were way better than the Imperial ones. Mon Mothma in particular seemed kind of too strong with the Corvettes, especially when Dodonna's Pride was able to use her to stay alive an insanely long time and snipe crits onto my ships. And none of my titles seemed to compare to those that the Rebel ships were using. I dunno, maybe I'm making too much of one game. But I figured I would try to see how my impressions match the prevailing wisdom.
  6. Four X1 Advanceds will be putting out some heavy damage, combined with pretty decent dials. I wouldn't write them off.
  7. re: fiancé If you absolutely can't win against Chiry or the Falcon, work on your asteroid placement. Against Dash, ionization is usually the key, even though that is very difficult to get repeatedly on a large ship.
  8. Telling me to find a different game because I care enough about this one to accept that it is flawed. LOL
  9. The entire basis of this game is maneuvering and positioning. Thus something that doesn't require much thought to be put into that (not zero thought, but much less), is very powerful. I'm not sure where you get this idea that overpowered can only mean "most attack dice." They are overpowered in that they bypass the most skill-intensive part of the game, to a large degree. And Dash and Han have a pretty easy time soaking up or avoiding damage, while getting a 360 attack with high power.
  10. By what standard? Pretty clearly true isn't obvious to everyone, and I %100 disagree that they're overpowered. Powerful? Yes. Overpowered? No. If they can be beaten, and beaten regularly (obviously true) than I'd say that there's some evidence to make that not clearly true. Jacob umm. That doesn't follow logically. Anything can be beaten. This game is highly dependent on player skill and luck.
  11. And honestly yeah a damaged 50 point ship should be vulnerable to a 21 point X-Wing if the X-Wing is flown well. But that flying doesn't matter nearly as much because of the 360 arc.
  12. Somehow I doubt that you were getting any shots off, then. Sounds like 100% of your games against turrets ended in a 0-0 draw. Killed them fine. I've lost exactly 5 tournament games to turrets. Blocking with the guy they want to shoot or blocking with someone who is waiting for a better shot is how you beat them. A prototype pilot with 1 hull left can completely piss in Dash's cornflakes. When someone says that turrets can "always shoot you no matter what if you shoot them" what I hear is "I think that I should able to kill damaged turrets with rookie pilots". If you're in a 1v1 against a 50+ point ship with a generic or even a pair you've already lost. All of the situation descriptions that are cited inevitably are situations where they've already lost the game and somehow feel like they should still have a 50/50 shot. It's nonsense. Ummm...if you've lost 5 tournament games it sounds like they got shots at you more than enough.
  13. Three times is enough, buddy. Let's get you home.
  14. Somehow I doubt that you were getting any shots off, then. Sounds like 100% of your games against turrets ended in a 0-0 draw.
  15. Haha yeah probably. I think every ship should get 3-attack PWTs as a 4 point modification.. As everyone likes to insist they are 100% balanced.
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