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  1. - New cards are something meaningful when released - Players can actually play cards before the next batch arrives with new cards - No power creep since they can actually design cards and combinations instead of giving every new hero +1 attack - New players can keep up with the game It's not that I wouldn't like the player card pool to grow, but you can't say there is nothing good about a slow growth of a player card pool at all.
  2. Thanks, I try to avoid most of the older strategic topics for now, because I would like to explore possible combinations myself. So I was pretty excited when it succeeded the first time, after having thought of it whilst looking through my cards. And I don't think Gandalf can only play cards from certain spheres, right? Sphereless cards can be paid for by any hero if I understand correctly..
  3. Does anyone have any experience with this combination? - Hero Gandalf + Wizard Pipe - X Questing hero + Expert Treasure-hunter This basically means +2 resources every turn, as long as you quest succesfully. I can't judge yet on how consistent this can be set up, but when it does it really pays of.
  4. I think you're better of making theses 6 decks as good as possible, with the option to take some cards when you decide to switch House. Using 2 copies of Roseroad and Kingsroad in each deck is better than using 1,5 and leaving cards untouched that could be played.
  5. I don't know how big your gaming group is, but I think you're better of with making 4 balanced decks that could include more essential cards. And when you want to try something else you can build 4 new decks, with the other 4 houses or even combine them.
  6. Wow I must have this! Now let's hope for one with art from Magali Villeneuve.
  7. A while ago I considered both AGOT and LOTR as a new player, but looking at the entire backlog the choice was easily made. I'm just happy that I can now start playing this game as well.
  8. Aha glad to know. Haven't used it actually since I prefer to play it on one of my support heroes, but good to know I shouldn't even try.
  9. Thanks! With Horn of Gondor and Eagles, Steward of Gondor every turn and Resourceful from support deck, resources aren't really a problem. The draw however is very dependent on luck it seems, since there is almost no card draw in my Tactics/Leadership deck.
  10. The cards themselves don't exactly prohibit this to my knowledge, but I wanted to make sure what I did was possible. - Legolas attached with 2x Support of the Eagles and Rohan Warhorse, - Eagles of the Misty Mountains with 2 facedown Eagles. 1. Legolas gets to attack with 11 strength. 3 from Legolas itself and 2x4 from Eagles of the Misty Mountains. 2. Put 2 progress tokens on quest. 3. Exhaust Rohan Warhorse and ready Legolas. 4. Legolas gets to attack with 11 strength. 3 from Legolas itself and 2x4 from Eagles of the Misty Mountains. 5. Put 2 progress tokens on quest.
  11. I have to admit they are a lot more easy to open than I thought at first, but my disappointment about the consistency in the packages still remains, looking at a picture like https://instagram.com/p/5Hm1UKEKs2/
  12. Added and shared with Dutch community!
  13. Thanks! No problem at all about the suggestions. Although I have never heard of half of the cards you mention, I will definitely look into these suggestions! Even though I have almost every expansion up to date, I haven't opened all of them since I wanted to expand my card pool a bit slowly.
  14. After playing quite a few games in solo, I wanted to build an accompanying deck. I would like to try some more two handed and I will be introducing a friend to this game. So even though more power is always nice, it is important that the mechanics are not too overly complicated. The first deck.. Heroes. - Elrond - Beravor - Glorfindel Allies. - Gildor Inglorion x2 - Master of the Forge x3 - Henamarth Riversong x2 - Warden of Healing x2 - Haldir of Lorien - Mirkwood Runner - Silvan Tracker - Gleowine - Imladris Stargazer x3 - Lorien Guide - Arwen Undomiel - Erestor - Beorn x2 - Gandalf x2 Events. - Daeron's Runes x3 - Word of Command x2 - A Test of Will x2 - The Galadhrim's Greeting x3 - Elrond's Counsel x3 Attachments. - Elf-stone x3 - Self Preservation - Protector of Lorien - A Burning Brand - Asfaloth - Unexpected Courage x2 - Light of Valinor x3 - Resourceful x2 - Vilya x3 And the second deck.. Heroes. - Legolas - Elladan - Elrohir Allies. - Landroval - Eagles of the Misty Mountains x3 - Vassal of the Windlord x3 - Winged Guardian x3 - Faramir x2 - Gandalf x2 - Radagast x2 Events. - Feint x3 - Quick Strike x3 - Hands Upon the Bow x3 - The Eagles Are Coming! x3 - Stand Together x2 - Unseen Strike x2 - Sneak Attack x3 - Valiant Sacrifice x2 Attachments. - Support of the Eagles x2 - Horn of Gondor x2 - Rivendell Blade x3 - Celebrian's Stone x2 - Steward of Gondor x3 So my idea is to play with the first deck as support and let my friend play with the second deck, which is mostly based on attacking and defending, which I think will be a very persuasive element for him. Further I tried to include mostly Elves, some recognizable friends and Eagles.
  15. Yes, I believe Owenburgess is right. I do wonder though if there is a limit on how many allied factions you can play?
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