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  1. My FLGS had a restock of TIE Bombers about two weeks ago, and they still have some. I just might get a second one to have two flankers for the Punisher later this year...
  2. In my opinion neither of the two options fit with your preferences. If at all, the Raider comes out on top, even if only for the TIE Advanced and its upgrades. These fit your "OT focus", in contrast to everything else from the two choices at hand. The Raider itself doesn't fit in here (it does fit in aesthetically though), and it is usable in Epic play only. Nothing in Wave 7 fits in with your preferences (apart from the "casual play mostly"). None of the ships are from the OT, half of them are for S&V. My suggestions to you as a casual player: get the TIE Advanced cards by printing them out yourself, buy the K-Wing and maybe the TIE Punisher if you like the look of them, and spend the rest of the money on something else.
  3. The factions need to stay different. S&V should be the only list with cross-faction ships available to them - and even they should come with a twist. Meaning: other pilots, other upgrades. A good example is the Z-95, where the Rebel version is a good bit different from the S&V one. So no, please god, no.
  4. I'd love to see a S&V YT-2400, if only to use that awesome design in more than one fleet. YT-2000 could be great, or even better: the Jumpmaster-5000. Just give me something semi-big other than the Hound's Tooth.
  5. Where did its wings go?! I assume there's something in that SWGamer about the wings folding for storage? Interesting. In looking at the Tooth model I'd wondered how that was supposed to work. Thanks for the source! I think he's chopped it up quite a bit to fit in the 'Tooth. And how does that work as a method to escape immediate destruction? "Please, dear attackers, I need a moment to attach the wings to my Z-95, could you cease fire for a minute?" ... I don't think so. I guess that picture did not have this aspect in mind though. And the ship in there does not look like a Z-95 anyway. As for the "FFG version": I think the Z-95 is simply rotated by 90° and neatly stored inside the Hound's Tooth. In case of emergency: blast of the outer hull part where the Z-95 is stored, and off you go.
  6. Apply some black paint and a sprinkling of white on top - instant deep space battlefield. Nice budget solution.
  7. From the (quite small) picture available, the Z-95 shares the same brown hull as the "Hound's Tooth" itself, and comes with a red front part that matches a red section on the HT. So to match colours ones has to see the HT in the flesh - by which point you also have the card with the artwork in hand. Any repaint previous to this will most likely be off the mark.
  8. There is always the option to just not use the HT title - it's not a forced upgrade as far as I know. And you'll hardly play S&V without having the "Most Wanted" box, so I don't see the problem anyway. I for one think it is a great option to have, and added value for my existing Z-95 models.
  9. Unless you are, on I don't know, not interested in armada. I have 0 interest in investing in yet another game system and and all the new purchased that come with it...I'll stick to the system I am already invested in...and I know I am not alone. While I understand your point - I'm of the same opinion actually - I can see many people feeling differently. When you can get a single Raider for X-Wing, or the Armada starter for almost the same... that's a tough choice for some. You either invest heavily into a single ship meant for a very special type of gameplay - or into a playable new game alltogether. That said: I won't get either.
  10. With FFGs usual "speed" of getting things to the market: IF there is a wave set for the new movie, it is already done, and hopefully under production right now. They better have it in stores in December. But I don't see it as a reason for "X-Wing 2.0", but instead for a couple of movie-related ships. Maybe even a starter pack: current rules, new (SW7) models. That way they could build on the models already available, but introduce all the new shinies coming up in the movie. Best of both worlds in my opinion.
  11. If all else fails, just glue the model to a brick: you now have a great looking paperweight.
  12. Indeed, that would be a thing for the TO to get right. He could not put big swarm lists into the Pool, same for hard-to-get upgrades. But then, the lists are made available before the tournament starts, so all players only need to bring the ships for the lists actually in the Pool - if there is no Slave I in any of the lists, you don't have to bring a Slave I model, for example. I don't think it is without challenges for both sides - especially getting the lists for the Pool "right" could be tricky. It's also not for everyone - yes, you need a bit of a collection to even participate in an event like this. But with some thought put into it I think it could provide an interesting option, instead of the same old stuff everybody else does.
  13. In my opinion Epic is not supposed to "take off" at all. The following is my very personal opinion, so anybody taking Epic more "serious": please don't feel offended, it is not meant as such. To me, Epic is a lot like 40K Apocalypse: that is meant to get all of your shineys out every once in a while, add a few models that are just not suitable for regular games, and have a blast. Balance tends to take a backseat in those games (no discussion about 40Ks "balance" here, please! ), but for these "mega games" that's okay. X-Wing is a game about clashes of roughly fighter/bomber-sized ships. Things like the Millenium Falcon and Slave I play a role that fits this concept, but they are also on the upper end of the scale range. Things like the Rebel Transport still make sense for me - as they are a great objective for both sides to fight over (this is the one Epic ship that I got myself, for that very reason). But the other (soon) two ships? Nope, I just don't see it. The game these bigger brutes belong to is Armada. This is also the game you should play if you are interested in clashes of capital ships with fighter/bomber support. Armada is meant to be played that way, just like X-Wing is not.
  14. After reading quite a lot about "competetive" lists, "not viable ships" and tournaments in general, I had the following idea: what if a TO would make the players use certain pre-set lists? It would basically go like this: The TO decides on a couple of 100 points lists. These will make the "Pool". The lists in the Pool are made available before the tournament. Players will need to bring the ships and cards to be able to play any list from the Pool to play in the tournament. Before each game, players choose one of the lists from the Pool randomly. The game is then played as usual. Of course this needs to be handled with care, as the lists in the Pool can not be too extreme (otherwise it would prohibit a lot of people from entering the tournament), and the Pool can not contain too many different lists (same reason actually). On the other hand: most people playing at tournament level have a sizable collection. And designing the lists from the Pool could incorporate a few more "less than optimal" ships and cards, providing interesting matchups. Without having this ironed out: what are peoples opinions on this? I'm not that familiar with the X-Wing scene as a whole - maybe there are already similar ideas in action? Any experiences with this? Suggestions?
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