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  1. Anyone else hoping that FFG will decide to reprint more books in this series? I know I am.
  2. Ran into some financial hiccups this month but picked up my copy today. The nostalgia is sting with this one.
  3. There were generally 2 different types of shields in B5 Wars, magnetic and gravitic. Magnetic shields made a ship more durable, effectively acting as additional armor. Gravitic shields made the ship harder to hit, effectively bending incoming attacks around the ship. Certain ancient races has the classic Star Trek magic wall shields that absorbed incoming attacks with ablative hitpoints. I don't think baseline X-Wing mechanics would really do B5 justice but could be a good starting point for a conversion project. The new Battlestar Galactica game coming from Ares might be useful too.
  4. Anyone know if the conversion kits include items from the original 2 core boxes?
  5. Any chance of getting an update pack to replace all the cards that have been altered by errata over the years?
  6. Just to make a clear statement, I would happily but cash down for a FFG remaster of every Star Wars d6 book ever published. Full Stop. On the same note, I have zero interest in buying the current version of the game system. I don't care for it at all. FFG would gain my money for a product line that requires relatively little development expense on their part. Thats not a bad business decision.
  7. There is also the fan compiled REUP edition that you can find with minimal Google-Fu. Be sure to get the second edition if you find it.
  8. Purely my opinion of course, but I've played every SW rpg system published to date and none of them captured the feel of the setting even a 10th as well as the d6 system. Most of the time my game groups would buy the new books and convert back to the d6 system.
  9. Would be nice if they did a full re-release of all the old West End material.
  10. I had every book West End published for Star Wars but sadly lost the whole collection to a water leak.
  11. The simplest option may be to tell them that no ones holy book(s) got everything right. Those books were after written, rewritten, translated, retranslated and generally dicked around with by any number of persons and groups over the last few thousand years. Changes were sure to have been made intentionally and errors would creep in no matter what care was taken.
  12. No pdf on DTRPG or the FFG site yet.
  13. One thing to keep in mind is that zombies tend to be attracted to noise and a full combat event, even with only melee weapons, makes a fair amount of noise. Keep adding more and more zombies to the mob each round until the players are simply buried under the crush of bodies. As shown in numerous zombie movies (and tested by the Mythbusters), strength of numbers will eventually win out. Added environmental penalties make things even more deadly. Normal debris and dispatched zombies will clutter up the area with loose bits of trash and slick with unpleasant fluids. And don't forget the stench of the zombies themselves. As mentioned before, make note than any physical trauma inflicted by a zombie could easily lead to infection, death and rising as a new zombie. In game terms, sooner or later you will be rolling so many dice with so many bonuses that there will simply be no way the players can survive except by running away before things get to bad for them.
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