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  1. How have folks felt about having Bayushi Kyo in the party? It seems like there might be conflicting goals due to Kyo's allegiance to the scorpion clan, who support the actions of Bayushi Sugai in the story. The character folio seems to imply that Kyo puts clan loyalty ahead of that to the other PCs, so how should things lead to Kyo becoming an Emerald Magistrate?
  2. Strongly disagree. Upgrade cards are the biggest facilitator of power creep that other FFG titles suffer from. I also don't like planning purchases around what upgrades come in each box. Legion is unit focused, and this is a good thing.
  3. What it says on the tin. Thanks!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/swlegiontc/
  5. Soontir likes stealth device, but Jax likes hull upgrade. Jax can do work even when he doesn't have a shot, look for opportunities to reposition into range 1, even if they don't get you a shot, they can improve your other ships damage/survivability.
  6. There is more discussion on the L5R community Facebook group, if people are looking for more voices. The discussion thread is locked though. But it seems more than one person does care.
  7. So far 3x cores is actually an extremely shareable collection between two people, so I'm hoping for multiple copies myself.
  8. Complete speculation, but I'm guessing AT-ATs would come in at about half of an army, similar to a fat ISD in armada.
  9. IMO: at the start of combat, you choose whether or not Biggs' ability is active this round. If it is, Biggs cannot generate evade results this round. Not gonna bother templating it into actual X-wing text, and FFG doesn't do such dramatic errata anyway. But I think this would be a thematic rebalance, as you can't choose to block shots while dodging them.
  10. I've only played Cycle of Eternity so far at a friend's place, and loved it. Excited to dive into more scenarios, so I've picked up the game and both 1E boxes. Would anyone recommend playing in a particular order? Are the scenarios in the app ordered in a cohesive way? I'm thinking I might like to play in order of increasing difficulty if not. Thanks!
  11. Most Palp ace builds leverage their advantage by making their ships as unkillable as possible. Usually in this context, you want to play conservatively and spend your evade. If you haven't shot yet and/or if there are other incoming shots likely to deal damage, the value of spending it decreases. If both of those are true, you should definitely save it. Burning a health for yourself in order to potentially damage an enemy is pretty risky though, so it needs to be a sweet shot. You're paying 1/4th of a 26pt ship in a vacuum, but you've gotta look at the whole context. OL gets progressively stronger as ships are removed, making her probably the most points efficient closer in the game.
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