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    Regarding Vital Assets and the new Grapnel-Harpoon, i'd like a little clarification: Scale(from the rules reference): When a unit with the scale keyword performs a move action, it may either perform a free clamber action before performing that move or perform a free clamber action after performing that move Grapnel-Harpoon: Until the end of your activation, you gain Scale (You ignore the effects of difficult terrain and do not suffer wounds while clambering. After you perform a move actions, you may perform a free clamber action.) So is the Harpoon-scale a different version because you can only clamber after and not before a move action?
  2. Well as i said i tried it for fun and the list exactly was : 496/500 Emperor Palpatine 210 (Anger 5, Force Guidance 10) Darth Vader (Operative) 170 (Force Reflexes 10, Fear 3) Stormtroopers 44 Stormtroopers 44 Commands: Vaders Might (1), And Now You Will Die (1), Give in to Your Anger (2), Fear and Dead Men (2), Master of Evil (3), Darkness Descends (3), Standing Orders (4) my opponents list was: 496/500 Han Solo (Environmental Gear) Fleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Fleet Trooper) Fleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Fleet Trooper) Rebel Troopers (DLT-20A Trooper, Rebel Trooper) Rebel Troopers (DLT-20A Trooper) AT-RT (AT-RT Rotary Blaster) I played it only once so far and we had the kill objective. Actually pull the strings and scatter Vader did the most to pull things into range and grill them with Palp, also the enormous amounts of suppression Vader is able to dish out.
  3. Hey there i just played my first skirmish earlier this week and i thought activations is still the way to go but instead i wanted to try something funny so i played Palp Vader(Operative) 2x naked Storms and i was pretty impressed what this list was able to dish out. naver played vader and palp together and despite having only 4 activations pulling the strings vader really causes havoc among the enemies.
  4. be aware that if you are going to play the emplacement trooper you only need 3 because the emplacement counts as an additional corps unit
  5. or just think of an eweb on the tank dishing out 5 dice attacks from the back without moving on its own
  6. Unfortunately you're wrong. Surges always convert first independent of attack or defense dice. It's always: Roll Reroll Convert Surges Modify dice
  7. i've seen all the math and you're right, the difference is marginal. But just when you think of it the chance of rolling a hit on a black dice with a reroll is always higher than getting a hit on a white+surge with a reroll. So although the rebels black dice has a much higher chance to get a hit, the white dice has not and therefore its actually, even if just by a small margin, easier to get 2 hits with 2 black dice. back to topic: tank seems really strong, and the landspeeder ist just anoying because you need dicepoopls >5 do even do a single damage or impact. and even iwth impact i needed 4 rounds of shooting with everything i got to take it down. i had 3 DLT storms and 2 DLT deaths.
  8. keep in mind that if the unit the medic is on also has a heavy weapon, the heavy weapon will die earlier than usual because it dies before the med droid compared to an additional trooper mini. they are big at keeping deathtroopers alive!
  9. Have a look at the unit cards. At the top right there is the art of the unit, left of it is the Rank symbol of the unit and the number how many minis belong to the unit in its core. however below the picture is the unit type written such as: Trooper Emplacement trooper Repulsor vehicle Ground vehicle
  10. and for time my latest finished squad:
  11. As i shared my Boba some time ago and people liked to see more of my work, here you go: Taiowaa´s Imperial Army
  12. in the trailer one guy also has a electrostaff so maybe merge between DTs and IRGs
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