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  1. The store near me that I normally play at doesn't look like it will be able to get a kit. While a store an hour away got 2 kits and are doing one event each day. That makes it more frustrating that they dont even try and distribute them evenly
  2. Anyone know when the ffg twich channel will be streaming armada?
  3. But why not just use screed and guarantee the crits if that's the goal?
  4. While it's not any of the factions meantioned in this thread there was a interlude in aftermath life debt about a group of pirates lead by someone named ELeodie Maracavanya. They are in control of a stole super star destroyer the annihilator. I'd imagine it would be much easier if a pirate faction to build a fleet one they have a SSD
  5. QFT I did this. . . You can not understand how stupidly obscene this is until you do it. . . Add in even a single Bomber Command Center. . . I just finished a game playing with an mc80c with ackbar, defiance, flight commander, FCT with 4 bwings with rerolls from Toryn Farr and BCC. It absolutely destroyed everything that got hit full force with that. It was amazing. Tabled a vsd, demo, interdictor, 2 gozontis, boba fett and ig88 list easily. The defiance and bwings took the interdictor out in one activation thanks to a few structural damage crites from the bwings ++ Rebel Fleet (Standard) (391pts) ++ + CR90 Corvette (102pts) + CR90 Corvette A (51pts) [Turbolaser Reroute Circuits] CR90 Corvette A (51pts) [Turbolaser Reroute Circuits] + MC80 Cruiser (162pts) + MC80 Command Cruiser (162pts) [Electronic Countermeasures, Fighter Coordination Team, Flight Commander, •Admiral Ackbar, •Defiance] + Squadrons (94pts) + B-Wing Squadron (14pts) B-Wing Squadron (14pts) B-Wing Squadron (14pts) B-Wing Squadron (14pts) HWK-290 (12pts) YT-1300 (13pts) YT-1300 (13pts) + Objectives + + Rebel Transport Flotilla (33pts) + GR-75 Medium Transports (33pts) [bomber Command Center, •Toryn Farr] Assault Objective [Advanced Gunnery] Defense Objective [Fleet Ambush] Navigation Objective [Minefields Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)
  6. I should try the yt1300 now that they can gain a little speed to
  7. This is the list I ran ++ Rebel Fleet (Standard) (399pts) ++ + Nebulon-B Frigate (68pts) + Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (68pts) [Fighter Coordination Team, Flight Commander, •Yavaris] + Squadrons (120pts) + B-Wing Squadron (14pts) B-Wing Squadron (14pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) •Jan Ors (19pts) •Nym (21pts) + Rebel Transport Flotilla (68pts) + GR-75 Medium Transports (35pts) [bomber Command Center, •Bright Hope, •Toryn Farr] GR-75 Medium Transports (33pts) [Comms Net, Expanded Hangar Bay, •Quantum Storm, •Raymus Antilles] + MC80 Liberty-Class Cruiser (143pts) + MC80 Star Cruiser (143pts) [Fighter Coordination Team, Gunnery Team, Spinal Armament, •General Dodonna, •Mon Karren] Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)
  8. Yea I had bomber command on one flotilla and Toryn Farr and was able to reroll those bomber dice all game. I'm definitely going to run that more
  9. That's funny this is tom. And I did have flight commander on that yavaris to. The flight commander and fighter coordination team combo is amazing. I was using that comms net gr75 to pass it a squadron token as well. Triple tapping 2 bwings and nym with that was deadly especially with the mon Karren hitting that isd the very next activation
  10. I killed an isd with that combo real quick the other day.. It also happened to be against a guy using the exact fighter load out you talked about in another post. Would you happen to be Chris from ct?
  11. If the rules work out that way it will be awesome for vsd's or even a paragon asualt frigate. I'm only thinking it would work that way because they are separate effects. Since the rapid launch would be part of the ship they until they come out it would seem you still get another three for the hyperspace assault. Maybe someone like dras who knows the rules better could answer this
  12. So rules wise how would this interact with hyperspace assault?Would the squads set aside as being in the ships hanger count as the three for hyperspace that you put aside or could you set aside an additional three that arnt part of the rapid launch and have more squads for the objective?
  13. I went to an arts and crafts store and found photo/scrapbooking sleeves that hole a 6x4 on the bottom of the page and wallet size photos on the top. My ship cards are in the big slot and he tittles go in the wallet slots. One version of the ship on the front and the other on the back since the are double sided
  14. Did they say how soon the list they pick to vote on will be announced?
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