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  1. So, it is out! I have the Zombie game in the series and Alien Invasion looks really cool. I wonder what additional new features this game will add. I can expect new scenarios and GM advice, but what about player options? Is it still expected, that players are civilians or can there be more heroic character types - special forces, etc? Any new mechanics to the system? Alien powers, etc.
  2. People have got it from their FLGS.
  3. I've seen it's out. Also as physical product.
  4. The books provide us with scenario frameworks. You all come up with your sandboxy adventures, but there will be times, where things come to halt. For this reason, post some of the crazy encounters that players might face in a zombie apocalypse. I start: A speaking zombie! While clearly a zombie, some part of the brain is still functioning. He does not seem to make any sense, but these are real words he is grunting out - too bad there is no time to talk.
  5. Ok, half-sold at the moment. Once I get the book, I will read how it explains it. I'm sure I will get it then
  6. Ok, I started to build upon your explanation my own theory of this - you meant something else But basically it seems you are talking about "insight" skill - and that would make sense too. But I fail to see how emphaty is about how well somebody understands their true meening/intent. High Empathy would mean, you are a caring person and are able to understand others problems. I don't see how having high Empathy would be good to win arguments. I provide small example - A is attacker and B is defender with high empathy: A: I need all the food, my wife is pregnant B: No, we agreed all get the fair share A: But pleease! B: Allright, I feel your pain - take all the food This would be my logical interpretation of how empathic player would react. But I guess I am taking the Empathy too literaly ...
  7. Yes, it made wonderfully sense! So social trauma is not so much a trauma, but could it be like a fact that is known about that character, that works against him when wanting to persuade others. It is a tricky to name that skill, which is used for "social defense". So charisma is an attribute how easily he could persuade others to do what they don't want, but the "social defense" is how difficult it would be to persuade him by others to do something he does not want. Yeah, it's like "goodness", or "social status" or something ... yeah, why not Empathy. It means how emphatic are others toward you, not that if you having high empathy to others - it's a tricky, but makes sense!
  8. It's an old topic, but this interests me too. I don't have my book yet, but would like to know how the Empathy works. Jeff gave a wonderful example - but I too think that this is not sotial challenge, but mentla. So Willpower should be used, to test if you are able to act logically (to given situation) or break. But the question is still up. What is sotial challange? What is sotial trauma? And how do you use the sotial defensive skill, Empathy? I agree with emsquared, that the core system should not be changed to handle the social challenge.
  9. Really like that it is a simple system with much narrative included. I also think that having the small page count is an asset in a RPG. While I wait for my book to arrive, I would like to know some things. 1. As there are 3 stat categories - physical, mental and sotial, the same is for taking damage. I wonder, what these damages relate to. I understand physical damage. Mental damage is like sanity I suppose. But what is sotial damage? 2. I think that it's brilliant, that this game does not include the ever mandatory "gaining experience" rules. I wonder, if this is not present, how the bigger campaign games feel? Have anyone played longer games for several sessions? Is there any way at all to get better at somehting in the system?
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