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  1. No, the socket didn't break, but it feels like it is close to breaking. I never used the large ship bases and pegs, always found them too flimsy. My choice were the epic ship pegs, every time, and never failed me. They wouldn't come apart, and gave my ship the "high ground", when it came close to bumping. I'm primarily thinking of magnetizing them for the fleet commonality, and the fact that epic bases are just a tad smaller than the large ship chits in 2.0, so thinking of going to large ship base/peg. Also, for the: 😂
  2. Hello Hivemind, I'm planning to magnetize the bomber, and looking for suggestions for installation position, advice, etc. I have Greenstuff World's ring magnets, 10mm and 12mm. I think 10mm would be sufficient, however it is too big to glue instead of the original plastic connector. Ideally, it would be hidden (I can drill to have it flush), but can't think of a good location for the magnet - any ideas?
  3. Here's my take of the Maul's ride. Belly is Darth Talon's.
  4. T-65 title and retrofit in X-Wing original.
  5. Intensity, Snap Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Swarm leader, R3-A2, Flight Assist Astromech, M9-G8, R7-T1, B-wing/E2.
  6. One more note on the Snap Shot timing: x7 free evade action is given at the same time as the snap shot attack happens. This means that if defenders have the initiative, they would get their evade before the attack.
  7. I played a game against two each of ps1 Strikers and x7 Defenders with stealth devices. So their lower ps hurt snap shot badly, and even on those few shots I managed to pull off, the rolls were horrible. I did lose eventually (not sure if the game would have went to time, when it would be my win). Opening exchange saw one slim and one striker destroyed. For some reason, I had difficulty taking out the other striker out, and did an opportunity shot on tokenless defender to remove his stealth device. Shara's Swarm Leader shot (6 dice) did some two damage to the other defender. Then it was down to two slims vs. two defenders, where there was no more question of how the game would end. In the last turn there were two defenders and two slims still standing. In the end, defenders were left on one and three hulls remaining. At one point in the game, I probably made a wrong call once to keep evades for juke, rather than using them for swarm shot. M9-G8 was an ace and I underutilized those locks (should have placed them both on Defenders early on). In the nutshell, I wouldn't give up one the list just yet. I also had another matchup against Kylo RAC and Vader, which went my way, considerably easier, with just one slim gone. When I had an excellent shot with Shara my OP put blinded pilot so that was an excellent play on his part (it didn't help that I forgot to ask for a reroll by my M9).
  8. That is a very good point. @Lunaris87 addressed it well with Jess. I believe it actually boils down to what is more valuable: better 2 ATT on (mostly) naked green dice and before the repositioning, or one more accurate 5 ATT shot that you may not even have (although you can still keep one lock for the enemy). I would love to also have Opertions Specialist, while still keeping Swarm LEader, but couldn't find the way. What EPT would you suggest on Shara, instead of Swarm Leader?
  9. That's a good list, it does improve swarm leader shot as long as you keep them all close. I will try it. Shara has rear arc and improves two snapshots, or lessens those from OP. M9-G8 works with snap shot, iaw the latest FAQ.
  10. I was testing an almost identical list :-) My Talonbane Cobra has Lightning Reflexes and an EMP device (in lieu of predator) , and Fenn Fearlessness (in lieu of PTL), leaving 2 point for initiative bid (which I think is essential in this list). It's very fun to fly, but in the few games I tried the list, I couldn't take full advantage of Ketsu and Tractor Beam.
  11. I guess that is the best way to find out. Meanwhile, I'm considering replacing Shara with this Sabine build: Sabine Wren + Swarm Leader + Twin Laser Turret + Operations Specialist + Targeting Computer (35) Leaves me with 2 extra point for perhaps, one autothrusters, as I think initiative bid is not relevant with these PS. This makes the Greens more survivable and Sabine better in endgame, albeit much squishier than Shara. What is the hive recommendation?
  12. Hello hive mind, Looking forward to hearing any comments on this list: Green Snappers (100/100) ========================= -3×Green Squadron Pilot + Snap Shot + Chardaan Refit + A-Wing Test Pilot + Juke (21) -Shara Bey + Swarm Leader + M9-G8 + Weapons Engineer + Alliance Overhaul (37) The idea is to M9-G8 lock two Greens or a combination of friendly/enemy ships. Greens would evade and fly to SnapShot (with one reroll and Juke, for hopefully good results) and Shara would use Swarm Leader to fire 5 dice into a enemy. Constructive comments and criticism are welcome - thank you!
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