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  1. For what it's worth, I did give @>kkj full permission to reuse any of "my" materials as he saw fit, without restriction or expectation. I have no problem with inspiration/adaptation/copying/whatever. Having said that... as @GiledPallaeon rightly (and very politely) points out, some things were not mine to give. My sincere apologies to him: he was definitely the driving force behind the Clone Wars Set for ArmadaShipyards, and others contributed significantly also. As the set never materialised, I never had the opportunity to give them their due credit, at least not in the manner I intended. And I likewise failed to consult them before agreeing to hand over the work-in-progress. This is my failure alone and I hope it is not too late to set things right.
  2. B-Wings used to be terrifying. Then they took a nerfbat in the knee.
  3. Clarified by the latest FAQ: Strategic Adviser This card’s effect can only resolve if the ship it is equipped to could activate this turn.
  4. And, against all odds: Grand Admiral Thrawn When a friendly ship gains a command dial as part of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s effect, that ship can spend that dial to gain a matching command token.
  5. Well, this one's been cleared up. Q: Do abilities or card effects that resolve when a ship reveals its command dial resolve when a command dial placed on an upgrade card equipped to that ship is revealed? A: No. Effects that resolve when a ship reveals its command dial only resolve when a ship reveals a command dial from the stack assigned to its ship card as part of its activation.
  6. The Grasshopper will be in the game. The Black Knight is a possibility, but unconfirmed.
  7. Look, don't get me wrong. The 6D was my 'mech of choice for tournament play. It's the command 'mech in my (100+ unit) ComGuards division - I even removed the SRM mount to reflect the variant. ...but it's so good it's boring.
  8. The worst 'mechs were the best. So much more fun to play Shadow Hawks and Vulcans and Chargers than, say, WHM-6Ds or BNC-3Ss or Swaybacks or other... sensible designs.
  9. Yeah, I remember the variant... almost as much of a coffee pot as the 2xPPC, 2xLL Rifleman
  10. Ouch. No kidding it's "inefficient". Even the CCG card was... awkward. <--- EDIT: Wait, I'm thinking of the -3E:
  11. CGR? The -SB subtype is not so bad EDIT: I mean, it's either that or the basic Shadow Hawk...
  12. Die hard 3025 fan here - since the 80s. I just had my old, defunct gaming PC salvaged and upgraded with Lostech in anticipation for the new BT and MW5. Based on my limited experience with the backers' beta last year, this will be the best thing since MechCommander.
  13. Not the IIC (I only collect 3025 stuff), but I'm all over the left one! It's hard to tell from the pic, but it's the PlasTech box model, right?
  14. That is... easily the ugliest Star Destroyer I've ever seen. Nothing to do with your painting skills, or Mel's modelling skills - it's just that the design... makes my eyes bleed.
  15. Armada Shipyards ...which, by the way, is up for sale. I've been approached by some parties interested in taking it over and continuing the project, and I'm likely to accept. If anyone wants to collaborate (@GiledPallaeon?), let me know and I'll put you all in touch.
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